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Meeting of chairman PCRM, Vladimir Voronina with the special representative of the Secretary general of the Council of Europe in Republic Moldova, Mr. Ulvi Ahundlu. During a meeting Vladimir Voronin has informed the interlocutor on a position of Party of
Meeting of chairman PCRM, Vladimir Voronina with the special representative of the Secretary general of the Council of Europe in Republic Moldova, Mr. Ulvi Ahundlu. During a meeting Vladimir Voronin has informed the interlocutor on a position of Party of communists concerning the situation which have developed in Moldova after usurpation of the government from parties of the Alliance and about the subsequent actions of Party of communists on return of the country in the constitutional field. Vladimir Voronin has transferred to the representative of the Council of Europe the post card to the Chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Mr. Mevljuta Chavushoglu, devoted to a current political situation in our country.
To the chairman of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe,
To Mr. Mevljutu Chavushoglu
Dear sir the Chairman,
As the ex-president of Republic Moldova and Chairman ПКРМ, I sincerely would like to address to your Excellency in the beginning of year with the message full of optimism and confidence of the progress reached by Moldova lately in performance of obligations in relation to the Council of Europe. Nevertheless, as a result of variety irresponsible and illegal decisions of the present power, I am compelled to inform you, probably, on most gross infringements democratic, and also the legal and constitutional norms which ever were taking place in my country. Among them there is also a government usurpation by a present management of the Republic Moldova, being one of the most serious crimes, proceeding and to this day.
More than two years, three parliamentary parties which even together taken and half of population hardly probable actually supports, constantly change the current legislation to please only momentary and узкопартийным to interests, openly throwing down to a challenge not only to the European and international practice, but also common sense. Despite political balancing act and legal nihilism in which the ruling alliance all this period practised, it and did not manage to select independently the head of the state, on a root sweeping aside all constructive offers of parliamentary opposition directed on разблокирование to a situation. For last two years our party has acted with a number of initiatives on overcoming of existing political crisis, including simplification of procedure of election of the president by modification of the Constitution of parliament, election of the president in conditions реконфигурации the government, election of a neutral and authoritative nominee out of parliament and others. But we have faced the uttermost ignorance, unwillingness to carry on dialogue, a deliberate tightening of all procedures, initiatives, and with anticonstitutional actions that has led still большему to a situation aggravation.
Last year has expired term when, according to the country Constitution, activity and powers of present parliament were considered as the legitimate. And then, when all possible legal and reasonable terms have expired, during that moment when the parliamentary opposition has proposed the candidate on a post of the president, the authorities, operating through politically engaged Constitutional court, cancelled elections. For last two months, all Moldavian society and the international community there was the witness of a humiliating performance, a nasty taste show, with participation of members of a ruling alliance, on the one hand, and judges of the Constitutional court, with another. The first have deliberately prevented presidential elections, publicly showing the bulletins filled with them for voting, and the last cancelled elections on request of the same Alliance.
In these conditions the present authorities have acted with the new illegal and unconstitutional offer: to organise a new referendum on Constitution change. I would like to underline, that the referendum on the same question has already been spent in September, 2010, and according to the current legislation, the new referendum on the same question can be spent only once in two years. Moreover, the Constitution of Republic Moldova does not provide modification and additions in the Supreme Law by a referendum, and only the parliament has on this right. On the given question the Venetian commission of the Council of Europe and OBSE/BDIPCH, after corresponding inquiry from the Constitutional court has very accurately and clearly expressed in 2010.
In this context it is necessary to notice, that, despite conclusions and recommendations of the Venetian Commission, the power all the same have held a referendum on Constitution change. Unfortunately, these recommendations of the Venetian Commission also have been ignored also by the Secretary general of the Council of Europe, Mr. Turbernom Jaglandom who within the limits of joint press conference with leaders of the Alliance, taken place during its visit to Kishinev, has made a number of political statements and, bypassing opinion of the Venetian Commission, welcomed carrying out of an unconstitutional referendum. The authority and impartial character of institute of the Council of Europe have been as a result discredited, and the referendum has failed, as it boycotted more than 70 % of citizens of the country. Today, when the ruling Alliance declared the intention to hold a new unconstitutional referendum, intervention of the Secretary general of the Council of Europe, which decision concerning a referendum 2010г. Has led still большему to a political crisis aggravation, it is absolutely inappropriate. The Moldavian society does not require intermediary between citizens who protect democracy and leadership of the law, and those who now is at a wheel, and usurped the government. The Moldavian society requires, first of all, observance of the Constitution, political stability, creation of conditions for carrying out of free and fair elections.
Dear sir the Chairman,
I also would like to note a role of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe last years in the course of Republic Moldova modernisation, in the course of introduction and application in our country of the European norms and standards. In this context, the mechanism of monitoring of Republic Moldova the Council of Europe was and remains the important and necessary element. Though the situation in which there was our country now where the Constitution and a principle division of the authorities, power usurpation, serious lacks of functioning of democratic institutes is ignored - all it demands much bigger, than participations Мониторингового of committee the PASS and содокладчиков across Moldova. Last events demands большего attention and more detailed analysis of a situation, including urgent consideration of a question on functioning of democratic institutes in Moldova at following plenary session the PASS.
Taking an opportunity, I would like to thank you for your contribution and the consecutive support rendered to Republic Moldova in the course of harmonisation and application by our country of norms and standards of the Council of Europe personally.
With deep respect,
Vladimir ВОРОНИН
Chairman ПКРМ

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