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Kind people of Moldova have started to unite, that joint efforts to help poor and helpless citizens of our country. Newspaper edition has joined them the Moscow member of the Komsomol in Moldova, presented to pupils of a grammar school-boarding school f
Kind people of Moldova have started to unite, that joint efforts to help poor and helpless citizens of our country. Newspaper edition has joined them the Moscow member of the Komsomol in Moldova, presented to pupils of a grammar school-boarding school from village Kerpinen of Hyncheshtsky area the TV also
I do not know, what sensations arise at other people, but each my noble act, merciful business bring to me weight of positive emotions, do spiritually more richly also move on new charitable actions. Comprehension of that you have helped requiring, have stretched it in time a help hand, have shown care and have paid attention, have given a part of, inspires and does not allow to hide under an indifference and callousness armour. The real high, it is assured, many the same as also I, receive from the happy person of the presented person.


Hardly I am more two months ago have learnt, that in a social network . there is a group Kind Moldova which kind citizens from all our country not enter simply to chat on different themes and that to bear good to people, to help requiring, to improve the native land by every possible actions, gathering and the summits and finally to organise powerful movement for increase of a standard of living of the poorest and not protected citizens of the country! The motto of group of a steel of a word: we Create good, we do Moldova better!

The invitation in group to me was sent by manager Stas Stravets who as it was found out later, and was the ideological inspirer and the engine of this noble movement.

Having wandered on a group forum Kind Moldova. The good academy, has been pleasantly amazed by that participants of this association basically are representatives of young generation whom has hardly passed for 20. Correctly brought up modern young men and girls whom the destiny of our Native land is not indifferent, have followed to help children and old men and to do their life though a little better, to fill with its sense. How the teachers tried, whatever conditions were created in the children's homes, any such establishment never can replace to children of parents. Children so do not have not enough parental love and care. Many older persons which on an old age of years remained the lonely or simply forgotten relatives require support and attention also. Therefore each charitable action for poor and the deprived is absorbed by them as a moisture in a sponge, and they are opened for similar actions.

So I with the mixed feelings - pride, pleasure, excitement and trembling-read about noble affairs of participants of group Kind Moldova, organised and spent during its existence.

By the moment of my occurrence in group under the aegis of manager Stasa and Sergey's moderators and Artem it has been spent already six charitable actions. There were kind people who have made even a site to this gaining in strength charitable movement.


Group Kind Moldova. The academy was kind is created on December, 17th, 2008. For a year of existence in a social network of Schoolmates in group has entered almost 10 thousand persons.

In fact-finding article on a site group Stas Stravets founder has written, that when he has decided to create the group, planned to make its unusual, but about thoughts did not arise. However some time later, one of participants of group has suggested the adherents to meet, collect money and to buy something from a foodstuff for pupils of one of capital children's homes. The idea very much was pleasant to children, and thus, the first action - the help to orphans of children's home of sector has been planned. In this charitable action has taken part only 25 persons, but even the collected means have sufficed on buying a foodstuff and the various necessary household goods.

The gone right first action of mercy has inspired and has inspired participants of group. They have agreed to create similar kind affairs at least time in two months, and active work has begun. In the second action already participated more well-wishers on which means gifts for children from the house of the baby of microdistrict Botany have been bought.

The third action of kind people has been dated for Day of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Young virtues have congratulated 45 veterans of the Second World War, have presented it grocery packages, and the most requiring - home appliances subjects, an invalid armchair. Besides it, participants of group visited lonely and helpless veterans, bought it a foodstuff, cleaned in apartments and simply communicated.

Following three actions have been spent for pupils of children's home of sector : in June listeners of Academy of good have brought to kiddies of a thing and sweet, in September have collected money and have bought 10 beds, and in October have taken out on performance to theatre "" and have organised excursion on a microdistrict Bujukany tree nursery.


