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Answers to questions from reporters: Chairman of the Communist Party, Vladimir Voronin.
Answers to questions from reporters: Chairman of the Communist Party, Vladimir Voronin.
1. Ex-President of Moldova, chairman of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin said on Thursday in a press conference that he would not wait to be invited to the hearing the Special Commission to investigate the events of April, he will go there, because he "has something to say .
"I will go," - said Voronin, stressing that the committee member of the Communist Party Vadim Mishin was authorized to convey treatment Voronin sure to invite him to a hearing. "I have something to say", - said Vladimir Voronin.
PCRM President noted that he had accumulated a lot of questions, "which must be answered if we are to understand the true causes of April 7. "For instance, why out of all safes, 101 members of parliament, as well as workers from the safes of the parliament, more than 80% were open key, and have not been hacked?" - Questioned Voronin. This Voronin said that on April 7 was merely a "flash", and now need to find out "who prepared this outbreak, it charged the people.
Earlier, the chairman of the Special Commission to investigate the causes and consequences of the events of April Nagachevsky Vitali said that his Committee intends to hear all the political parties' leaders, as well as senior officials of the period.
The Commission is to investigate the causes and consequences of the events included four MPs PCRM and one from LP, PLDM, ASM and PDM. The results of the special commission will be presented at the plenary session of the legislature.
2. The opposition Communist Party does not intend to vote for president and be isolated liberal majority. Told President Vladimir Voronin formation.
"It's not that at all costs to resolve the issue on the election of the president. We should solve the main thing - what is the path of development. What is the conceptual status and problems associated with the development of the state? That we can unite in an alliance with other parties. Must be prescribed by this fable? Why should we join? "To bring happiness to one person and then go away for four years and forget?" - Said Vladimir Voronin.
"Otherwise, all this will be the role of one-day, single use. We'll vote for president, and then stay with 48 votes (MPs), whose number does not increase, but they (the liberal coalition) will be stamped every heresy, so it is impossible!" - underlined the President of the PCRM.
3. Boycott Communist presidential elections - a boycott of anti-people policies of the alliance "For the European integration. "Today, for all should be clear that our boycott of presidential elections - that the boycott of anti-people, anti-European and anti-democratic policies of the alliance. So, nothing personal - just politics", - said Thursday at a press conference Voronin.
Nov. 10 at a special session of parliament on the presidential election the Communists refused to vote for no alternative candidate of the liberal-democratic coalition, the leader of the Democratic Party by Marian Lupu and left the courtroom.
"It is interesting that out of the situation, the alliance does not see a change in its policy not to end vulgarity in parliament, not a desire to stop skating repression against the media, but solely in the new shulerskih games with the law and the Constitution. I promise you that no one these shameful tricks no longer take place ", - said the leader of the Communists.
Immediately after an unsuccessful attempt to presidential elections, Acting President of Moldova, Mihai Ghimpu parliament speaker said that the candidate of the Liberal Democratic coalition, Marian Lupu, who was not elected in the first round of the Head of State, still he will be explaining that "and may elect 52 deputies president, "if we change the Constitution.
4. Chairman of the Communist Party of Moldova Vladimir Voronin Hespubliki sure that the political crisis in the country should bear full responsibility Moldovan Democratic Party, led by Marian Lupu. Voronin told a press conference on Thursday, November 12.
Voronin said that the results obtained by PCRM and PDM in the elections on 29 July, to create a center-left coalition and elect a president. "48 +13 - God himself has given this figure," - said Voronin, noting that the said two parties are also similar in the ideological and doctrinal meanings. "What is common ideologically, in terms of the Democratic Party platform with the Liberal Party? Like a crocodile with a serpent "- added the President of the PCRM.
In this context, Voronin said that the reluctance of parties to create Lupu levotsentristkuyu coalition dictated by "engagement" DPM. In this context, Voronin stressed that it was the DPM should be responsible for "all of this collapse, all these problems which have arisen in society, all this political crisis, which was transformed into an economic and social." "For all that the Democratic Party is responsible, and they must answer to society for all these games - is not serious, it is very unwise children's games, which they began with the state, with the country - they should be primarily responsible for it all. And do not go and ask the children candy in the form of the presidential office ", - concluded the PCRM.
5. PCRM President Vladimir Voronin has expressed his indignation regarding the pressure exercised by the Coordinating Council of the Audiovisual (CCA) and, in particular by its chairman, George Gorinchoya in relation to a number of Moldovan media.
"Such people and such conduct of such people - I have for their characteristics is the only word - bastard. I'm not trying to seek a more streamlined words ", - said Voronin, commending the work Gorinchoya and its recent decision, adding that the CCA has become a" inquisition "of the media.
"What's going on in the media, that are trying to silence us and the same media - is a disgrace. And this is a disgrace not to be overlooked "- noted the chairman of the PCRM, expressing the need for a fundamental" principles of free press in the country. " "They are nobody, no Gorinchoi, nobody has the right to touch these principles", - explained Voronin.
In this context, Voronin expressed his bewilderment at the fact that the European structures ignore glaring instances of pressure on the Moldovan press from the new Moldovan authorities. "I'm very surprised that these democratic institutions drew water in his mouth and did not react to this outrage" - concluded the PCRM.
September 22 order of the CCA George Gorinchoya, one of cable TV was stopped broadcasting news programs TOP NEWS. In October, CCA tried to grab the radio station "Silver rain", which broadcasts on the territory of Moldova, all the frequencies and transmit them to other media.
November 6, Coordination Council for Radio and Television of the Republic of Moldova at its next meeting, issued a decision which imposed a TV station NIT statutory maximum penalty, arguing sanctions lack of pluralism of opinions in the news. Broadcasting Company NIT CCA regarded these actions as the beginning of dissent.
6. Ex-President, President Vladimir Voronin, the PCRM described as a "paradox" of the name of the ruling alliance, while not noticeably any activity in the direction of European integration.
Voronin doubt that we should expect from the new government activity in this direction. "Is that the EU itself will begin to make decisions for this government, for this most helpless", - considers the ex-president.
"Either let your Alliance once renamed or not they trying to fool people down. Government Grechana received a mandate for negotiations with the EU in June this year. Even in 2008, was formed by the delegation of negotiators from Moldova. They went through all the necessary instructions, including with the assistance of EU experts "- said Vladimir Voronin, commending the government's actions Filat in the European direction.
According to Voronin, the main cause of failure in this regard is the lack of new power specialists. "The delegation of negotiators can not organize. After all, this requires the algorithm to place their deputy ministers. Without this delegation could not create "- added Voronin.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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