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Vladimir Voronin gave a press conference. Before answering the journalists' questions he addressed them with introductory remarks.
Vladimir Voronin gave a press conference. Before answering the journalists' questions he addressed them with introductory remarks.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
We are with you for a long time have not met in this format now. Events did not happen enough. It's time to discuss them. And, in a sense, draw some conclusions.
And we will now push off from a question - what do not like the current regime?
December 10 our party rather summed it has made in his parliamentary declaration. But I have something to add.
First. In this regime there are no strategy. She has no purpose. Who does it work? Who is the recipient of all these fussy and short-term decisions that it produces? Who is the current Moldovan society can say - yes, this is my power, yes, it's all done for me, for the sake of my country, for my children?

All-state problem, nationwide plans, all big and important topic of the Moldovan state simply removed from the agenda.
The Transnistrian issue simply profane. Any clear that this power did not even manage to maintain stability in the Transnistrian area. Note that this stability can be maintained not by itself, but only at the expense of ongoing initiatives. Without initiatives - it is not even freeze it - the slide into conflict. Let me remind some of our past projects: registration of Transnistrian enterprises in Chisinau, the training budget Transnistrian Moldovan students in higher education, the introduction of Three way control on the Transnistrian segment of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, the development of confidence-building measures, including towards the complete demilitarization of the parties, the Moldovan Government to guarantee access Transnistrian enterprises in the EU markets. But it was before. And now - Everything! This topic no one else was seriously engaged. The territorial integrity of the new government is not interested.
The most important trend - the socio-economic development. So far, no anti-crisis program, nor the draft budget for next year. Budget Act had grossly violated. The draft budget should have been submitted yet on October 1. That is, we risk to enter a new year without a chief financial document of the country. Nobody knows what will be the cost of power for pensions, salaries, fellowships, education, health care? How will the country to live?
But it seems the least interested in power. It is not going to spend public funds - that is, the people's money - by law, by the rules. Again due to the fact that the current regime there are no plans, no ideas about national goals, objectives.
About the anti-crisis program is better not to remember. Apparently, it simply no one to prepare. But they have promised her to submit another October 16. If there is no program, there will be no any meaningful action to combat the effects of the crisis.
The only achievement of which blew the entire press of the current regime - is receiving funding from the IMF. Lost only add that these funds were allocated on August 7, after negotiations with the Government Grechana.

European integration. Here general paradox. Alliance described himself as "European integration". And at the same time, we do not see any activity in this area. I think, and do not wait. Is that the EU itself will begin to make decisions for this government, for this helpless majority.
Only now, scratched himself and dared the government to negotiate a new agreement with the EU. And it is as much in January 2010. Or let your Alliance once renamed or not they trying to fool people down. Government Grechana received a mandate for negotiations with the EU in June this year. Even in 2008, was formed by the delegation of negotiators from Moldova. They went through all the necessary instructions, including with the assistance of EU experts. The current regime could begin this process, and in September and October, or even now - in November. Could not happen!
Easy. No team, no professionals! The delegation of negotiators can not organize. After all, this requires the algorithm to place their deputy ministers. Without this delegation could not create.
Commission on European integration is not going to. But in the rush to set up an entire commission on an individual Action Plan Moldova-NATO. Everything is very clear, very eloquent.
Of the major achievements of the regime - a sign the Agreement on small border traffic with Romania. But here, too - wonders! The text of this Agreement secret. What is written in the document - only know Lyanke yes Filatov. This agreement is not ratified by Parliament. Although by law the only way to proceed in such cases.
The words "law and the law" in the context of the current regime of government in general sounds mocking. All law-making regime based on the fact, to adapt the country to the immediate interests of 53 deputies. Not to the interests of the people, society, country and state.
Where have you seen a country where the law on presidential elections changed during the elections themselves? We have that - now everyone's new president will be for himself his own law to invent?
Where you are in Europe will find a country in which the decision of the Parliament cynically rigged by its Chairman? (so it was with the delegation of PACE). Where have you seen a politician who says that "he has up his sleeve for the Communists laid up another ace. The same expression is not politics, and card tricksters.
People ask the question, and shouted to all the gentlemen "democrats" and "liberals", if the Communists would decide after the April 5 elections as blatantly fine-tune the legislation under its own results? They say not enough of a voice? - The hell with it, no problem! - Let's change the law, the Constitution!?


But, sorry, we are in the head does not even come. Conscience is not allowed to even think about it. Such disrespect for the law, to democracy - is evidence of weakness and political impotence of the current authorities.


All management of the country mired in vanity, intrigue, mutual intrigues members algorithm, gossip, opaque games, wars, and of compromising the criminal disassembly. And the country is heading for the abyss. From the fear of helplessness and begin to impose censorship in the media, trying to threaten the Communist Party, fist waving, promised swift revenge.


On this occasion, that's what I want to say: Gentlemen, let the liberals forget about their threats! Who they threaten? Party, which was voted on half the population?


People know that in the present circumstances they have left only one hope - that the Communist Party. Communist Party clearly understands that today it remains the only force standing on the side of the common man, law and democracy. It is futile for us to threaten. From our political mission can handle.


Second. Election of the President.


I'm not going to assess the personality of the recent presidential candidate. We are above any personal evaluations. Especially in a situation where the fate of the country.

Today, all should be clear that our boycott of the presidential elections - a boycott of anti-people, anti-European and anti-democratic policies of the alliance. Nothing personal!


Interestingly, out of the situation that the Alliance does not see a change in its policy not to end vulgarity in the Parliament, not a desire to stop skating repression against the media, but solely in the new shulerskih games with the law and the Constitution. I promise you that none of these disgraceful tricks no longer held.


However, I responsibly declare: we are ready to compromise, to negotiate, to dialogue. And I'm not talking about a compromise with the PCRM faction or the whole of our party, for the sake of posts, posts portfolios.


We are only to such a compromise, based on which will be a radical change in policy in the Moldovan state. Either the policy in the name of the people, or in the interests of the Alliance and its allies. Or return to a clear and consistent line of progressive social development, or death from poverty, corruption, crime and unprofessional.


Otherwise given!

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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