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About swindle schemes it is told much. Here one more, which I (and not only) have noticed. Moldova-Gaz delivers gas of different quality. The one who heats apartment gas can lift old accounts and be convinced, that in cubic metre we consumed gas on heatin
About swindle schemes it is told much. Here one more, which I (and not only) have noticed. Moldova-Gaz delivers gas of different quality. The one who heats apartment gas can lift old accounts and be convinced, that in cubic metre we consumed gas on heating less though cold this winter you will not name earlier. And here recently on eyes article while not enough the known teacher of physics Dmitry Vasilkova about this "phenomenon" has got. Also has understood, that not only I about it think. I will result article completely to whom it is interesting - esteems. Can be even Chisinau-Gaz something will tell in this occasion.

In Europe gas measure in calories, in the old manner - in cubic metre More recently inhabitants of Moldova have learnt from us about disclosing of the roguish scheme under the payment of invoices for gas at enterprise Chisinau-Gaz. The caused damage, by estimation, makes more than 20 million . And here the engineer, the former teacher of physics and chemistry of CORNFLOWERS asserts Dmitry, that has found out more scale on the scope a deceit of the population from suppliers of natural gas. According to its calculations consumers have overpaid and continue to overpay to gas-men billions . The weight matters All business in pressure and weight of gas which is received by household consumers. Both that, and another more low STATE THAT (high pressure gas) in tens times. This fact categorically do not recognise neither in "Kishineu-gas", nor in the National centre of metrology and standardization, in court.
More truly, that pressure of gas in apartment houses low, confirm, but refuse flatly to weigh this gas of low pressure. And after all in Moldova still nobody cancelled "gas" laws. According to these laws the weight of one cubic metre of the natural gas which is in a gas-transport highway under a high pressure (in 101,3 ), - hardly is more than 700 grammes. And the same cube of gas which are burning down at work of our gas cooker, has weight only 20,8 grammes! Notice, it is a question of the same cubic metre of gas behind an exception of "a small kickshaw which nobody considers it necessary to mention: pressure of gas in a household network - on norm only 300 mm of a water column, or 3 ! And happens also that less - both 230, and 125, and even 22 mm of a water column. Such pressure fixed Cornflowers by means of a self-made manometre at itself in apartment and on a summer residence. And the more low pressure, the less weight of gas and that it gives smaller warmth. But our hero has gone further - has weighed gas at Institute of chemistry and physics by means of exact . In 2008 (to specify???) . There is the certificate signed by experts-physicists. In it it is in black and white written: pressure and weight of one cubic metre of gas - 230 mm . are measured supposedly. And 16,64 accordingly. Such weight gives only 220 kcal of energy. Whereas at combustion of one cube of gas of a high pressure (on STATE THAT) 7600 kcal are allocated already. However, this certificate of weighing and is not recognised by the official document, and in the metrology and standardization Center (having the right to do it officially) to weigh gas of low pressure refuse, referring to absence of the equipment. But it is ridiculous, - our interlocutor confirms. - in any mean school laboratory is - the device, allowing to weigh gas. I, of course, tried to appeal to logic and reason and a premiere, and the speaker (then still ), but is ineffectual. Neither from one, nor from another so the answer also has not come. But Mr. Parlikov, director has surprised. He has agreed to send the representative on procedure of weighing of "household" gas. But besides all rests against ostensibly absence of the equipment Or in unwillingness of that the public all the same has learnt the truth. For example, will cost how many 1 cube of gas pressure of 300 mm if 1000 its cubic metre at pressure of 101332 mm stand 300 dollars?
It is a simple school problem on"gas"laws. And here its answer: 15 . Do not trust? Count. But why this problem cannot (or do not want?) To solve the Lord the mighty of this world? After all to buy-sell gas in cubic metre as it is original, as sausage in metres. Warmth of combustion of cubic metre of natural gas depends on pressure, weight, temperature and a percentage. The supplier has accustomed us to thought, that Moldova buys gas in faceless cubic metre. Simply cubic metre, and all words about quality of a product, about at what pressure and what temperature this gas to us arrives. Interestingly, as though we have concerned to what the milk diluted in 34 times, to us would sell at the price of milk integral? And after all gas and to dilute it is necessary with nothing. He extends, occupying the given volume. Has reduced pressure of sold gas at a constant price, means, has saved. Or simply, has stolen. Absence of the control over the consumed weight of gas (weight, instead of volume) - the best way to be enriched to suppliers and distributors of the power blessings. Imperceptible pressure All counter, explains Cornflowers, in craftiness of our laws. For example, in the law on gas of concept of gas pipelines and gas of high, average and low pressure exist since 1998, and in methodology of calculation of the tariffs, made , a word-combination gas of low pressure has appeared only in November, 2009. Only for some reason the tariff for such gas at all does not please. I have written the next statement in and have asked to decipher the formula of calculation of the tariff, to show figures with which they replace those or other indicators that all was , - the engineer tells. - in have declared, that it is unessential. Strange they any: and how consider - whether from a ceiling that the price take? I will not lag behind from"Kishineu-gas", - the brave teacher continues. - they do not answer my statement, and I the third time have brought an action. I will go again on a circle - to . The previous decisions of courts do not recognise necessity of weighing of gas. The pier, always was measured only its volume. And a point. But I am not ashamed of that lost all courts. Same it is clear - what judge will want to expose this grandiose deceit. But after all from Russia Moldova receives gas too in metres-cubes, thus our gas-men weigh its each time, conduct a card file. And of us make a fool, that we did not know anything. Moreover also nod on the typical contract of delivery of gas to the consumer - you have signed it . In it it is specified, that we receive gas according to STATE THAT, that is high pressure gas. But same not so. Where an exit? How it is possible to consider the gas expense various consumers: in household , a city boiler-house etc.?
 And all is very simple. It is necessary to pay not for volume of the consumed gas, and for its weight. Well and for quality it is quite good. Not for abstract cubes of natural gas, and for concrete kgs of concrete methane! As in all civilised Europe. There for a long time gas metres consider gas, its weight and pressure. Only for whom it is necessary in Moldova? Can be that who "sits" on a gas pipe, or that who "echoes" them?
Photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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