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I am free, I create! Many our colleagues remember years of work with talented newspaper photographer Sergey Voroninym. Living in Moldova, it always was in the thick of things, literally words risked a life for several photos. And then it has left to Russi

I am free, I create! Many our colleagues remember years of work with talented newspaper photographer Sergey Voroninym. Living in Moldova, it always was in the thick of things, literally words risked a life for several photos. And then it has left to Russia where has risen on new professional level. At the big country high inquiries. Nevertheless, Sergey in Russia repeatedly became the winner and the prize-winner of various national competitions. On September, 20th he will note the 55 anniversary. "At me two five, for the first time became the honours pupil", - it jokes. Though пятерок for good work at it it is a lot of. It always worked and works on excellent".

Особый взгляд

It is impossible to name Sergey Voronina our compatriot in full this concept. He was born the Voronezh area. Together with a family, and father Sergey was the military officer, travelled about on different cities and the countries. The tenth class has ended in Germany, and in 1973 his family has lodged in the green affable city of Kishinev. That year the future newspaper photographer deliberated over a trade choice. In polytechnical institute has not passed on points and with these estimations has arrived in electromechanical technical school. On a third year it have taken away in army. After service has finished study, has received the diploma and has been directed on factory "Виброприбор".

But the most interesting life has begun, when Sergey began to go to campaigns and took with itself fatherly camera "ФЭД-5". In the first campaign has got acquainted with Valery Korchmarem who too became subsequently one of leaders the press photographer of Moldova.

At that time the camera was dream of many guys, all liked to photograph, but is far not at all it it turned out. Sergey did not wish to stop in any household pictures. It would be desirable something большего, and he began to visit a photoclub "Лучафэрул", and with 1979 for 1983 consisted in a photoclub "Contrast" where mastered bases of photographic art. He recollects acquaintance to Michael Poternike which subsequently, on coincidence of circumstances, has opened to it a way to professional photojournalism.

It stores the first sketch published in 1983 in the newspaper "Youth of Moldova" till now. The heroine of the story - the teacher of initial classes. It would be desirable to create not easier portrait, and an image of the fine teacher. At Sergey it has turned out. By the way, he too wrote the text itself. Except "Молодежки", its photos began to publish in "the Soviet Moldova" and other printing editions.

The photo has carried away so, that in 1985 it has left from factory and began to work as the press photographer in the newspaper "Табаковод", was once and such newspaper. It is literally in 10 months became the correspondent of ATEM-TASS. In career it was possible to dream of such jump only. Someone spoke - has carried. But we the business in agency of allied value needed to be earned a place. Sergey Voronin says, that simply "has swum with the current". That is there came times when in an information transfer some liberties were supposed, other, special sight at events was welcomed. And this "a special sight" in it have made out.

Also there was a war.

Up to 1990 Sergey worked in АТЕМЕ. Two times it, practically at own will, went in Карабах when there there were military actions. Not because it likes to remove war that is why, that to it each human destiny is important. On war people "are bared". In the face of potential death they are such what are actually.

There was it and the photohistorian of the Romanian revolution of 1989. That now about this event wrote, that did not speak, Sergey you will not deceive, - it the eyewitness.

And then there was our, Dnestr war: This theme to discuss very difficult, especially the camera was what "weapon". Sergey made comments on the pictures a little. For people it there were simply photofacts. For it - a life part. Now these photos became history.

During storm of Bendery it has thrust in investigation with guardsmen. Knew, that is dangerous, but professionalism was above risk. Here also has run into a bullet - has been wounded in a foot. It is good, that all has passed without special consequences for health. And everyone could be.

Rough there was time. Probably, many remember, how have burnt newspaper edition "Youth of Moldova". To the newspaper many claims from nationalists were shown. One of the main occasions to newspaper defeat were served by picture Воронина where has been represented Мирча Друк with the hand thrown up in a fascist greeting. After the picture publication фронтисты have come to edition and have demanded to give out the photographer who has presented a picture. Sergey then has subscribed a pseudonym, and not specially, not from fear, and somehow instinctively.

During the period when АТЕМ became already "Молдпресом", from Russian-speaking Воронин there was one. Nobody drove it from work, it was necessary. But it was somehow uncomfortable in collective. Especially those years when against the flashed nationalism, nobody knew how to conduct. Therefore in 1990 Sergey has passed to work to "Independent Moldova". All its photos made in parliament, the government, social and other photos went to number how to be spoken, from wheels. In parallel the basic work Sergey sent pictures in agencies "Reiter", "ЭПА", the Russian newspaper "Businessman" and other editions.

Like in the professional plan all was good, but all the same did not see he the future in Moldova neither for itself(himself), nor for growing up daughters. When in 1993 to Sergey have offered work in Moscow, his family, long not deliberating, has dared at moving and has lodged in the city of Podolsk situated near Moscow.

- I адоптировался in Russia, in particular in Moscow, - speak Sergey.

- Eventually, Russia - my native land, my earth. But very much I worry about Moldova, I observe of the events occurring in this country. Till now is ill smothering for Dnestr region. I have lived in Moldova 20 years. Here there have passed the periods of formation and a professional maturity. Such it is not forgotten.

Russian theme

Now Sergey Voronin at own will officially is not employed. However it continues to co-operate with many editions. Him invite there where the professional and still fresh sight at ordinary things is necessary. Personal time is necessary for it to continue to create.

Most of all attention and forces it gives to various projects and exhibitions - them has taken place already more than ten. Now in working out of "100 Madonnas" where the main heroines are simple women, beauty and which feminity we have not time to make out the project in daily vanity. Sergey to us helps to make it. Click of the camera it stops time, and this instant of another's life forces to stop associates. To reflect that in this world there is a lot of a fine. After all, as a matter of fact, it turns out, that we live in a continuous negative. Failures, accidents, murders, inflation, unemployment, a deceit, poverty: such information surrounds people, and, absorbing it, they cannot become better. Sergey, through the works, tries to present to our sight a world positive side.

Sergey's next project is called "Native". He tries to embody leaving traditions and to draw to them attention. During globalisation national colours, and the nation are lost. All become identical. And it is bad.

Talent you will not share

This year Sergey Voronin supervised over change of young newspaper photographers at the annual forum which is passing on Seliger where the youth from Russia and the CIS countries gathers. He waited, that in its group there will be also a representative from Moldova. But, it is visible, yet destiny.

- Talent you will not share, - Sergey Voronin speaks, - but there is any relation to a photo, to a life, to the country, to occurring events. If you the professional, you can show, who actually is the hero. That in our life is the present, and that - false. It is important to understand, as whom to remove and for what it is necessary. Therefore, communicating with children, I speak not about techniques - that'll come, and about creativity. To the following forum I invite in the change of two young, talented photographers thinking of the people from both coast of Dnestr.

Sergey Voronin could find itself in Russia. It is possible to tell again, that to it has carried. After all, as the Sergey has told, many are dissolved in Russia. Far not she meets all tenderly, and the success formula does not exist. People leave Moldova. Someone is arranged well, someone vegetates. But only units come back to apples and wine, heat and juicy greens. He considers what a little to arrive and simply to be arranged on factory, it is necessary to try to create, become something a single whole part.

On September, 25th in Moscow, in an arena, to the 20 anniversary of revival of belief in Russia photo-exhibition opens. In the centre as the highlight of the program, will be exposed Sergey Voronina's triptych. Also it plans to organise the exhibition in Kishinev. We are proud of you, Sergey. Create and be free.

Natalia Ustiugova.

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