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All the days of President Vladimir Voronin was the day of triumph of democracy! Political commentary. Yesterday in Chisinau held a press conference chairman of the Communist Party, deputy of parliament of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. Vladimir
All the days of President Vladimir Voronin was the day of triumph of democracy! Political commentary. Yesterday in Chisinau held a press conference chairman of the Communist Party, deputy of parliament of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin. Vladimir Voronin has kept his word. As a person and as a president as a politician and statesman of the modern scale and, perhaps above all as a man. During the eight years of his presidency, he did not initiate any proceedings with the media, on the initiative of the authorities was not closed any media. He also noted that "the conditions of joint work with the media remain the same: criticize, scold, most importantly - write for us! Do not forget about us for a single day! ". Vladimir Voronin expressed his warmest appreciation and gratitude to it for the fact that all these years, the press "not to forget about it for a single day or even an hour, to keep toned, in shape." "I knew very well - Vladimir Voronin said at the beginning of the press conference - that if I acted differently, it would mean the beginning of the end of democracy in the Republic of Moldova ...".
Democracy Day Democracy

Press Conference of the Communist Party, Vladimir Voronin, was devoted to the current socio-political situation in the country. It is noteworthy that it took place yesterday, when the world community celebrated the International Day of Democracy. Not accidentally, in response to a question by journalists, what assessment he would put the democracy in Moldova, Vladimir Voronin said: "Every day of my eight-year presidency was a day of triumph of democracy in the Republic of Moldova." And this is true. Vladimir Voronin stressed, not without pride, that over the shoulders of Moldovan Communists not only brilliant democratic victory. They have the same democratic way leaving the government, and this is another confirmation of strengthening democratic institutions in Moldova.

Why not tell about the present and, indeed, and on past the Democrats, who tore his shirt and swear allegiance to democracy, doing everything exactly the opposite. They should be emphasized. According to chairman of the Communist Party, today at his desk are two printed pages, which lists all of the trials, which initiated the right-liberal dictators against the media.

The fact that Vladimir Voronin has always and everywhere to compare each step with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, with the current legislation of the country and the fundamental principles of democracy, evidenced by recent events, including the resignation of President Vladimir Voronin. He noted in particular: "For some reason someone was waiting for me that I still sit president, I will pretend to be an expected obstacle to the new majority came to power. No! That has not happened and could happen! And now all those who have so long aspired to the attainment of the cherished authority may proceed with the execution of these functions is absolutely difficult. "In 2001, the first time in the history of modern Europe, a democratic way Communists came to power in Moldova. Today we can say with certainty that during the eight years of Communist Party led by Vladimir Voronin, develop and strengthen the democratic institutions of the country not for the benefit of one party, but for the sake of the people, the whole of the Moldovan society. This is, without exaggeration, may serve as a good example for all those who are so eager to today's authorities in the Republic of Moldova.

Be in opposition - is not a tragedy

An important factor in life of democracy in Moldova is the fact that the Communist Party of the same democratic way becomes responsible opposition to the rights of political force, which enjoys the highest rating of confidence among its citizens. Moreover, despite the fact that on 29 July, we scored fewer votes in percentage terms, the rating on the regional level continues to rise, - said Vladimir Voronin. In Chisinau, for example, PCRM rating compared to 2007 grew for more than three times, as evidenced by the results of the July parliamentary elections. Until the record figure increased confidence in the Communist Party of Gagauzia in Moldova. However, in spite of all these indicators, the Party of Communists forced to go into opposition.
"Being in opposition, said Vladimir Voronin, is not a tragedy. The party will get rid, first of all, from the burden of the party in power, many stuck and careerists. As for society, it must almost see the outcome of your own choice. " The reason lies in the fact that the Moldovan Communists, Vladimir Voronin says, can not be held responsible for the existence of this right-liberal parliamentary majority. Have not been, unfortunately, success and all attempts to create PCRM responsible center-left coalition. The only thing that unites all those who made too hastily parliamentary coalition - is their willingness and desire not to allow the Communists to power.
Vladimir Voronin noted with regret that once again due to the ambitions of Liberals and Democrats as a result of this situation society will be able to see firsthand how right it was the Communists when they warned of the consequences of such developments. Vladimir Voronin stressed that just an hour before the press conference, he met with representatives of all the Party organizations of the republic. During the meeting it was stressed that the Communist Party stood and will stand in the same positions in which she was eight years in power: the country needs not just a change of power, the country needs power. The country needs stability and confidence in the future.
Path on which went quadruple the current right-liberal, does not lead to stability. Rather, it suggests that it is a parliamentary majority in such a primitive way provokes new early elections. The election of the Chairman of Parliament with the most human conflict reputation, a man of deep convictions unionistskih no way to satisfy the enormous part of our citizens who have entrusted their votes to the Communist Party. This is another proof that the Liberals have ignored the opinion of nearly half the population.
Another, an exclusive, a chance for liberals

