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Performance of the President of the Republic Moldova, devoted to the 20 anniversary of independence of Republic Moldova. Expensive fellow citizens! Dear ladies and gentlemen! Anniversaries always come in time. Solemn dates - the best occasion to stop an

Performance of the President of the Republic Moldova, devoted to the 20 anniversary of independence of Republic Moldova.

Expensive fellow citizens! Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Anniversaries always come in time. Solemn dates - the best occasion to stop and look back in the past, to estimate and comprehend gone through, and, certainly, to try to glance for future horizon. For many of us the 20 anniversary of the Moldavian independence is an occasion without vanity is short to present such picture.

History of last two decades of our country - the same subject of disputes and irreconcilable discussions, as well as day present. For one declaration of independence from the USSR was important. For others is was related to ruthless and severe ship-wreck. It is interesting to Someone героизировать the Dnestr conflict. For someone it is the most gloomy page in the state biography. One are proud of rough rates of privatisation, others grieve over the lost economic potential. One with pride or with bitterness say, that they are Moldavians, others see in it only primitive tribute to the Soviet provincialism, including themselves Romanians. For me as for the third president of Republic Moldova, is a subject of personal pride, that for eight years of our management of the country to us managed to reach political stability, to lift economic potential on 63 %, to increase the country budget five times, the size of pension seven times, the average salary in economy in eight times, to lower an external debt of the country from 83 % to 14 %. We practically completely installed gas in the country, have constructed port on Danube, and still in addition have spent total modernisation of the legislation under the European standards. But for others is time of stagnation, communistic totalitarianism which should is obligatory to be replaced by all that we see last two years.

I could continue these comparisons. Though followed to a descent to recognise, that anything terrible in this conflict of outlooks as though is not present. After all such polarity of estimations and judgements - absolute norm for a democratic society. But the feeling and reason prompt, that in our case all is much more difficult. Our radical split in a society is too unlike democratic idyll. Moreover, this split is a source of the most important threat which we see and we perceive - threats of loss of independence, loss of statehood, disintegration of the most Moldavian society. And peace-making appeals to the world - to business, alas, you will not help. Forcing of the conflict and attempt from someone's party to gain this or that definitive victory - also absurd strategy. What to do? How to be?

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Our statehood and chain chronic and, apparently, unsoluble problems which we have inherited our historical genetics, demand from us - politicians - to take courage and, at last, to start to think and operate in other categories. It is necessary to recognise to itself, that unprecedented complexity of our problems demands from us not copying of those or other samples of the past, not imitation and not submission to someone's desires, and offers deep unique on the plan and intellectual capacity of the national project. Such project in which all our disputes and conflicts become disputes on the future, on development of Moldova, instead of перебиранием dirty linen and выискиванием skeletons of this or that antiquity in cases of our political parties. Such project in which we will manage to grow over by itself, as a society, as the state, as persons. The project which will infect and will unite enthusiasm of creation of all active and initiative citizens, as though they themselves did not name - Moldavians or Romanians, communists or liberals; the project which will be capable to bear visible social, cultural, economic fruits to overwhelming majority of our society.

All today's crises, all political indistinctness worried by our democracy and the turmoil, accruing apathy and indifference of our compatriots - a consequence of that at us are not present such project. We already have completely settled effectiveness of the most popular magic spells of last decades copied at advanced neighbours or почерпнутых from semidecayed historical treatises. Also comes time of the responsible improvisations, the exciting moment which was tested in the history by all people and the countries without an exception is time creativity. Has come to prove our turn, that we are able to overtake time and to show to the world the own person - not sad and doomed, and inspired and optimistical. And in this project there should not be neither the authorities, nor an opposition, and there will be only an overall aim, the uniform people and kind spirit of constructive competitiveness.

Whether it is possible to develop economy so that not to save on schools and hospitals, and, on the contrary, to invest in public health services and formation? It is possible to unite the country so that in Tiraspol, Комрате and Kishinev, Beltsy, Кагуле and Унгенах all have felt themselves more strongly and more richly? It is possible to modernise Moldova on the European curves so that not to postpone it from Moscow, Kiev and Astana? Whether it is possible to build under the uniform general plan for development on ruins of our regional centres new modern cities?

I ask, do not hurry up to give the negative answer. To us is on what to lean in so impudent statement of the purposes and problems. There were times and is worse, when it seemed, that the sun will not ascend any more never over picturesque valleys and the fertile Moldavian earth. But, as is known, the Moldavian people found decisions, decisions which not only forever glorified heroic names of our ancestors, but have informed and have saved a name of our country in ruthless millstones of history. I am convinced, that only so we can and should meet next decade developments of our country. And only then our citizens, saying a word Moldova, will feel not only nostalgic smack of last epoch, but clearly to feel present breath, a romantic and pensive rhythm of future time.

I congratulate all of you, expensive fellow citizens, on the twentieth anniversary of independence of Republic Moldova. I trust in our general ability to overcome a trouble and to become successful! I trust in the future of sovereign, independent and complete Moldova!

I thank for attention.

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