In 2009 the New Year's fairy tale Kind Moldova has started to prepare for seventh, last action in November what it has been declared at a forum of a site of Schoolmates. To everyone wishing to participate in this Prenew Year's campaign of good it was offered to leave record in specially open theme.

Group moderators, having learnt about grammar school-boarding school existence in village Kerpinen of Hyncheshtsky area, have gone on a meeting with the director of this educational institution Grigory Penutse to find out, what pupils require, and to agree about the organisation of a New Year's holiday for children. It was found out, that now in this children's home 144 children from different settlements of Moldova, but most of all from Hyncheshtsky area are brought up. Pupils of a grammar school-boarding school are the orphans, thrown children and children from unsuccessful and needy families.

The call who has been stopped to help all interested persons than can. On December, 13th participants of the action have gathered in an agreed place to bring money, clothes, footwear, toys, books and to discuss various organizational questions. Action carrying out has been appointed to December, 20th, but snow drifts and strong frosts have removed the charitable action for one week more close by New Year's holidays.

During action preparation the New Year's fairy tale organizers it has been collected about 10 thousand . To an appeal of "Kind Moldova has responded about fifty well-wishers. On the collected money to pupils of children's home have ordered actors, have bought pies, cakes, sweet water and various gifts.

And here, on December, 27th, the escort from eleven cars has left Kishinev in a direction to to a grammar school-boarding school. It was connected to a New Year's fairy tale and newspaper edition the Moscow member of the Komsomol in Moldova which has decided to present to boys and the little girls who are brought up in this state educational institution, the big TV.

Cars of participants of Academy of good have been loaded by gifts and sweets for . Despite whims of weather and complexity in road, the good caravan though and with delay, but has arrived to destination. Kiddies were all in impatience. Some, still from apart having seen coming nearer escort, have rushed to assembly hall to take places in the forefront. A part of pupils were caused to help organizers of the charitable action to bring gifts and entertainments. In an assembly hall preparation for a holiday has begun: participants of the action inflated and hanged out spheres, clowns prepared for theatrical representation, photographers embodied an event.

When preparations have ended, all visual places in a hall have been occupied by boys, little girls and tutors. Children's eyes have been directed on a scene where behind a screen professional actors - clowns and the Grandfather the Frost with the Snow Maiden waited for the exit.

And here representation has begun. At first children clowns amused, tricks and which jokes forced many to laugh loudly, keeping for stomachs. And if first children hesitated, gradually began to get used to visitors and fantastic characters who continually invited them to take part in fun.

Clowns then have reincarnated in the actors skilfully coping with burning torches, laying and standing on beaten glasses and different entertainment different entertainment and dangerous tricks. This part of the New Year's program children took a broad view with the opened eyes and having concealed breath, so it has impressed them.

On change to fakirs and yogas have come the Grandfather the Frost and the Snow Maiden who has forced children to forget about the initial constraint. Command competitions, ridiculous competitions and gifts for participation have stirred pupils of children's home who, having rejected shyness, danced together with organizers of this charitable action. Gifts have got to all children. Their persons were shone with happiness. And that can be more pleasant for kind people, than than happy smiles of boys and little girls. The pleasure and delight of children and teachers of a grammar school-boarding school have been caused also by the message of the Grandfather of the Frost that visitors have brought it to a gift and the huge TV which will transfer them henceforth to various parts of the world and will allow to learn more about events occurring in the world.

After end of the New Year's program children have gone for a dinner, and kind people, having taken advantage of a break, have gone to one of classes to familiarise with an exhibition of works from a tree, made . The Word of honour, you wonder, what national are collected in this educational institution. Hands of these teenagers of 10-15 years make various caskets, frameworks for photos, vases, shelves, , toy armchairs, boards for products and so on.

When pupils of children's home have returned after a dinner, for them the sweet table has been covered. To their happiness this day there were no borders. Participants of the action personally had possibility to be convinced, that the New Year's fairy tale has taken place, and children will recollect it still for a long time.

Lyubov Chegarovsky

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

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