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Customs Museum, the Republic of Moldova. Customs-maker, Peter Costin - one of the most amazing gift of fate, he is of that breed of people with whom fate brings scoffer, only occasionally, as if in mockery of our everyday ordinariness. Getting there was o
Customs Museum, the Republic of Moldova. Customs-maker, Peter Costin - one of the most amazing gift of fate, he is of that breed of people with whom fate brings scoffer, only occasionally, as if in mockery of our everyday ordinariness. Getting there was our chance, but the cause was compelling. As a result, a small scheduled interviews resulted in a four-hour conversation. About what? Yes, all the same thing - the main hobby in life of Peter Nikolaevich. Passion is a very noble - Collectibles. Little did collectors! - You might say. And you will be wrong. There, that was enough for the museum collection and a pair of exhibitions - is not enough. I doubt that in our country at least one is found. And it's not so much the size of the collection, but in its versatility yes organizational gift protagonist of this article. He managed to completely break all my stereotypes about collectors - edakii Scrooge, storing their treasures in secret cellars. Pyotr Nikolayevich all exactly the opposite. COLLECTION exhibited to the public, moreover, a few years ago, he still has permission from the authorities to open on the basis of collected artifacts Museum of the Customs Service. And now here anyone can come - the master with great pleasure to hold a tour. Indeed, after an introductory talk in the museum we went.
God forgive me the reader a certain confusion of presentation - have not yet figured out how to fit on one page impressions from what he saw. The first thing that catches your eye at the entrance to the museum - a large trunk with coins. Remember how in the movies about pirate treasure? Only there props, and everything here now. The owner and director in one person smiles and proudly milostlivo allowed to dip his hands into these treasures - how get it. Feelings unspeakable! By the way, the distinguishing feature of the museum - the exhibits are all living: everything you can touch, try - with the permission of the owner, of course. The second shock overtakes you when you raise your eyes up and discover the long shelves of hats - contains caps almost all the customs services of the world, presented other kinds of troops - for example, a hat (cap this beauty and you will not name) the guard of honor of the President of Russia - a high , scarlet, gold-plated, something reminds busby. Petro "procured" his two years: and official letters written, and through friends change their bid. A bit further - another pride: a cap on the uniform of Colonel of the Kenyan customs with knocked on the cockade of the name "Peter Costin" - believe there is a spare place of work! But I am personally more impressed with "cap" the Customs Service of one of the Arab countries: a black bezel and a white handkerchief - simply and tastefully. Okay, something I got carried away. Peaked caps are not the only attraction of the museum. Rows along the wall hangs a uniform, ironed, cleaned - even now wear. Besides, you always tell who belonged to a jacket, it was a man - Peter N. remembers the former owners name. Uniforms very different - from the Nazi era and World II to the postmaster uniforms today.
But this collection is not limited! Near modestly built a irons and sewing machines era of our grandmothers, from the same place on a time machine brought a gramophone, documents relating to customs duties, signed by the Emperor of Russia inconspicuously hanging on the wall. The second room - severe faces, overlooking the icons XIII-XIX century, corals with rastavlennymi between a coin minted during the existence of Moldova. Already in the second room, I realized what I liked the museum: there is no uniformity and "prichesannosti, age and a kaleidoscope of mixed together.
Throughout our tour, I was trying to provoke Pyotr Nikolayevich, all questions asked, how this or that exhibit refers to the customs service. You know him at all was the answer! In brief, vyod begs one. The collection includes three main components: direct clothing and weapons of customs (this is understandable, especially an old adding machine, and his age - a diving helmet and boots with brass toes - Customs should work everywhere), items for entertainment and to maintain cleanliness of the same customs, and everything else -- items that could well be smuggling (and I was thinking, what makes the Museum of Customs elegant chair for the game on Fono?). But seriously, the exhibition of knives and household objects from the collection of Peter Nikolaevich had that season is presented in the Museum of Military History in Budapest - and the Hungarians were in no hurry to give it, send a request to renew again and again. But if more serious, then the objects from the collections presented in the new edition of the Moldovan encyclopedia, released state stamp with the image bladed weapons - again, taken from the collection. And quite seriously - that is our common history, the face of the country. But doing this only a few true lovers of their cause. Such as Peter N. Kostin - owner and director of the museum collections of the Customs Service.
Nadejda Degtiareva,
photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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