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The Press club organised by the Independent centre of journalism, met the party leader of communists of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronina. I will tell at once - so long Vladimir Nikolaevich did not communicate with journalists yet. 3 hours are much, a
The Press club organised by the Independent centre of journalism, met the party leader of communists of Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronina. I will tell at once - so long Vladimir Nikolaevich did not communicate with journalists yet. 3 hours are much, agree. But the main output - on all questions has answered, has told all that wanted. Before answering questions of journalists Voronin has addressed to them with theses.
I am grateful to you for this invitation. Me have already acquainted with dialogue rules in your press club. And, in conformity with them, I will dare to act with some introductory theses and I will answer your questions.
That I would like to tell today first of all in this circle - a circle of people not only reflecting, but also forming the agenda for modern Moldova? Probably, first of all it is necessary to talk about the agenda. In what it consists? Of what consists? What does not suit us - opposition - in basic elements of this agenda? And what should be, in our opinion, other, alternative logic of the statement of problems of modernisation of Republic Moldova?

The first. We see a paradoxical picture. Controllability the country decreases day by day. The power throws up from itself only scandal behind scandal, not offering a society of any positive project, any optimistic news. Economic degradation, a rise in prices, severe social reprisals - all it is already represented not as a certain time condition, and as respectable model of development which has come almost forever. Nobody argues on how to lower tariffs, how to expand a zone for investments, how to come to the aid of the people suffering the present disaster. Anybody even especially does not aspire to overcome existing political crisis. To overcome its noble political methods. Without shifts and шулерских focuses. Similar, such anarchy was necessary to taste of the present power. Where there is Moldova? Whether are designated for it though any purposes of development? Not slogans, and the development purposes? The purposes which are clear and explainable for simple citizens of the country? It is not present. But all mass-media are jam-packed by retelling of intrigues in a ruling Alliance. The theme of that is in every possible way sucked round as well as how again to bypass the legislation for election of the president. Conflicts between Демпартией and liberally-democratic party, the Magnifier and Филатом are discussed. From a circle of discussions impudent ideas and projects have disappeared, it on change discussion of statements of separate political characters, the description of their ambitions, but not their ideas has come. In other words, the real, severe agenda of a survival of the Moldavian society objectively-facing to the country and the Moldavian state is changed by vulgar and primitive scandalousness. And to us try to explain, that supposedly all it and is the present policy. Moreover, that it is the successful policy.

The second. We see, that the majority of so-called system decisions which are generated by the power as a matter of fact form conditions of disintegration of the country. Last agreement on gas and section of a gas debt is провоцирование disintegration of Moldova and a recognition of Dnestr region. Blows on law-enforcement system is провоцирование disintegration. The new strategy of national safety constructed on principles of confrontation with Dnestr region is also провоцирование disintegration. Executive power discredit by daily internal squabbles and primitive conflicts is, by the way, power discredit in general and also провоцирование disorder of Moldova. For two years we did not see any decision which would stimulate formation of any platform for national integration, unification, общесоциальной prospect. On the contrary - атомизация societies, its branch from the power, apathy formation to own statehood and democratic system. Even the idea of the European integration has appeared the hostage of the similar approach. And compliments which sound to the present power concerning successes in the European integration, it is compliments in other occasion and for other successes. First of all for political loyalty, the Antirussian policy and provincial mediocrity.

The third. I estimate present position as explosive. To people all become worse, and the power all shouts about victories more loudly. Objective problems - an external debt, workplaces, quality of a life, public health services level - become more and more unsoluble, and the power is keen on property repartition. We have come to situation when not simply it is impossible more, and extremely dangerously to hide developed state of affairs. It, by the way, a signal to you - to journalists! Otherwise the scale of social explosion will be such, that it will be not not kept even by opposition party of communists. You know, that we have a clear program of modernisation of Moldova. It to all of you well-known on our pre-election campaign. The urgency of introduction of this program grows with each hour, and it безальтернативность and, simultaneously, feasibility becomes abundantly clear. Moreover, our program possesses the highest level of public and political legitimacy. It was supported by rural and regional descents of citizens. It to you, misters, not support of three clerks from Bruxelles. Differently, the present power in all it многоголовых displays should to recognise, as soon as possible, the administrative, ideological and organizational defeat and modestly to leave in opposition, having given possibility to our command again to restore Moldova after two-year-old рейдерской attacks to its statehood and economy.

Anyhow, but this scenario is a basis of the real agenda facing to the country. Therefore the present power does not need to misinform itself streams of information noise, околополитического гламура and compliments from the outside. It is better to look to the truth in eyes and to draw corresponding conclusions. As soon as possible!

I thank for attention.

On March, 25th 2011

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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