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Both for fun, and seriously … Pregnancy and motherhood - process natural, not demanding special intervention. Certainly, provided that all goes well. So I but before was registered in a local polyclinic thought also. The reason - unexpected pregnancy on w
Both for fun, and seriously … Pregnancy and motherhood - process natural, not demanding special intervention. Certainly, provided that all goes well. So I but before was registered in a local polyclinic thought also. The reason - unexpected pregnancy on what me also have congratulated. Together with congratulations I have had an opportunity set of times to answer a question, how many to me of years and whether I am afraid of complications. The large quantity of directions became an additional bonus. To visit all ordered doctors and to hand over all analyses to me simply there will be no health! - so I have solved, and have for the first time reflected on how it is hard to be the pregnant woman. However, all has appeared where easier - blood and other has sufficed, and surveys of doctors passed under quite comprehensible scheme: « Hello, I on survey on pregnancy, was not present complaints, write, that it is healthy ». One doctor did not have a desire to check up the diagnosis made by me, therefore all visits have passed marvellously quickly. The only thing that depressed - necessity to be found in infinite turns with really sick people, that for pregnant women as it seems to me, not so correctly. Or I am mistaken?

By the way, about turns. Standing idle in them, I have understood, is how much unhealthy to have the raised feeling of responsibility. The doctor has told: « It is necessary to come », means it is necessary to come. And here to whom it is necessary is a question on which I have received the answer only by the end of the ninth month. For the inquiry: the pregnant woman, under condition of normal course of process, it is necessary to visit the doctor on the average six times. Simply for the control and delivery of the next analyses. For the doctor of a polyclinic it is necessary, that visits were as it is possible is more often - business in a payment, bonus, bonuses etc. for each patient who has registered in reception. As a result to the doctor all the same, that to you it is impossible to be ill with a flu, to catch a cold, go on ice to a frost or on плавящемуся to asphalt in a July scorching heat. The main thing - to provide attendance, that in my case passed with invariable success. However, the attendance question solves everyone for itself. The only thing that it would be desirable to advise to all future mummies - read summaries to the medicines registered to you. To me, for example, have managed to register the tablets forbidden to the use during pregnancy. Correctly someone has told: You bear for the pregnancy responsibility only. The main thing to understand it as soon as possible and to operate suitably. For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice, that nine months of pregnancy have presented to me not only surprise concerning our system of public health services, but also a meeting with surprising people. They are some doctors and nurses who at the sight of a huge stomach caused in an office out of turn, and the grandmothers who are giving way in transport, and the heads sincerely caring about we wash health. Eventually, me and to give birth has had the luck at the present professional, the doctor from the big letter, but about it hardly later.

It seems, it is time!

Sensations of expectation of sorts, perhaps, the most interesting. Not by hearsay knowing about morbidity of fights, in the pregnancy beginning you console yourself in thought, that before it is still far. The more close date of sorts, the visit certain panic moods which because of a heat are replaced by one desire «well when at last is more often!». However, and this condition passes. When you know, that the responsible moment will come through pair hours, it would be desirable to tell: «Stop, children, I do not play further». Mind, of course, you understand, that for life to pregnant women still nobody remained, but to heart will not order, and the desire to come off a train to the stop announcement begins insuperable. Here here professionalism of the doctor delivering - obstetrics of Oleg Potachevskogo managing branch and a brigade working with it also has helped. Have helped not only their skills, knowledge and experience, but also invincible humour, and very human relation.

Process of sorts I will not describe, I will tell only, that conditions of a maternity hall have pleasantly surprised. Accurately repaired premise supplied with the conditioner, various adaptations for convenience of the giving birth woman (to me it was not useful but while was able, has tried all with curiosity), the new equipment. Into some confusion has entered the big oil-cloth apron which has been put on by the midwife during the most responsible moment - something like that workers of meat departments of the Soviet epicures carried. Mind I understand, that such apron urged to save up only a faultless whiteness of medical dressing gowns but then heart has missed a bit. However, soon was any more before experiences - the daughter has obviously let know, that is ready to acquaintance and in fifteen minutes has informed on itself loud shout.

