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Moldova, short course from Octavian Esanu Перебирая various names under which the country nowadays carrying a name Republic of Moldova, was known during its rough history, I intend to expand an outlook of those readers for which this name associates with
Moldova, short course from Octavian Esanu Перебирая various names under which the country nowadays carrying a name Republic of Moldova, was known during its rough history, I intend to expand an outlook of those readers for which this name associates with a bottle of wine or with can of tinned tomatoes.
Short history/hysteria.
Moldova, Moldova, Solar Moldova, Bessarabia, the earth between the Rod and Dnestr, Walachia, Богдания, Ак Влах (last three have occurred from old historical names). Moldova that is not quite exact, because historically the territory carrying this name is most often used, stretched from Romania to modern Ukraine, being partially imposed on them. Bessarabia - another extended (especially in Romania and Moldova) the name earlier applied to definition of territory between the rivers the Rod and Dnestr. However and it historically is not quite exact, because Bessarabia included only southern part of modern Republic Moldova, and also some regions which are a part now of Ukraine. In modern history the name Bessarabia began to be used in connection with pact Молотова - Риббентропа in which, along with the Baltic states and the Western Ukraine, Bessarabia was mentioned as a zone of interests of Russia. The territory received by Russia under this pact, is as much as possible close to territory of that country about which speech in this text will go, except for the most southern and northern areas welcomed by Stalin Ukraine.
This confusion which begins already with the name of the state and its earths, predetermines problematical character and national identity, and also answers to variety of vital issues.


- Guess, how inhabitants of this country should name: Romanians or Moldavians?

- In what language speak in this country: on Romanian or on the Moldavian?

- What name to give to a school course of history: "History of Romania" or "a nation Hysteria"?

- So all the same - what?

- What alphabet to use (a Latin or Cyrillics)?

- What calendar Romanians/Moldavians or Moldavians/Romanians should use: Gregorian or юлианским?

If you have answered these questions can pass to the following part of the text.
The note. The society is split into those who names language Romanian, and on those who names its Moldavian; similarly and concerning the alphabet, a calendar, history etc.
Daily people here solve also set of other crossword puzzles. If to all aforementioned confusion to add also contrast between various ethnic and religious groups, the political convictions used by languages (besides Moldavian/Romanian and Romanian/Moldavian) and many other things things we will receive a picture of our society which basic line - the dissociation calling into question its geographical, political, economic and cultural integrity.
As a result search of national identity remains for us the main and unsoluble problem. The national history does not know some the long period of frictionless development that national identity could find certain contours.
Art community.
The local art scene faces the same problems, as all society. On average generation of artists, as well as on all population, multinational character of the Soviet empire has influenced. In many respects this consequence dominating then education systems. Artists from Moldova, getting education in capitals of the former Soviet republics, in a context of various national schools, having come back home, have added shades to local colour. In preceding досоветский the period artists got education in art academies in Иаси and Bucharest (Romania). Last generation was trained at local Art institute, and also in the various cultural centres of Romania. In Russia the few studied only.
There was no indifferent an art environment and to historical/social cataclysms of last decade (war to Dnestr region, national and political antagonism etc.). Pessimism became the mood which has captured the most various segments of a society. As a result many steels to leave on the "the historical native land" or to immigrate on new "the earths promised". For this time we, in essence, have lost the whole generation of artists, especially what were born in 60. As a result in a chain of formation of our art process the whole link has dropped out. Rupture between generations 40, 50 and 70 and the artists belonging to it to "the lost generation", has defined much in actual Moldavian art.
At official level art is represented nowadays by the artists who were an art semi-official organ of an epoch of socialism. All of them enter in inescapable СХМ (the Union of artists of Moldova) and the section of a drawing, a sculpture, painting share on section by a principle of means of production, for example. This division of artists by a principle of their accessory to various craft categories gives out still the extremely archaic type of thinking and essentially slows down modernisation of ours (and not only Moldavian) art culture.
Choice of new generation.
Objectivity for the sake of should recognise, that in our century vanguard methods and tendencies had no possibility strongly to take roots in cultural tradition of Moldova. And today, owing to the conservatism inherited still from the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, the art community extremely with watchfulness concerns the environment of actual art generated in last decade. Formation of this environment goes back to splash in creative activity 1987 - 1989 when on an art scene of Kishinev has declared itself new generation: Mark Verlan ("Мариока - the son of the Rain"), Виолета Забулика, group "Phantom". Since 1992 the whole series of the art events which have testified has taken place, that the new generation has acquired and develops postmodernist installations. It is a question of "the Exhibition of illusions" Mark Verlana, about exhibitions and group "Phantom" actions, about a number of pedagogical experiments of teachers of the State art institute in 1995 and the performance which has taken place the same year "Barbie's Funeral".
Democratisation of an art life has received development in establishment of new democratic institutions, especially the Center of the modern art of Soros in 1996. In the summer of 1996 ЦСИС has organised experimental art camp "КарбонАРТ-96", and then local and international projects - "Pune Ochiul", "КарбонАРТ-97", "Multiple Home","Message Тцара","Reflectii in" RE "," Tzara Rerum Novara Video Marathon "etc. have followed some. As a result absolutely new forms - видеоарт, video installation etc. became the fact of art practice., earlier in Moldova practically unknown.
The list of leading figures of actual art of Moldova opens most picturesque of them - Mark Verlanom ("Мариока - the son of the Rain"), but will be in it as well Василь Рату, Стефан Русу, Igor ShCherbina, Юри Чеботаре, to Alexander Shkiopu, Alexander Tinei, Paul Braila, family Сандлон, Драгнева and Макари and many other things. I was to be believed, that these artists will bring the important contribution to formation of that nowadays still it is represented to us a riddle - in formation art or even to national Moldavian identity.
Octavian Esanu, Has ended branch of design of the State art institute in Kishinev. The critic and the curator. The director of the Center of the modern art of Soros in Moldova. Lives in Kishinev.
Magazine Moscow Art Magazine - July, 1998, K.Bohorova's translation from English.

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