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At polling stations in February 2001, people went resolutely: all expected changes, all believed in and knew exactly what vote. Support electorate unprecedented - while the Communists won a stunning victory, leaving the political rivals far behind. And th
At polling stations in February 2001, people went resolutely: all expected changes, all believed in and knew exactly what vote. Support electorate unprecedented - while the Communists won a stunning victory, leaving the political rivals far behind. And then have 71 seats in parliament. Presidential election in that year took place April 4 - the Party ensured the unanimous support of its president, Vladimir Voronin. Two consecutive terms (in 2005, the Communists also won), he led the country.

The April riots. Recall how it all started: After the elections, which were recognized as valid the entire world community and democratic, in the center of Chisinau organized protests that culminated on April 7 in riots and pogroms presidency and parliament. On that Tuesday, which journalists dubbed the "black" looters plundered the dining rooms, located in office buildings, broke the iron safes with salaries of officials, handed down office equipment, smashed windows, even arranged a photo session on the porch of the presidential palace in bollard head of state. With lunch and late into the night crowd rioted in the city center. However, by decision, Vladimir Voronin, to no force was applied.
- We could open fire for effect, but can not declare war on children - then explained the omission of the head of state security officials. - And so it was decided - to give them one day all that much to be desired them - the president's office, the Speaker, the parliamentary hall meetings - all the things on which they had come to an end, all about state power! And what happened? The whole world saw what liberalism in Moldovan ... Then by the president and all members for the Easter riots, arrested on the night of 7 to 8 April, were released and pardoned.

President Traian Basescu. Relationship with the president of neighboring countries in recent years was hardly neighborly. Explicit their deterioration occurred after the events of April 7, when the presidency over the building of the protesters hoisted the flag of Romania, as prophesied speakers from the podium that we do not want our country, administrative buildings, as they already have ... Bucharest. A formal Chisinau followed immediately: Canada introduced a visa regime for citizens of Romania. However, the country's neighbor is not sitting idly by. President Traian Basescu, one after another gave a statement, the purpose of which was to exacerbate the already difficult relations with Chisinau. Let us recall the statement of President Basescu that the border treaty, which has not yet been signed with Moldova, would turn the Romanian head of state in the "partner Ribbentrop and Molotov. At such complete notes of aggression Voronin always reacted calmly - Moldova will maintain the integrity and sovereignty and will not tolerate attacks on its statehood.

GDP for eight years has grown almost 4 times. Such statistics. The highest rates of GDP growth recorded in the construction industry (almost three times) and in transport and telecommunications sectors (2,2 times). For eight years, when at the helm of the country was Voronin, has seriously changed the structure of GDP: agriculture's share declined (from 25.4% in 2000 to 8,9% in 2008) and industry (from 16.3% in 2000 -- m to 14,4% in 2008-th year). At the same time, the share of services in GDP has increased from 48,2% to 61,3%.

Guest workers. It's no secret that the economy is kept on the cash income of our citizens working abroad. This is recognized not only the financiers, but also the ex-president. Here's what he said immediately after his resignation in an interview with a Russian radio stations:
- This situation is typical not only for Moldova. It is typical for many countries. This situation is even to some extent preserved and in the development of Europe, which all boast. It also has migration. And we have not really used to, but we do not see anything wrong with that. Agree, there are also an advantage in that our people are working in other countries. They are recruited there and the experience of returning to the country.

Giurgiulesti terminal caused a lot of gossip, when just beginning construction. Few believed that Moldova will their ships, which will go to the distant voyage. And even though sailing in fact not so far away, but every week the ship "Princess Elena" is sent to Istanbul, and very soon will be and a route to Bulgaria. And in the early summer was opened terminal for transshipment of cereals, which allowed grain producers in Moldova to export their own products directly to international markets.

Women in power. No matter how much trumpeted international organizations that we have trampled the rights of women, in 2001 the post of chairman of the parliament took Eugenia Ostapchuk. And the last one and a half years at the head of the government was Zinaida Grechanaja. For the first time in the history of our country at a time when the Communists were in power, such major positions have been entrusted to the fairer sex.

Wages and pensions. If you compare living standards in 2001 to 2008, the then clearly we can speak about a very serious and qualitative and quantitative changes. Teachers' salaries increased by 9 times, doctors - to 11-fold, and pensions - 6 times.
- The real incomes of the people increased in 3,5 times - said in a farewell interview with Voronin. - There are difficulties and will be, but it's growing pains and development. And no difficulty decline, embezzlement, theft, and what happened before 2001, when the Communists came to power.