The maternity home an institution useful, but, is a lot of having admired the newborn daughter and having restored forces, I have felt easy маяту. Under blow my doctor - Oleg Dmitrievich Potachevsky has again got - journalistic curiosity has forced to try in a day after successful sorts its patience some question.

- Oleg Dmitrievich, what for you the most important concerning the parties the doctor-patient?

- The main thing, is high degree of trust from the patient and ability of the doctor to come into psychological contact. Without it to work extremely difficultly. And, understand, in what a hitch? When the woman consists on the account in a polyclinic on a residence, she for 9 months gets used both to doctors, and to conditions. But during the most responsible moment it gets to absolutely unfamiliar hospital, to unfamiliar doctors and midwifes. Naturally, she tests stress though should be on the contrary, it should concentrate completely on forthcoming sorts.

- What it is possible to change?

- First, would advise to all women to give birth whenever possible together with husbands. Presence of the loved one very much helps to feel more confident, I think, you were convinced of it on own experience.

Secondly, acquaintance to doctors and hospital before sorts perfectly would help. For example, in our hospital open doors when each interested person can come, familiarise with conditions are regularly spent, understand, how the hospital, what here doctors operates. Unfortunately, though we also ask polyclinics to notify pregnant women about these days, the information to destination does not reach.

Besides, there is one more nuance. If earlier doctors of female consultations were on duty in delivery rooms and delivered, now this practice is lost. It turns out as though two states, torn off from each other though actually dense cooperation would be more effective. Isolation of doctors of polyclinics from practice of acceptance of sorts frequently conducts and to decrease in feeling of responsibility, and to loss of a part of qualification. Often it turns out, that care of the case record, pieces of paper, instead of about the person more. Sometimes in addition, under stories of pregnant women, the impression is made, that in polyclinics them really treat. A question - from what? Pregnancy, as is known, passes by itself. On the statistican, 80 % беременностей require simply competent supervision. And only the remained 20 % pass with the pathologies of various severity level really requiring treatment.

- You consider what qualities of character as the most important for yourselves?

- At us as sappers, do not have right to an error. So the main thing, is attentiveness, patience and skills. Attentiveness helps not only to come into contact to the patient, but also to avoid errors; the patience - without it very few people from doctors can manage, after all each woman behaves during sorts differently, it is necessary to direct patiently it so that all process has passed normally. Skills very much help with extreme situations when the important decisions are necessary for accepting for few seconds. Certainly, nobody excludes both excellent knowledge and experience - without them here there is nothing.

- Yesterday I saw you in branch late at night, today - again late at night … you sometime at home happen?

- I happen, certainly. Simply watches on hospital, watches in санавиации, duties managing branch and simply doctor - all it leaves not enough free time.

- And how the family concerns, does not protest?

- I am grateful that my family concerns my congestion with understanding. It is very valuable, after all each person requires support of relatives. As in our trade there is a sad statistics - many families break up. Someone does not maintain constant congestion of the spouse, at someone other reasons.

- Whether the truth say, what doctors of your speciality receive a considerable quantity of positive power because of what are ill less, and a youth keep longer?

We receive much, yes but only after as much we give. In the course of sorts you give all the best completely, but also the award - smiles, pleasure tears, children's shout - follows immediately.

If to speak about the system of obstetric aid to me has dropped out to work in the biggest in Europe maternity hospital. At us, in 1st city hospital, thousand children annually are born. So, in 2010г. 8330 sorts have been registered is from 40 thousand the sorts which have occurred in Moldova for last year. When our hospital only was under construction, passion to a gigantomania, probably, has moved all other arguments. But to operate such giant, effectively to regulate its work very difficultly. However, as you see, the collective not bad consults. It would be desirable to notice, that in something at us quite European approach, but in something has remained and казенность maternity homes of the Soviet epoch, with its interdictions and prejudices. The last prevents to feel comfortable to lying-in women, women simply patiently wait for an extract home.

- And at last, what you would wish our women?

- Certainly, easy sorts and healthy children!

Nadejda Degtiareva, photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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