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Write something that aspire to the whole world ... want to ... "I will not hide, with a heavy heart that I pass the reins of the country in the hands of the new government. I will not dissemble: I do not believe that politicians are grouped together only

Write something that aspire to the whole world ... want to ... "I will not hide, with a heavy heart that I pass the reins of the country in the hands of the new government. I will not dissemble: I do not believe that politicians are grouped together only on the emotions of denial and denigration of the solid's own country and see the posts are able to offer the public a positive program ... "Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin.
Vladimir Voronin came to the leadership of the country when almost nothing left, and from her, and from its citizens. Continuous chaos reigned: the laws exist only on paper, but in fact they are not used, people are almost dying of starvation, because the salaries and pensions were scanty, the state treasury, its foreign exchange reserves at the National Bank were poorer than the personal accounts of those who were then power and returned to it today, about 222 million dollars ... Today, the president Voronin hands over the country on a turnkey basis with a reserve of more than half a billion dollars. Vladimir Voronin took over a country whose citizens are fleeing from it into the wide world of hunger, desperation and fear of crime, which force people to lock their homes and apartments just after dusk.
Escape from the country? Which country? Then it was a formal, staffing concept, it was the country that were on some kind of identity documents of a temporary nature, denying and challenged in the disputed eastern and western whirlpools. Previous presidents - Snegur and Lucinschi - "patronize" the Republic of Moldova according to their understanding, that led it, as some kind of collective farms, or the primary party organization, where everyone from the chief's permission to steal, as he could and would, if paid tribute, and then was able to skillfully play the role of "honest man".
Takes care of the rich justice Snegur! Republic of Moldova until 2001 failed to gain the status of the country with a clearly defined identity, defending their rights and to gain credibility as an equal among equals in the international arena. Everything was formal and all the fuss fled in search of "big brother", but it certainly speaks of the authority and leadership abilities of those who led it until then. To have a better idea of the dignity, honor and responsibility of heads of state of this country until 2001, it is enough to recall the infamous admission, which resorted to the ex-president Lucinschi to get a medal Steaua Romaniei ( The Star of Romania"). That - not our invention, but an excerpt from the report of the Romanian Information Service: to compel the businessman Anatol Stati back Romania's multimillion-dollar debt, it took the intervention of Luchinski, the same, being a man "of the showroom, took over the mission, but on condition that he would create image of a "regional leader" with the addition of the aforementioned award. Balkan Romanians, also deprived of their dignity, hands venerable ex-president Emil Constantinescu, Lucinschi awarded this award.
Please understand us wrong: we do not in any way seek to detract from any merits of the first and second presidents of Moldova. We are only stating facts and data. We have experienced terrible, strange situation, as they occur, and when the successor to the president does not develop projects of his predecessor, or correct his mistakes. Vladimir Voronin is understood and above all proceeded to remove all obstacles that stood in the way of identification of the Republic of Moldova as a unitary, independent state, recognized in the international arena.
Voronin made his debut and the country.
Is not known how unexpected was the Communists coming to power in 2001, but for any self-respecting analyst, this success was entirely logical. "The Democrats" before 2001, those and now have come to power completely illogical way, compromised themselves irrevocably. They had (and still do not) experience running the country. They did not know what democracy is (and even now I do not know) and that means a country and people, for the sake and the sake of which should sacrifice everything. Prior to 2001, God is a witness, they believed in the fact that Moldova should be brought to poverty at any cost, to uneven hour has not come to some idea of profit remains an outsider in this country. And now invited and foreigners.
Voronin has quite clearly demonstrated that prior to 2001 life was not better, and less, and the fact that the then and the present rulers hid their wealth behind poverty Moldovans. This was their campaign slogan - poverty Moldovans. Recall her promise to eradicate it, but do nothing, because they follow as a propaganda electoral stocks. Could not have done nothing but berate the Communists, because they did not take them, not bestowed privileges and rank, as they found themselves in comfortable chairs, they only pustobrehstvom do. According to their logic, respect for human citizen of the Republic of Moldova should be ascertained in power.