But the Communists, Vladimir Voronin said that not abandon the dialogue. They give the liberals one more, an exclusive chance to save the country from the new early parliamentary elections. In support of these words to journalists were given two important documents - the Declaration on Principles of anti-crisis policies and measures to stabilize the socio-economic situation "and" On the political principles of the restoration of civil unity and peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian issue. "
These are the two major political and economic instrument, which should be based follow-up cooperation between the government and opposition. In the coming days they will be transferred to other parliamentary factions. Main component of these documents is that the development and adoption of anti-crisis measures and programs should in no way suffer from the well-being of the people. The proposals of the Party of Communists is to use the lessons of economic and social potential for further social and infrastructural development of the country through the effective utilization of resources and with financial support from foreign partners. Vladimir Voronin stressed that the Communists fought and will continue to uphold the basic principles for further economic and social development, including:
Saving · wage growth. Increase every two years, the minimum wage.

· Retaining the annual increase in all benefits of social protection and support of the population.

· Preserving order in which the annual indexed pension and other social benefits.

Saving · retirement age for men and women at the existing level.

· Increase benefits for birth and care of children, as well as people with disabilities.

· Preservation existing subsidies from the state budget social insurance contribution rate of population engaged in agriculture.

· Increase (annually in both the volume and the proportion of budgetary spending on health. Save all categories of persons subject to compulsory health insurance from the state budget. Preservation of the guaranteed package of health services and a list of medications, compensated for by the state.

Saving · number of schools, kindergartens, medical institutions. Completion on schedule construction of education, culture and health.

· Retention of teachers and doctors working in the public sphere.

· Increase spending on education. Maintaining and increasing the budget places in universities and colleges. Maintaining the level of student scholarships and go to their indexation. The annual increase in real spending on reconstruction and modernization of vocational education. Teachers' salaries to bring to the average for the economy.
Voronin expressed his opinion for the preservation of the existing format of the current international negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian issue until the readiness of the Dniester region of Moldova's special status in the form of the republic. In particular, he noted that the preservation of constitutional neutrality as a condition of unconditional reintegration of Moldova; complete demilitarization of the parties to the conflict in Transnistria, the development of policies to strengthen confidence-building measures with Transnistria is fundamental in solving this problem.
At the same time, Voronin said that any attempt to drag Moldova in the military-political blocs will inevitably lead to the growth of separatist sentiment in society and to destabilize the situation in Moldova. And that could lead to disastrous consequences for our state, including its disappearance from the map of the Earth as a separate and independent subject of international law.
These documents Communist Party once again reiterates its firm position: it is not under any circumstances will not abandon the constitutional principles of respect for the neutrality of our country. "Only with such positions, Vladimir Voronin said that we will engage in dialogue with our political opponents.
Journalists for the first time at the press conference were able to obtain and read a detailed account of Vladimir Voronin as president of the Republic of Moldova from 2001 to 2009.
In Friday's issue of "Nezavisimaya Moldova" we are together with you, dear readers, scroll through the pages of this report. Because it is not just a record - for dry facts and figures lies one of the most exciting and significant chapter in the life of modern democratic Moldova and its third president Vladimir Voronin.

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