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Reprinting article from the newspaper "Panorama" I hope, that it is actual. It is much told about health of people in Moldova, about management influence in public health services, about the ways applied by the government for a genocide over own people, b
Reprinting article from the newspaper "Panorama" I hope, that it is actual. It is much told about health of people in Moldova, about management influence in public health services, about the ways applied by the government for a genocide over own people, but it is not visible anywhere so obviously as in social sphere. People die, and at first pay, and then die. Probably it is wrong.
Since January, 1st of the power promote occurrence of serious collisions of interests between workers and employers with the classical purpose for the given situations when two argue, and the third wins. A private life and justice in business very real, material, and it it is possible to estimate the Prize in some honeycombs millions in a year. It is one of the purposes or, at least, effects of new legislative regulations according to which the worker should pay from the pocket for the first day of a finding on the sick-list, and the employer - for the next three days. Probably, there are both others declared and not declared, including political, purposes and interests. Already many years on Ministry of Health submit that it does not observe the right of citizens to a private life to national bodies of justice and interferes with their private affairs. So the citizens presented in judicial instance by the non-governmental organisation under the name Institute under human rights () consider, diagnosis presence in the sick-list of the patient given out by the doctor. considers, that, according to the Law on the rights and responsibility of the patient, the diagnosis cannot be informed someone without the consent of the patient. By means of the sick-list where the diagnosis of the patient registers, it is possible to data of the owner, accounts department and a staff department, what illness at the worker. Thereby the human rights on inviolability of a private life as sometimes there are cases of very delicate illnesses are broken, - the organisation specialising on human rights considers. Ministry of Health recognises infringement of noted rights and even has taken certain measures for the decision of the given question, and it is a guarantee of that voluntary or under the pressure of the European court under human rights Ministry of Health will exclude from the present sample of the sick-list record about the diagnosis or will replace the sick-list with other mechanism of the account in corresponding area in which the given information will not exist more. At the same time the present authorities of Republic Moldova have forced employers (owners who have no right to know the diagnosis to break the rights of the worker to a private life and to interfere with their private affairs) to pay for three days of the sick-list with which at them the general is not present anything. The doctors who are writing out sick-lists, do not submit to employers from other branches, the competence of employers and their sphere of activity does not include check of correctness and legality of delivery of sick-lists for the employees. But employers oblige legislative by to be responsible for all consequences of delivery of sick-lists even if they and do not know, for what pay. Besides the authorities have broken a justice principle in realisation of economic policies by that discrimination conditions have shown to private business in comparison with state which will pay to workers of budgetary sector the same budgetary money under sick-lists. Without fault workers whom sick-lists stand out will be punished also.
Can happen, that at employers will not be during corresponding time or at all there will be no necessary means for payment of the given grants. Such state of affairs is especially probable in conditions when economic agents of Republic Moldova have appeared in 2012 under even big pressure of crisis, taxes, duties and penalties, than earlier. It is not excluded, that on this background there can be friction between two social categories of which it will be a question more low. The authorities have invented, however, for workers real punishment as money paid by employers under sick-lists will be taxed in addition as an income source. And it means, that in the end of a year the worker should pay to the state the additional sum of money in the form of surtax whereas earlier paid money under sick-lists was not taxed. If to speak schematically, the state of affairs looks as follows: the Moldavian state has refused to pay to the citizens of the temporary disablement allowance even if they honesty pay 6 % from all incomes on wages in a type of tax in the budget of the state social insurance () of which the state disposes. Hence, the state is at the first stage of a prize - from workers. At the second stage of a prize the state obliges employers to pay instead of itself under sick-lists, and it in conditions, when the employer and so pays in these purposes of 23 % from an enterprise wage fund. At the third stage the prize of the state structures is moral and political as in case of non-payment or a delay of payments the discontent of workers will be directed against employers, instead of against the authorities. It seemed to Someone, that to pressure existing nowadays in Republic Moldova there were no some drops of kerosene in fire At a following stage the state again is in a financial prize from surtax, from the income to which it in general has not put a hand. Probably, here the list of stages on which the state wishes to be the winner from this opposition of interests of workers and employers yet will not come to the end. Our writer-classic of Ion had one character in it Memoirs of the childhood, reminding the stated scheme - priest Oshlobanu, which read on three liturgies in day to tear off still something at parishioners and which tore off a skin both with live, and with dead. bankruptcies of the Power have entered for economic agents of Republic Moldova a surtax (the truth, they it did not name thus) in the form of payment of the temporary disablement allowance of workers, having obliged them to bear the large expenses which do not have anything general with production. It has occurred in a deep national and world economic crisis when the authorities have charged economic agents with one more additional tax press in the form of tax restoration on profit and have increased penalties for any infringements of fiscal and social character. It can