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ILTC - Moves apart world borders. What is 17 years for the person? These are years of a youth, formation, optimism. And, though for International Language Training Center the same years - age quite mature, it does not stir to dynamical development of the
ILTC - Moves apart world borders. What is 17 years for the person? These are years of a youth, formation, optimism. And, though for International Language Training Center the same years - age quite mature, it does not stir to dynamical development of the Center according to more and more high requirements. Every academic year thousand students have an opportunity to plunge into the new world of easy dialogue and new knowledge. The world, allowing to understand culture of other people through studying of their languages.

International Language Training Center, for the first time opened doors before students in far 1994, now by right is proud of a leading position in an education sphere and studying of foreign languages. For this time here it was trained more than 40 thousand students - children, teenagers and their parents. Set of the largest companies of Moldova were or till now are corporate clients of language school. Here are glad to everything, and all because sincerely consider: the knowledge of foreign languages is capable to move apart borders of the world of each of us.

We unlock doors

To know it is a lot of languages - means, to have many keys from one lock - Voltaire has told. The statement, actual in XVIII century, reflects also the today's validity. Any successful businessman, the doctor, the financier does not think of the activity without access to the information. And each usual person, without dependence from a floor and style of a life, has own interests and hobbies. It is possible to do career, to take a great interest in music, computers, the business, a healthy way of life. In the modern world such means as the Internet, TV and the press give practically boundless possibilities for noegenesis and dialogue in the chosen sphere. But the most part of information streams - on foreign languages. And possession of English, German, French and other languages these streams to themselves in the blessing give the chance to use.

English language is created for business, German for war, Italian for art, French for love - this aphorism is known for all. And the truth, each language possesses the specificity, everyone reflects outlook of the carriers. The Italian susceptibility or the French charm, English politeness or a German pedantry - in language structure that type of thinking which is peculiar to these or those people is put already in pawn. Having mastered language, you plunge into the world of its carriers, can really understand them, plunge into their reality, look at the validity from their point of view.

If to mention exclusively practical side of a question, the knowledge of a foreign language is a true way to career tops, it is possibility with comfort to travel and get friends in the most different countries.

ILTC: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Smiles, the congratulations, happy persons - without it in birthday not to manage. But the school is school, therefore in honour of a holiday among teenage groups competitions have been held and quizes - it is natural, on the best knowledge of language. Selection round has helped to choose the strongest students in each group which were a part subsequently of competing commands in the ending. A theme - knowledge of the interesting facts from history ILTC.

Interest was caused also by an exhibition of congratulatory cards and the posters made students of the centre: at once it is visible, that the people creative and carried away study here.

Desired prizes for winners - tickets in a cinema and invitation in bowling-club - are played, but what holiday without sweets? Certainly, was both a pie - big and beautiful, such, that to all visitors has sufficed with interest. However, the main thing, nevertheless is goodwill and kindliness atmosphere, and, believe, it reigns not only during a holiday.

From the very first days of work ILTC the principle of live dialogue is put in pawn. Here not to find a formalism and indifference. Each teacher sincerely aspires to transfer the knowledge, the sensation of language. And this sincerity is so infectious, what even those students who initially doubted the abilities, already through some employment start to speak in studied language. However, at language school a communicative method - one of teaching major principles. Full immersing in the language environment yields the most effective results so the native language behind a school threshold for a while forget all: both teachers, and students. The chosen format - not a craze, and carefully developed technique corresponding to the advanced European standards. By the way, teaching in International Language Training Center is conducted according to All-European possession of a foreign language and uniform system Common European Framework of Reference. Thus, students receive a guarantee of that at an employment in the foreign company or at receipt in foreign university, their training in ILTC will be officially considered.

Making use of considerable experience, innovative techniques and modern multimedia means, teachers of language school break developed stereotype of difficulty of studying of a foreign language.

Why in ILTC?

English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, Romanian and Russian - seven languages and set of possibilities cardinally to change the life. But the question remains: why in ILTC?

Pleasure: at language school informal, democratic atmosphere of constructive live dialogue reigns. There is no conservatism and banality, creativity is welcomed.

Depending on age of pupils the technique varies also. So, if in children's groups game forms of training in a category of 12-15 years interests of teenagers are considered prevail. Though here again games - not a rarity, after all for a long time it is proved, that such process of training is most effective. Employment pass in such easy atmosphere, what even those children who have initially come to school only at parental desire, soon already with impatience wait for a following lesson.

Professionalism: at language school the majority of teachers with international qualifications CELTA, International House Certificate and SiT TESO, confirming high qualification of teachers and granting the teaching right in any European country. Teachers ILTC constantly care of improvement of professional skill. Attraction to process of training of native speakers allows to students additional possibilities to study an exclusive pronunciation, habits, traditions and values of those people.

Practicality: the subjects of employment are chosen so that to capture all household concepts close to any person and a situation. As a result, dialogue on foreign travel subsequently will come easily to students ILTC. And reception of foreign visitors ceases to be a problem.

Convenience: the flexible lesson schedule considers interests of all categories of students, beginning from schoolboys of younger age and finishing working adults. Differs flexibility and payment system, encouragements for constant clients of the Center are provided.

Choice: depending on requirements of the student, the Center offers various programs of training. Group and individual employment, the general and specialised courses, programs of intensive training and preparation for delivery of the international examinations. In ILTC operate colloquial and professional courses, clubs of English and American films, courses of improvement of qualification for teachers of foreign languages.

Comfort: employment are spent in convenient offices, each of which is issued in style of one of world capitals. Presence of the multimedia equipment allows to use the advanced techniques of training to foreign languages.

Testing: free testing helps to establish true level of knowledge of each student and to pick up the corresponding program of training.

In representation of the majority of people studying of foreign languages - long, difficult and boring process. ILTC breaks stereotypes as, thanks to application of the newest world techniques, training becomes not only as much as possible effective, but also more interesting. ILTC does a life more brightly, expands a circle of contacts and moves apart world borders. For 2010-2011 of it it was convinced more than 6 thousand persons. Today there is such possibility and at you! Our phones: 29 29 88, 079 88 29 88.

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