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On edition pages enews has appeared Vasily Stati's reference, the Moldavian, the citizen of Republic Moldova - I accuse! In it it is spoken: I accuse of creation and involvement, with 1991., rigid system of mechanisms (curriculums, university courses, th
On edition pages enews has appeared Vasily Stati's reference, the Moldavian, the citizen of Republic Moldova - I accuse! In it it is spoken: I accuse of creation and involvement, with 1991., rigid system of mechanisms (curriculums, university courses, the academic plans, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.) by means of which 21 year the blasting policy on denationalisation of Moldavians is purposefully spent, on Republic Moldova privatisation

Native land treachery, that is, action purposely made by the citizen

Or group of citizens of Republic Moldova to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial inviolability, state security of Republic Moldova by... Rendering assistance to another's state in realisation of hostile activity against Republic Moldova, it is punished...

(Item 337 of the Criminal code of Republic Moldova) see

On March, 2nd 2012. Newspaper Moldova Suveran ă has published the Declaration on creation of Council of the association which composers declare, that rescue of national identity, language and culture can be reached only reunion of Republic Moldova with Romania; declare openly and the recognition of the right the Romanian again demand to live together.

In other words - liquidation of the Moldavian Republic demand.

Initiators and to the Declaration not only assist another's state in its hostile activity against Republic Moldova, but also is absolutely free, as in the ownerless country, make efforts on blasting of the Moldavian statehood. The new declaration, as well as old, the sample 1991., is based on bitter slogans and on lie. We will place events and documents in the places.

Historical, complete Moldova never was in "association" with Walachia (nowadays Romania). Therefore is not present the slightest basis to bungle certain "reunion". Moldova and Walachia did not adjoin in the beginning at all - Romanian N.Jorga learnt.

On August, 28th 1807. Boyars of Moldova asked to attach the country to Russia, reminded N.Jorga (Istoria relaţiilor ruso-române).

The Bucharest Russian-Turkish world (16.05.1812.) has filled with inexpressible pleasure of soul of original and true patriots of Moldova... From the bottom of the heart the Earth Moldavian appeals to heavens to show gratitude to the invincible, glorified, saving armies of Russia... (The Appeal of the Moldavian sofa).

2.12.1917. proclaims the Moldavian Democratic Republic. 26.12.1917. Germans and the Romanian politicians edit in the Bucharest occupied by Germans certificates on occupation of Bessarabia. The fable about (association) will appear later.

In the beginning of January 1918. The Romanian armies attack Russia, the ally of Romania, having grasped Bessarabia.

9.03.1918. The Romanian government is obliged to clear Bessarabia within two months, recognising in such a manner that has made the certificate of aggression against Russia and against the Moldavian Democratic Republic. The fairy tale about (association) will appear later.

On June, 28th 1940., after 22 years of occupation of "Bessarabia", Romania has executed accepted by it 9.03.1918. The obligation: it was cleaned from "Bessarabia" for 4 days! Even to lyceum students it is clear: , within 22 years, four, and then - eight Romanian divisions of the Moldavian Democratic Republic in any way does not pull on (association).

As to ours - the Moldavian identity, language, culture, history all competent people know, that within 700 years and our ancestors, as well as ancestors present , Forty, or , were at war and perished, knowing itself Moldavians in the country (M.Sadovjanu). If local and next Romanian composers of new "declaration", with eternal claims on , have problems with the Romanian identification - that is them, especially Romanian headache. Moldavians already 700 years, thank God!, they as their native language is called know who. Concerning the, Moldavian identity Moldavians never required and do not require someone's hypocritical helps, plaints, lectures. Least from illiterate the Romanian! As have thought suddenly, that they "Romanians", only by end XIX.!

References (in the declaration) on the Declaration on independence more than are ridiculous, because for a long time is proved and it is widely known, that this made by the Romanian agent, literary trash - the false and illiterate certificate (See Moldova Suveran ă, 2.09.2011; Independent Moldova, 26.08.2011.). Moreover. It also the anticonstitutional certificate. Parliament of Republic Moldova neither in 1989., nor in 1994. Not any the Romanian language - state as have lain Romanian "independence" and as lie present "declaration".

On census 2004. In Republic Moldova declared Moldavians 2 579 202 citizens - 76,1 % of all population (without Dnestr region); felt "Romanians" only 70 000 (2 %). If this small group cannot us, Moldavians to suffer, if as frighten us in "declaration", this condition cannot proceed, other people of Moldova can send them on... Light open spaces of their Great and Prospering Romania.

Declarations on Council creation , having got a false idea itself rescuers , it is self-appointed declare, demand , referring on Parliament of Moldova, mourning over "throwings of Moldova. If it so if they are "disturbed" really by destiny of Moldova what relation citizens of another's country have to it, Romanians who do not recognise Republic Moldova?! Self-appointed rescuers - something like 2 % of the population - "worrying" about interests the population of Bessarabia, referring to sacred ideals of the people, try to impose to a society the purposes, the policy - returning of the Romanian historical territories mother-native land of Romania, in Romanian breaking item 2 (2) of the Constitution of Republic Moldova: any part of the people cannot carry out the government.