lead to bankruptcy or decrease in solvency of many companies and, accordingly, to reduction of quantity of workplaces, a delay of payments of grants under sick-lists, and also wages, that, eventually, can restrain and large categories of workers. Employers will tend to dismissal of workers or reduction of the workplaces occupied with ill workers, let alone possibilities of employment of persons with physical defects, elderly people and other categories of citizens. It is not excluded, that the part of workers will try to achieve observance of the rights through justice and-or carrying out of individual, collective and mass protest actions. Who doubts what between workers and employers will strongly suffer from this relation? Who does not understand, what will suffer and so hard restrained social harmony? If all understands it, what pursued aims? Additional payments of economic agents will raise production cost price. What occurs, when, for example, the rise in prices for mineral oil, on electro-and leads to cost price increase? Correctly - manufacturers lift consumer prices to survive. Precisely so will occur and in our case - as on chain reaction, consumer prices will increase basically in national economy spheres where the greatest quantity of a labour is concentrated, workers who can be ill. As now these spheres are trade, services and agriculture, it is necessary to expect, that increase of consumer prices will affect all population, including, once again, on workers and employers whom grants under sick-lists instead of the state are compelled to pay. It is possible to expect also, that the enterprises of small and average business which, on the one hand, total the greatest quantity of workers in national economy will be restrained in the big degree, and with another - are in very difficult situation in comparison with the large, exclusive and state enterprises. Other scenario, but same sad, pushes many economic agents to shadow economy that contradicts interests of the ordinary citizen, the country and the taken obligations to partners in development. Including because will decrease and so very fragile base for the taxation, gathering in the consolidated budget in conditions, when corresponding gathering and so have reached the lowest level last years will be reduced. Let alone that at even , than before, quantities of people possibility to use sick-lists will disappear, accordingly, possibility to take care about health: the, children, parents. Popular wisdom speaks about a similar state of affairs throughout centuries: The road to a hell is paved by kind intentions . Bribes without Reason health on which the authorities have obliged employers to spend means in the purposes alien to production, are not justified in any way. By estimations of the Ministry of Labour, social protection and a family, these amendments will promote increase of responsibility of employers for improvement of working conditions of workers and decrease in expenses on payment of corresponding grants . For example, the employer of News agency Info-Prim Neo with the legal status of a society with limited liability has no in the study of an additional, expensive electroheater on a case of cold weather and short shipments of heat from party Thermoclod , and in a working premise of employees of Agency the employer has established a heater which is a private property of the employer, instead of the enterprises. For (some kind of not authorised) use in these purposes of the electric power the employer pays real money. Each worker uses appropriate amount the equipped workplace. Other working conditions having certain communication with a state of health of workers, they are given by the state in the state premise for which the enterprises pay to the state for rent. Why the state should oblige workers and the employer to pay once again grants under sick-lists if the taxes paid by them regularly arrive in the state pocket? If to speak about "fatherly" care of working conditions of workers the state would arrive not bad if has incurred responsibility for functioning of real structures which has, called to supervise observance of working conditions at level of each economic agent, in an individual order, instead of in general. The budgetary money occurring from taxes paid once is spent for the maintenance of the given structures, including mostly by employers. How many time, according to the Moldavian state, it would be good to pay for the same thing? It would be logical and natural, that the state has gone on the same way of acceptance on itself of responsibility and in that, as to the mentioned economy of the means used for payment of sick-lists. Under the certificate of the same Ministry of Labour, social protection and a family, payment of temporary disablement allowances from the budget of the state social insurance have increased from 231 million in 2006 to 598 million in 2010, and predicted economy of expenses for 2012 as the result of these amendments, will make about 72 million .
On the one hand, can happen, that economy in the budget of the state social insurance can be much more, than declared. Admittedly, duration given out sick-lists makes more often, as a rule, no more than week. Hence, after the worker and the employer will pay for first four days of week, the state will need to pay for one day of week which two days off follow. On the other hand, the authorities did not recognise as clear text, but have let know, that there can be large unjustified expenses because of existence of a considerable quantity of illegal sick-lists. In such conditions can occur so, that the state will achieve certain economy arrived already in means, however it is necessary to expect still growth of volume of the means spent in these purposes by employers. And it because the most real result which the power as a result of the amendments brought in the legislation will achieve, becomes the further development of bribery and corruption in the field of public health services. Being under guardianship or out of the state control, some doctors will be interested in opening even more illegal sick-lists as supervising bodies check only use of public money for payment of sick-lists, but not an expenditure of means private economic agents on these purposes. The authorities could logic and naturally solve a question on economy of means , having established the real control over procedure of an extract of sick-lists. However the political will and professional efforts from corresponding structures for this purpose is required 
, the newspaper "Panorama".

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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