Vladimir Voronin - a person is positive and prominent in the history of Moldova, consider the objective analysts and historians - and certainly the present and future. Historians are real, and not hysteria, opportunistic, bought for money and counterfeit compose customized biography. Voronin has counterfeited country torn muddy tendering authorities who have not yet decided its geostrategic challenges. Against this background, Voronin made his debut country and people. He constructed the presidency, beginning with identitarnoy reconstruction of the Republic of Moldova. Voronin has not established the authority in the country on a whim, and empowered people experiencing terrible times and identitarny crisis, ordered him to seize all the thugs and traitors by the collar and called to account. Then we can say, Voronin met with the loneliness of his own loneliness.
Two of his mandate were covered with a unique "only" in Europe, because this country is one of the most contested of cast slabs of the European continent.
The paradox of the dilemmas of President Voronin - a cruel alternation, from which you can withdraw or victor or a victim. However, Voronin has shown the world that it is impossible to win. Paradoxes of which we speak, within the context of an unbreakable relationship with Russia and the complex of related degrees with Romania. It is against this political landscape identitarnogo Vladimir Voronin managed to show how skillful politician he is. At crucial moments he had fulfilled the mandatory global concession, but put up a barrier, objected when it was about the national identity of the Republic of Moldova. It is ironic that he was compelled to resort to these actions because of the subject, which, in essence, was to become his most loyal ally - Romania.
Romania's territorial claims to our country have been disgraceful matter when Moldova became the subject of dirty political fraud, and not quarrel or disinterested sincere brotherly love. Romania - EU member country and NATO brazenly attempted to turn its back on Russia, with consequences that can not cure today, nevertheless demanded from Moldova to follow bad examples. Romania forgets that Canada - the other, that the citizens of this country - almost all, kinship ties with the ethnic Russian in the first place - with the Ukrainians, Bulgarians, etc. Romania refuses to understand that there is no umbrella, with the exception of those born after 1989, which would not nostalgic for the Soviet Union. This category also includes "great unionist - writers, those with the national awakening, who yearn for the privileges or handouts in the form of" creative rest "in Yalta, or other nomenclature health resorts.
Vladimir Voronin has understood all this, and knew everything, just had to contend with lies, with which they were told to "truth". Do not forget that Voronin was and is a wealth of organizational experience in working with people with community groups, and this suggests the severity of the action and deeds, in addition it - the military and the Soviet Army, as we know, not to award general's degree so as Romania confer some Moldovans National Order Steaua Romaniei.
Voroninofobiya impotent and traitors.
Do not be a secret agent or arhianalitikom to note that there was a huge international coalition, which wanted to overthrow and ordered Voronin. This was contrary to all democratic norms and ran counter to the will of the majority of Moldovans. And Voronin is realized. It does not please them, which they anticipated, not shown, that holds the teeth for power, as well as got caught in the network, placed on 7 April. Voronin gave the identity of this country, have done all that it existed and was heard, which, of course, many did not like: not to those who possessed it before 2001, no international "actors" who are accustomed to consider Republic of Moldova: Political and public cellar. Suffice it to say that it is now Moldova as obsuzhdaema at the international level for the very reason that Voronin has turned it into a serious country, worthy to talk about it.
Duty "analysts" talk about the necessary conjuncture, terms of external rather than internal, in which reference was made to a virtual alliance Russia - Belarus - Moldova. Knowing that the whole truth, they say without blushing with shame, while not uttering a single word about the Kozak plan. Tell me which of the leaders of Moldova, more than Voronin, could represent the national interests of this country in the White House or in Moscow?
Here is a question of faith, the church, the revival of religious temples, monasteries and churches. During the rule of another president like this happening? And as soon as such again?
Talking about religion, it should be noted that Voronin, a Communist invested their strength and prosperity in the Orthodox Church in the background that the country orgy neoprotestantskimi cults, sects. In this way he defended Orthodoxy! He is a Communist!
Due to the unquestioning authority Voronina we lived for eight years, during which no one dared to seriously make fun of this country, nobody could behave disgracefully, starting with the bandits and ending with foreign secret services, who prowl in our region. And this is natural, because now the question about the present state - the Republic of Moldova, not a temporary feud, not a bargaining chip.
