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The party leader of communists of Moldova has held press conference. Before the answer to questions Vladimir Voronin has addressed to mass media:
The party leader of communists of Moldova has held press conference. Before the answer to questions Vladimir Voronin has addressed to mass media:
Dear representatives of mass media. The last weeks have appeared strained enough and simultaneously tragic in history of our democracy. The alliance has finished power usurpation. The republic Moldova has broken in a political precipice. The miracle any more will not rescue our country. Our country will rescue only wide consolidation of all forces of our society - political parties, the associations, the separate persons strongly standing on principles of democracy, a civil freedom and leadership of the right. In other words, without dependence from colour of banners and political predilections all present patriots and original democrats should rise on Constitution and freedom protection. Should unite and return to Republic Moldova the status of the democratic country. On overcoming of the developed state of affairs Plenum of the Central Committee of our party which has just ended has been devoted the analysis of these events and development of measures. And this my press conference - in a sense the report on Plenum results. What occurs in our country? You remember, that on the first Civil congress the original ultimatum to present board has been formulated. Its essence: new elections are a trouble. There is other exit - in power reformatting, in resignation of the Alliance and election of the nonparty President. We are participants of this Congress - then have given to the Alliance term for execution of this decision about New year. As a result we even have stepped over a chronological boundary, believing, that negotiations with separate parliamentary parties are capable to deduce us on the required decision. Seeing, that the alliance де факто has broken up, that at it is not present neither the consolidated position, nor the uniform candidate, ПКРМ has offered in many respects the sign person on a post of the president. Such person to be the spokesman of the widest spectrum of civil moods, Leonid Talmach could be capable. It, undoubtedly, would be a sincere and active conductor of that new policy, that new course in which the country is so sharply interested. In fear before this nominee, before the possibility of election of the head of the state, before chance to overcome political and not only political crisis the Alliance has rallied again, has roughly crushed under itself the Constitutional court by means of which has cancelled presidential elections. The legal estimation of this decision is obvious to all society. It is the hardest malfeasance - power usurpation. After some days the Alliance has passed one more decision - about carrying out in April of a referendum on Constitution change. Actually it is one more crime directed on concealment of traces of the previous crime. First, I would like to remind, that on the same question referenda are spent only on the expiration of two-year-old term. In April, 2012 at all does not expire this two-year-old legal quarantine. Already here the Alliance from the very beginning roughly breaks the law. Secondly, the constitution cannot be changed by a referendum. The constitution can be changed only in Parliament. The referendum in this case can play only consulting role. Thirdly, what such referenda the Alliance dreams? Present Parliament formally already out of the law. It is possible to argue on dates from which it is reckoned нелегитимности Parliament of this convocation - since September, 28th, since November, 28th, 2011, or since January, 12th, 2012. But more than any terms - are reasonable or mad - prolongations of the powers at this parliament cannot be. That is why there can be no referenda, especially in April, especially with the next presidential elections in September. Differently, in Republic Moldova there was a mode with which not in a condition to provide democratic board, to guarantee free will. Let alone that this mode has plundered the people to a thread, has destroyed all preconditions for economic revival. Such parties and such governors have no neither moral, nor the legal right is at the power. In this situation, strictly following that decision which has been announced on the Social march on December, 10th, the Party of communists begins termless protests before full resignation of the Alliance, dissolution of Parliament and the announcement of date of new parliamentary elections. Our protests will be concentrated to three directions. The first - Parliament. We will not vote and participate in discussion of that agenda which invents the Alliance. Our problem - constantly and methodically to disclose from a parliamentary tribune of the requirement about resignation of the CEC, the Constitutional court fulfilling duties of the President, the Government and all Alliance. The second. The party of communists begins disobedience actions on all country. We will organise "descents", meetings and meetings with the unique agenda: disobedience to the authorities, Alliance resignation, immediate dissolution of Parliament, and also creation of conditions for the organisation of fair democratic elections. The third. We are ready to support at a solving stage protests of all parties and the organisations in the Kishinev, supported the Constitution. It also is function of the Civil congress - to unite a society, to formulate the national purposes - whether it be strategy of the future development or resistance of the injust power. We will find mutual understanding with all politicians ready to resistance, not breaking their ideological sovereignty and political identity. We are ready to coordination of actions with Committee on democracy and Constitution protection. Unique with whom we do not see sense in any cooperation so it with those parties which representatives on elections showed on December, 16th the bulletins which have humiliated the Constitution and discredited the status of the deputy of the independent country. And still we address today and to them with the offer to leave these политформирования, to give up in trust to the leaders, followed a way of mutiny against the people. Today I address to all inhabitants of Republic Moldova - to unite all our forces and to send an operating mode in resignation. I address to representatives of power structures and civil servants with a wish - to be these days with the people, instead of with a clique which is very fast with a shame will be turned out from power offices. Refuse to submit to them. Remember that you swore not Гимпу, Филату and the Magnifier, and to the people, the country Constitution. I am convinced, that only thus we will lead the country to the present democratic elections, and together with them we will return to a society advantage and well-being.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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