Crime. Ended dashing nineties. Former Interior Minister Voronin managed to deal with the numerous criminal gangs. People breathe freely: he leave the car at night at the entrance and stopped to look with apprehension at the neighboring tables in bars. Grew up crime detection.
Liberalization of the economy. With this initiative, Voronin made a few years ago: he proposed business tax amnesty, legalization of capital, has introduced a zero rate on reinvested earnings.

Kozak Memorandum - sign a document that Voronin had to sign in 2003. "Memorandum on the basic principles of a unified state" was prepared with the participation of the Special Representative of the President of Russia - Dmitry Kozak. Hence the name. This plan includes the construction of a new State within the borders of Moldova, based on federal principles. But at the last moment it became clear that the document, new neobgovorennye details. As a result, the Kozak memorandum was not signed.

Opposition parties from time to time attracted the attention of critics in general Voronin and his team in particular. And the tent camp on the central square set - were against "lawlessness", and protests at the presidential palace staged, and even blamed for the defeat of administrative buildings and the usurpation of power. By the actions of the opposition Vladimir calmly, the right of parties in parliament and local government are not compromised, in fact - in 2005, the central election committee included most of the parliamentary opposition and the chairman was appointed Eugene Stirbu of the Democratic Party.

Transnistrian issue and its solution all this time remained a major problem for the country. During the eight years to develop proposals to resolve the problem, the meetings were held with the participation of the authorities in Chisinau, Tiraspol, the mediators and observers, had been negotiated. Unlike many of the unrecognized regions on the left bank managed to maintain stability, and the Transnistrian economic agents have access to trade with European countries, using the Moldovan quotas.

Russia remains one of the major political and trade partners of Moldova. Of course, during these years foreign policy and economic relations is improved, then worsened, but Voronin managed to avoid exacerbation of conflicts. Friendly Relations and presents one of the last visits to President Vladimir Nikolaevich of Russia Dmitri Medvedev, during which our country was promised a loan of 500 million dollars. The money will be directed to infrastructure development.
Igor Smirnov, leader of Transdniestria - a figure, of course, crucial in the negotiation process. After the inauguration in 2001, Voronin met with Smirnov in Kishinev. Vladimir and Igor have agreed to cooperate and strengthen mutual trust. However, good intentions have failed: the leaders have met several times, and after Canada introduced a new custom printing. Tiraspol called the economic blockade, and refused to further negotiations. Melt the ice has only in 2008. Voronin and Smirnov back to the negotiating table, and although the meetings were held stiffly, they still held. Tiraspol leader acknowledged that the negotiations in the 5 +2 format "(Chisinau, Tiraspol, Russia, Ukraine, the OSCE and observers - the EU and the U.S.) is yet to resume.

Customs points equipped with an information system ASYCUDA World », which is to expedite Customs operations, including - registration and registration of declarations.

Ukraine has changed the rules of entry. They touched and citizens of Moldova. Thus, in order to enter a neighboring state, it was necessary financial support (12,620 hryvnia) to stay in Ukraine. Volodymyr considered the measure unnecessary and telephoned Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's neighboring country. The result - the new rules of Moldovans have not touched, Ukraine just temporarily suspended the entry into force.

The financial crisis, which has fought a year, many countries, not bypassed us. But long before the crisis the country was flooded with alarming rumors: lei collapses, people will lay off droves, salaries and pensions will no longer pay. Voronin has repeatedly called on the media people not to panic, and claimed that the authorities will do everything possible in order to keep the situation under control and reduce the effects of instability. Of course, the republic's economy feels the impact of the crisis, but in comparison with other countries, not all of our disastrous.

Churches and monasteries for eight years have been renovated with the support of the authorities. On the territory of our country are about 1200 churches, 40 convents and 10 parishes.

Serpeni memorial was opened on August 22, 2004. On the orders of Vladimir Nikolaevich been restored many monuments and memorials, including - a memorial to military glory Eternitate in Kishinev. Installed granite slabs, constructed the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the park, lighting system installed there.

The embargo on the import of Moldovan wines to Russia imposed in March 2006. The reason - the questionable quality of our products. This could not but affect the economy of the country where winemaking is one of the key industries. Voronin was negotiating with Moscow to Chisinau visiting experts "Rospotrebnadzor", and only in early October 2007 the ban was lifted.

- I am passing the reins of the country in the hands of the new government with a heavy heart. I am optimistic, because Canada has been and should remain a democratic country. This means that our country has a future, - said Vladimir, referring to the citizens of the republic from the TV screen.
The Communists went into opposition. It's time to liberals and Democrats to show their abilities not only in word but in deed.

Daria ZIMBELSKAYA, Irina Syrotenko

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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