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In Central committee PKRM there has passed a meeting of the leader Vladimir Voronina's communists with ambassadors of the European Union, Russia, the USA and Ukraine. The chairman of party of communists has addressed to ambassadors with speech (
In Central committee PKRM there has passed a meeting of the leader Vladimir Voronina's communists with ambassadors of the European Union, Russia, the USA and Ukraine. The chairman of party of communists has addressed to ambassadors with speech (See more low) and has answered their questions. Vladimir Voronina's speech: Dear ladies and gentlemen, I thank you that you have responded to this invitation. In Moldova political crisis proceeds and in this uneasy situation for our party really it is very important, that our position was widely known and was estimated without distortions and gamble.

I would like to lift three questions within the limits of this briefing. A question on 78 article of the Constitution, change in the Selective Code, and also questions of observance by the present power of democratic standards.

Question the first. Let's recollect all chronology of events of last months. At first there was an Alliance initiative about the new Constitution, then the Alliance makes an inquiry to the Venetian commission, then - on March, 9th - the Alliance refuses recommendations of the Venetian commission and, actually, follows the road power usurpation, cancelling early election. Then all of us see free treatment the Alliance and personally recommendations of the Venetian commission. And yesterday leader Dempartii has afforded the personal comment on behalf of the Venetian commission which essence is reduced to that the Council of Europe recommends to Moldova to hold a referendum under 78 article of the Constitution.

All it occurred against full ignoring of any constructive initiatives . publicly invited the Alliance to dialogue, initiated even the original PACT about crisis overcoming. All these initiatives have not been taken at all into consideration. As a result of unsuccessful attempts to begin dialogue with power PKRM puts forward own bill of change of 78 articles which completely corresponds both to spirit, and the letter of recommendations of the Venetian commission.

Thus I wish to notice, that decision in general to consider a question on Constitution change is the huge compromise as we do not consider present crisis constitutional. We consider this crisis political. And you know, that this project has met with approval of the Constitutional Court. Besides, the project represents the easiest and optimum way of the decision of crisis as does not demand change of other articles of the Constitution on which the general compromise also would be required. Moreover, the project keeps entirely spirit of parliamentary democracy and parliamentary republic.

At the same time the Alliance project causes set of questions. Weakening powers of the president, thus suggesting to choose it it is national, the Alliance actually destroys appeal of the given post. In this situation we understand, that all actions of the Alliance are directed not on the real decision of a question, and is simple on time tightening, on search of the bases for Parliament, for a delay of inevitable elections. Nobody doubts that if would offer direct presidential elections - the Alliance, most likely, would offer other variant if only to disagree with , if only to tighten time.

It is possible to talk about what new compromises in similar conditions? was that force which went on compromises. But name at least one example of compromises of the Alliance. Nevertheless, it is ready to joint search of an exit from crisis. But I responsibly declare to all of you, that time for the compromise comes to the end on June, 16th and all attempts will leave for this term to be considered by our party as usurpation by a government Alliance.

The second. Concerning the changes brought by the Alliance, in the Code about elections. Character of all these changes most eloquently show that fact, that the Alliance is not going to go on any compromises and, moreover, will not go on them. Such changes are made to articles about referendum carrying out according to which the decision can be accepted less, than 25 % of voters. Monstrous changes are made to a voting procedure abroad which become the tool of open falsification of national will. An example: voting can proceed abroad two days, the persons who were not consisting even not on the consular account in embassies of Moldova can participate in it and apparently on time. On points we have already transferred all these remarks to representatives of the Venetian commission. Now they will be transferred all present.

considers the given changes, first of all on referendum and voting procedure abroad, as the form of direct threat of functioning of the Moldavian democracy. We demand the objective and weighed estimation so unprecedented on the character of measures of pressure upon democratic institutes of Moldova. The cynicism, similar, leaves for all reasonable limits. The alliance demands not only a referendum, but also changes under itself the law on a referendum. This farce should be stopped those tools of the influence, which else our European partners can use.

The third. Throughout a theme. About democratic standards.

This Alliance names itself Proeuropean. And we know, that it causes liking of some present on this briefing. And these liking basically are reduced to that the Alliance this not so much Proeuropean, how many the anticommunistic. And consequently supposedly it is possible to close on many things of an eye.

That the Alliance for eurointegration for nine months has not accepted any law in the field of harmonisation of the Moldavian legislation with European it is valid a trifle. Not to us it to judge. But that inconsiderate violation of democratic standards is not noticed is already in itself becomes a symptom.

Are not noticed inquisition which prepares actually interdiction . Monstrous infringements of regulations of Parliament, restriction of access of representatives in the Parliament building are not noticed. Police pressure upon the press is not noticed. We are grateful, that, at last, the Supreme commissioner of EU on expansion, mister Fjule has paid attention to cases with broadcasting company NIT and the Silver rain. At the same time there is no open and public reaction concerning the newspaper "Rush hour", attacks on journalists , nationalisation of "Independent Moldova and Moldova Suverana, illegal blocking in cable networks. The cage exposed on May, 1st against demonstrators on the area is not noticed. I will notice, that the similar construction never appeared before and did not arise then, for example, in day of Europe.

Mass cleanings on political grounds are not noticed. Only this week was more than 150 cases of dismissals from all structures of public management. In total on our data the quantity of the local from structures local and central power, and also the state enterprises totals thousand persons. Politicisation of authorities of the central and local levels is not noticed. All appointed or renominated to posts are obliged to write declarations of accession to that or other party of the Alliance. Thus I will notice, that with 2001 for 2009 in the government was only two members and we never afforded so rough blackmail and pressure.

Removal from a post of the Chairman of the Higher appellate court of Moldova, mister Murujanu is not noticed and was not made comments in any way. And besides it not a question in this or that person. It is a principle question. But from the European community the Moldavian society has not seen any adherence to principles in this history.

Are not noticed unprecedented pressure upon economic agents. The public statement of the Director of the Center on struggle against corruption that it is ready to give on a muzzle to all and all appealed a shock in the Moldavian society, but has not caused any reaction in our European partners. Perhaps, someone has an opinion, what it and is the European style? Or, maybe, someone believes, what for Moldova will fit also such manners?

It is not noticed, that the Moldavian police conducts mass interrogations of juvenile children - members the pioneer organisation, threatens their parents. It that - too the European standards? Whether it seems to you, what the Alliance has crossed for a long time not only European, but also universal norms?

Today the Alliance has thought up one more on the preservation at the power. Next time amendments to procedure of election of the President which allows not to dismiss, ostensibly, Parliament are approved on June, 16th.

Summing up told, I wish to tell the following:

always was and remains it is ready to dialogue. it is ready to search and find constructive decisions for an exit from political crisis. First of all on the basis of the European standards. But the party representing half of voters of Moldova, will not allow anybody to humiliate the Moldavian society, to deprive of its freedom in choosing and to transform the Moldavian legislation and the Constitution into object focuses. If the Alliance also confuses further the European policy to game in a casino if it does not find in itself(himself) courage either to make a compromise, or to dismiss on June, 16th Parliament this power goes on huge risk. As you know, there is an uncountable quantity of democratic ways to stop usurpers of the government.

And the last. will very soon achieve the power parliamentary by and, certainly, will continue the present policy of the European integration. We call all partners of our country, all sincere supporters of our European choice to influence on a present mode. It is important to stop its Antieuropean practice and not to create superfluous problems for the country and the people.

I thank for attention.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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