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Synagogue of Glaziers, Kishinev Chisinau. At each city is smothering imperceptible something, that hides in the undercover court yard reliably protected by greens from immodest sights, in old, hardly to the lop-sided laying of buildings, in curve cobble-s
Synagogue of Glaziers, Kishinev Chisinau. At each city is smothering imperceptible something, that hides in the undercover court yard reliably protected by greens from immodest sights, in old, hardly to the lop-sided laying of buildings, in curve cobble-stones here and there the remained roadways. Walk on old small streets, be discharged of vanity, and you necessarily will feel without what the city would turn to a usual assemblage of structures.
There is such small street in Kishinev - Хабад Любавич on which I especially like to happen. Like the centre, like - it is close. But simultaneously with it is immensely far from realities of the favourite XXI-st century. Here the building which only by miracle has lived up to now is located. It is a city synagogue, long time were a unique synagogue of Kishinev. To understand, that it means, it is necessary to return to history a little.
Jews in Kishinev live for a long time, the first written mention on time concerns the beginning of XVIII century. Different there were times, but approximately from the middle of XIX century number of the Jewish population has started to increase quickly. In Kishinev there passed line of settled way of life, and the city quickly developed, the industry and trade grew. It was possible to earn for a life though, contrary to a popular belief, the most part of the Kishinev Jews did not luxuriate at all.
The same years in Russian empire a number of reforms which should promote industry growth has been entered. Have concerned an innovation and Kishinev - on those times, enough to the remote province. As a result of all factors the quantity of shops, factories and small factories has increased, a part from which belonged both to Jews. Trade unions - the guilds were formed also, one of which was the guild of Glaziers. The created trade union has decided to provide in due course the members with a synagogue and a bakery. The place has been chosen quite recovered, below the modern central market.
Have started to collect means for building. The project of the future synagogue has been ordered to architect T.Gingeru. There was it in the early nineties of the nineteenth century. Building proceeded two years, and 1898 in a synagogue of Glaziers there has passed the first service.
It is impossible to tell, that there have come cloudless times: pogrom 1903, power change in 1918г with deprivation of all Jews of the civil rights, the beginning of the Second World. The synagogue building has aloud enough suffered from bombardments, however, as well as other city. But it restored, have put in order, and services proceeded. For that moment, it there was a unique synagogue which has continued the existence - the others have been closed, and buildings are converted under other needs. This, unique, have kept as the proof of loyalty of the authorities to a constitutional law on a freedom of worship.
One more rather intense moment the synagogue has gone through after earthquake of 1977. Having taken advantage of the big damages of a building, the authorities wished to cover it under the pretext of building new. But, strangely enough, the city architect who has not signed papers on a pulling down has interfered. A building have repaired, services have proceeded.
Already more than centuries in this building along the street Хабад Любавич come believing Jews. The bakery where it was possible to get мацу has disappeared, the bench шохета, providing ritual slaughter of a bird was gone from a small street. There was only a synagogue - now not Glaziers, no. Simply city synagogue, a part of the Kishinev history, continuing to live in the present.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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