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Monastery Chuflia, monastery of Sacred Great martyr Feodora Tirona - a capital monastery. This monastery very much differs from the colleagues. It the youngest in Moldova, unique in territory of Kishinev. Speech, of course, goes about the Chuflinsky monas

Monastery Chuflia, monastery of Sacred Great martyr Feodora Tirona - a capital monastery. This monastery very much differs from the colleagues. It the youngest in Moldova, unique in territory of Kishinev. Speech, of course, goes about the Chuflinsky monastery as it name in the people. The monastery of Sacred Great martyr Feodora Tirona is opened rather recently - only in 2002. In comparison with other monasteries of Moldova, age even not children's - infantile. However, it does not stir to sisters - their days are full of efforts and prays, after all the world is still imperfect, the help and protection before Supreme is necessary to much. Сестричество here small, - the space nevertheless is limited. All the days long sisters are painted on minutes, since 6 mornings when new day begins reading of church rules and finishing twilight, an evening pray.

Nuns live is closed, separately, but are ready to help all who to them to address - be it council, a kind word or a pray.

The main relic of a monastery is the slice of hallows of the Saint Great martyr Feodora Tirona, arrived to Moldova from Serbian monastery Хопово.

History Феодора Тирона, as well as many first Christians is rather sad. He lived in the beginning of 300th years of our era, in the city of Alasii of Pontijsky area, was the brave soldier. But its heads, suspecting about its beliefs, have decided to force Феодора to make a sacrifice to idols. Феодор has refused, has been flung in prison and soon sentenced to burning. Supported by belief, it without fear has ascended to a fire, not having betrayed the belief. Fire could not damage its body, and soon it have transported in the next city, and later to Tsargrad. But not only to it has caused a stir Феодор Тирон. About a legend, in half a century after its death, Roman emperor Julian the Turncoat has solved in that that began to profane the Great Post. On his order all meal sold in the markets, should be perfused blood. Феодор Тирон was night in a dream to the Constantinople archbishop and has ordered to all Christians to refuse next day purchases, and to eat only boiled wheat with honey. So all also have arrived, the profaned food nobody bought. And wheat with honey at Christians it is known till now - коливо, кутья. It is considered, that hallows sacred possess wonder-working force. Come and bow to them any can believing in the main church of a monastery.

By the way, if the monastery also is young, about its main church of the such will not tell, it concerns a galaxy of ancient Kishinev temples which not too has much remained in our capital.

The Chuflinsky church has been constructed in 1858 Анастасом Чуфли in memory of the brother in honour of patron Feodor Chufli - Sacred Great martyr Feodora Tirona. In all territory of a monastery there is no more beautiful, graceful structure. Executed in the Russian-Byzantian style, in the form of the Greek cross, it attracts all eyes till now passing by townspeople. In XIX century this church became the presents rescue for neighbouring inhabitants. If now it almost city centre, still a century ago the beginning of prospectus Штефан of foreheads Маре (then - streets Moscow, after Aleksandrovsky) had a reputation for deaf suburb where poorest of townspeople huddled in the pity hovels. Poverty, remoteness from temples badly influenced moral shape, the suburb was famous as very restless place. With church building all has gradually changed to the best.

The area on which there was a church, named Chuflinsky, townspeople seldom mention till now the official name. It is said that the person is live until memory of him has died. Well, the dream of brothers Чуфли has come true. Having passed a way from poverty to riches, but, thus, remained the decent people which honesty was well-known in a city, they have left to Kishinev invaluable gift and a city till now is grateful to them for it.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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