Considering unprecedented Antimoldavian, antistate actions to which two decades the Republic Moldova from another's state is exposed, indifference of governors of Moldova to these blasting certificates; public, rough infringement of the rights of the Moldavian people on language consciousness and national identity; causing neglect, from the western neighbour, the rights of the Moldavian State on own choice of political, economic, social and cultural system, without intervention of other state as it is provided in the corresponding Declaration of the United Nations,

I, Vasily Stati, the Moldavian, the citizen of Republic Moldova,

I accuse the public authorities of Republic Moldova in:

- Creation and involvement, with 1991., rigid system of mechanisms (curriculums, university courses, the academic plans, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc.) by means of which 21 year the blasting policy on denationalisation of Moldavians is purposefully spent, on Republic Moldova privatisation;

- An assumption of creation and activity of tools of public influence (the organisation, association and even party), which with 1990. Undertake public actions on acceleration of historical process national

Reunions of Romania . That is, on Republic Moldova liquidation.

(Resolutions from 1.07.1990 see.; the Declaration of National Committee of association, December 1991.);

- Creation and an activity assumption in 1991. The general rumynsko-Moldavian body - National Committee of association (33 Romanian and 27 bessarabo-Romanian deputies) with a problem: to undertake public actions on acceleration of national reunion of Romania. That is, on Republic Moldova liquidation;

- Refusal in protection of advantage of citizens of Moldova, in an image of the Moldavian State, indifferently leaving without the proved, basic answer set of humiliating and offensive Antimoldavian statements from the higher institutes and a management of the next state;

- Irresponsible neglect to the numerous scandalous facts of contest of the Moldavian statehood, constitutional order blasting that has led to a management of Moldova strangers who thoughtlessly allow to march to rumynsko-legionary gangs on streets of Kishinev which supervised over revolution attempt on April, 7th 2009.;

- Not consideration and not punishment, according to the law, organizers and participants of the legionersko-Romanian attack on the state institutes of Moldova on November, 10th 1990., that has encouraged new Antimoldavian, antistate tricks and has led to prosperity of legal nihilism in republic;

- In imposing by force, administrative measures, through the Ignorance Ministry, Pseudo-scientific Academy, publishing houses, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines of the stranger (româneasc ă), the stranger (român), another's history, another's Romanian symbols which cause shame on both coast of Dnestr, contempt and hatred;

- Ignorant, offensive neglect, negation of cultural-historical, language traditions and interests of the Moldavian people, especially Moldavians of the Left bank of Dnestr that has led to Republic Moldova split;

- Kindling of fratricidal war on Dnestr in the summer 1992., provoked by the higher Kishinev political Proromanian circles, ‒ the most bloody action of conductors of "acceleration of reunion of Romania;

- Neglect to interests, the rights and aspirations of the population of Dnestr region shown in cowardly refusal in of process on association of Moldova in October 2003.;

- The organisation and carrying out of the Antimoldavian conference in June 1990., in approval of the antistate conclusion of the parliamentary commission from 23.07.1990. (Concerning "consequences" of so-called pact ‒ ) with which the Kishinev Proromanian political top has criminally excluded the Moldavian areas of the Left bank of Dnestr from Republic Moldova structure;

- Irresponsible , in 2000 ‒ 2008., on an arbitrariness of conductors of "acceleration of reunion of Romania Moldavian national-cultural, historical values, in criminal advances, those years, with destroyers of the Moldavian statehood;

- Neglect and even stimulation of insolent intervention of another's state in internal and Republic Moldova foreign affairs, even in system of its state security.

Considering all-round neglect to the Moldavian State, neglect to advantage, the rights and freedom of Moldavians ‒ founders of the Moldavian State, rendering assistance to another's state in realisation of hostile activity against Republic Moldova, the actions expressed in the general rumynsko-Moldavian statements, in documents and the decisions accepted together with heads of the stranger, with specific interests to Republic Moldova, the states that is brazen violations of the Constitution, the current legislation of Republic Moldova,

On the basis of Constitution item 18 (2) ‒ the right to protection from the state; Constitution item 10 (2) ‒ the right to preservation, development and expression of ethnic, cultural, language originality; Constitution item 20 (1) ‒ effective restoration in the rights competent courts in case of infringement of the rights, freedom and legitimate interests

I ask to excite litigation, I cause, within the limits of the law, on national court the public authorities responsible for infringements, provided items 32 (2) of the Constitution ‒ an honour damage, to advantage, the right of the citizen; Constitution item 32 (3) ‒ contest and the state and the people; item 337 of the Criminal code of Republic Moldova ‒ rendering assistance to another's state in realisation of hostile activity against Republic Moldova

Kishinev, on March, 5th, 2012

- Vasily Stati, the Moldavian, the citizen of Republic Moldova

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

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