Nothing is without risk, but Voronin risked absolutely everything, without thinking that in all keys rinse his name. And note: this was done for big money, not from Moldova and not due to spontaneous "patriotic" initiatives, unselfish, personal, and for the money received because of the "hill". And on April 7 were paid big money for something to dishonor the completion of his second presidential mandate!
Furiously angry at the fact that Voronin has built a real state, internal and external enemies of the concept ignores a fundamental truth - since 1998, citizens of this country the majority voted for the Communists. Tell me how many countries of the civilized world, but here it is and the countries that teach lessons in democracy Moldova, torn, trampled, ignored the will of the majority? Nowhere! Moldova, one must admit, is the most ruthless experiment external forces.
Voronin - a man ...
Having a handy enough information about the media to discredit inconvenient technology leader, we can say that Voronin is one of the most expensive and costly in the world in financial terms, heads of state. When talking about this, we mean millions of dollars have been spent on it to remove him from power. Politics is like a street girl, this same story - this lady. Voronin's role in the modern history of Moldova, in spite of the paid media hounds woof, deciding. To discredit him, attacked the man, not on his ability and socio-political efficacy.
Scandalous press, all the way, financed by the Romanian secret services and the country, made several attacks on the family Voronina, thinking to take on all the chaff, ie, the fool. And the fools, they understand it, - the same as the Moldovans, who like Filat buy or solicit votes. Whipping boy of the hyena is the son of President Voronin. It somehow deliberately forgotten that Oleg Voronin has taken root in the business at a time when his father, Vladimir Voronin, did not know exactly whether to engage in politics. Oleg Voronin went into business at a time when Vladimir Filat speculated television in Romania. Oleg Voronin lawfully opened the firm in Romania or Moldova, unaware that his father would one day become president of Moldova.
In this speculative context "independent" media intentionally forget the sons of former President Lucinschi, the position occupied by one of them, and on the "outstanding" and abject for Moldovans phrase of one of them delivered in Moscow in the casino. After losing a huge sum of money, the offspring of ex-President Lucinschi said that there is no problem, as there are about four million sheep or something like that, which ishachat to his father. This is not talking, we wrote about this same "independent" journalists who sing Hosanna Filatov and Ghimpu.
Voronin - a man, father, husband and grandfather, wisdom and dignity and not filed in court or at one of his detractors. God be their judge. Moldovan journalists who are only in the virgin dawn of all that is called independent, responsible and democratic press, should have understood that Voronin is not only gave them absolute freedom, but also helped take some of the laws that protect them.
Politicians and journalists from the former opposition has challenged and refuted by the arguments and facts of the policy Voronina, economic and social projects of governments, and invented a very bad fiction. Naive or stupid people can believe any nonsense, which he teaches. He did not ponder over the fact that President Voronin was the daily schedule - from dawn to dusk - by which he was obliged to participate in meetings, working visits, meetings, performances, charitable events, etc. etc. Hyenas also noticed from the press only a short holiday or short breaks, but in no case merits, which now want to take everything. Because he built his country, which he passed under the key!
About a man Voronin no one ever wanted to think. Duty, well-paid prorumyny ignore the fact that the Romanian press and the public do not forgive. This is a truly scandalous personal life Traian Basescu, which mothers like a trooper, and, flouting all sense of proportion and the laws of the country, and planting their mistresses in the most prestigious job chair. Then about what other prorumynah can say - in fact be a true patriot, regardless of what country means objectively criticize the mismanagement of the state?
Voronin-man was forced to withstand the most ruthless attacks. Especially painful was the fact that they have not proceeded from some citizens who were dissatisfied with the way he ruled the country, and from any nefarious hairy mongrels, which were paid from the outside, that they undermine it. Mercenaries of the same nationality!
"Purity" of the West and Romania, and emerges from the statistics: the majority of Moldovans have their trust Vladimir Voronin, since 1998.
Vladimir Voronin needs no introduction. Book of his life, career, still remains open.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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