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Passers-by consider this building thrown. The driven in windows, the semibrought down balconies, in eye-sockets of the darkened plaster a scattered stone laying All signs of ruin and desolation. However the building operates. In it the Fourth city hospi
Passers-by consider this building thrown. The driven in windows, the semibrought down balconies, in eye-sockets of the darkened plaster a scattered stone laying All signs of ruin and desolation. However the building operates. In it the Fourth city hospital works. One of the oldest in the Moldavian capital. Inside conditions are not better: in offices a mould, doors fall from loops, the equipment asks for a long time for breakage. Nevertheless in hospital doctors still work, and people are treated. say, that in present conditions the clinic cannot function, but also lose workplaces they do not agree. To hospital of more than hundred years, its history was created by remarkable doctors. For many physicians, and - it special.
Major repairs the medical institution subordinated to a city waits for kind twenty years. The mayoralty of money does not allocate. Also there was a situation paradoxical: while on which balance there is a clinic, will not allocate money, the hospital cannot begin repair but if it is not repaired till the end of a year will not receive money for the maintenance and it will close. In the end of the past goda4 th city already tried to "liquidate" - because of bankruptcy. Even have planned redistribution of doctors on other medical institutions. But workers and trade unions have threatened the city authorities with street protests, and municipal management of public health services has begun to search for other exits from a situation. However have not thought up anything the best, than to replace a hospital management. To the new manager have charged to repair a building till the end of this year as the obligatory requirement of department on accreditation of Ministry of Health. And again have declared - differently we will close. The director of city hospital Nina Doni only makes a helpless gesture. Repair of such object - too a major problem, for that short term which is taken away to a new management, with it to consult it is impossible. At previous was much more time, but also at it it has not turned out. History monument? Not, did not hear And after all the hospital-poor fellow was the best in a city. Besides it one of the oldest in republic, and in days of Bessarabia was a unique large medical institution. The Jewish hospital, such is the initial name of clinic, has been constructed in 20th years of 19 centuries by rabbi Haimom Tirerom from on means large the land owner, the hereditary honourable citizen of Kishinev . First the establishment contained on donations. Later, after assignment to it of the official status, has received financing from the authorities of Bessarabsky province. The hospital territory occupies one and a half hectare. Since 1870th years designing of medical cases has begun, and to the beginning of 20th century it already represented a complex from the several freely placed buildings. Everyone is original. Therefore in architecture of a complex the eclecticism and neoclassicism and modernist style elements mixes up. By the end of 19 centuries in hospital already there was an ambulance station, surgical and maternity branches, some laboratories, shelters for older persons, the case for sick of infectious diseases, apartments for doctors and an assembly hall. At that time at hospital there was and a school of scientific nurses and midwives of the second category. On the basis of the Jewish hospital during Soviet time in Kishinev have created Medical institute. Who could think then, that in history of this medical institution there will come black page. When has decided to hang out tablets on buildings which are monuments of history and are protected by the state, the former Jewish hospital has got to the register of monuments of history and architecture of Moldova. But it has not changed anything in its destiny. It is found out, that for the state the register is important the same as for the housewife - the list of purchases last February. Not one such On restoration of the Fourth city hospital it is necessary more than one million euro. Whence this money undertakes and whether undertakes in general, in to tell not undertake. Recently asserted, that money just about will allocate from reserve fund of the National company of medical insurance. One million for major repairs is provided. I think, that before certification all works will be finished , - the expert of management of public health services has informed. However a month later its chief Luminitsa Suvejke has declared, that the question on financing of repair of hospital will be considered at the nearest session of municipal council under the budget statement the next year. However by already developed tradition confirm the budget of capital with the big delay, somewhere in the beginning of spring . Means, the condition about building repair simply cannot be executed. But it already, apparently, interests nobody. Not so long ago Ministry of Health has estimated safety of all Moldavian clinics. By results of inspection, the Jewish hospital has still carried - it is not included into number of clinics with low level of safety. But among the such the Kishinev clinical hospital of traumatology and orthopedy, Republican children's clinical hospital appears of , Republican infectious clinical hospital of Volume , Republican clinical psychiatric hospital and Teleneshtsky regional hospital. Ministry of Health recognises, that buildings of these hospitals do not provide safety of patients and treating personnel and do not guarantee working capacity of establishments during time or after act of nature. The general problems of all hospitals of Moldova, according to Ministry of Health, - cracks in the walls, the worn out electric systems, heating and water supply systems. Thus and notifications about extreme situations are equipped by systems only two hospitals in the country (!) . Inspectors of Ministry of Health , that buildings only 15 hospitals from 66 are safe and are capable to work independently in difficult conditions. In the meantime in the ministry bear plans on building next three years of nine modern regional hospitals. Each 35 million euro will cost. Means are supposed to be received from investors through the private-state partnership. Old regional hospitals will turn to sanatoria where chronic patients will be treated. The formula is simple: the investor builds and equips hospital, and then takes charge of it for 49 years. The state undertakes to get rendered medical services before the investor. After 49 years the hospital passes in state management, - has painted the scheme of the deputy minister of public health services . For now the authorities plan about the future and divide hypothetical millions, one real one million necessary to the Jewish hospital, not only will not be in any way, but, apparently, and is not searched. We do not see improvements. Because of inactivity of a management we can remain without work , - do not get tired to repeat workers of collapsing hospital. In turn, the director of medical institution says, that hospital shake infinite checks. Someone has put an eye on this hospital, - Nina Doni considers. - Who, I do not know. But it is visible, that there, above, there are forces to which this territory is necessary.
From 363 hospitals in republic remains 67. It, probably, not a limit. As the head of a bureau has informed last week at the International conference on financing of system of public health services the CART in Moldova , at us becomes fast even less hospitals. The matter is that, on the conclusion of the western advisers, the Moldavian state does not presume even that quantity of hospitals which is now. But when them becomes even less, functionaries from public health services assure, they "will be better".
Zahar Koretsky, photos by Valery Korchmar (Corcimari)

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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