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Victor Andon, the patriarch of the Moldavian criticism, and a script writer, the professor of Academy of music, theatre and the fine arts has written today good article about ours, without exaggeration, great cameraman Ivan Bolbochanu. Occasionall
Victor Andon, the patriarch of the Moldavian criticism, and a script writer, the professor of Academy of music, theatre and the fine arts has written today good article about ours, without exaggeration, great cameraman Ivan Bolbochanu. Occasionally 75 on our site it was much written about Ivan Bolbochanu. Unfortunately it already is not present with us. Thanks the newspaper the Moldavian Sheets that does not forget to write about people of art. From their permission I reprint article.
On March, 22nd 80 years to the cameraman to Ion , one of the first would be executed. It has removed more than 50 documentary film sketches and well-known Red glades . Perhaps, is not present in our republic of any village, the enterprise, establishment or an educational institution where Ion would not visit with the a movie camera. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell: it knew all.
The fellow from the Kishinev suburb with working name , it has early taken a great interest in a photo and already to leaving school at it decent enough pictures began to turn out. But the Ion attracted cinema, with its rough movement and width of coverage by that and events. To the guy has carried. In a year when to it it was executed 20, in Kishinev the film studio which is letting out hronikalno-documentary films and newsreels has opened.
First was to cross a threshold of an unsightly one-storeyed building in the street Michurin, 26, whence by the GAZ cars the first cameramen of studio Ivan Grjaznov, Leonid Proskurov, Ivan Sherstjukov left on filmings. But the ion, having overcome shyness and shyness, nevertheless has dared to show the best photos to operators-professionals. And those have made out the talented person.
The majority of operators and even the future directors began the cinema biography with work as lighters and assistants to operators. This fate and did not pass. And here again the fate has smiled to the fellow.
The studio which has got stronger for first three years of existence, has aimed at creation of a game film-review Moldavian tunes - with participation of actors and art collectives of republic. Director A.Zolotnitsky who has arrived from Moscow has involved for this shooting of young operators Radomira Vasilevsky and Peter Todorovskogo. It now they are known to all cinema community and then still recent students removed a newsreel for magazine Soviet Moldova. They also have called to themselves in assistants on the Moldavian tunes .
That work has learnt much the future cameraman, and still he has managed to make friends with all film crew, and especially with operators of a picture, they and have advised to the talented guy to arrive on camera faculty VgIka.
To Moscow has gone with rich for the entrant as now speak, a portfolio. At it were not only tens the interesting photos approved by the senior colleagues, but also a picture on which it has worked year as the assistant to the operator. And to it has again carried.
In 1956 the next camera course professor Edward Tise typed, that which with great Eisenstein removed Potyomkin "," Ivan Groznogo's "Battleship" , travelled about across the USA, happened in Mexico where they too removed a picture. To be the student of such master expensive costed.
Yew worked as the film reporter even in days of the First world and Civil wars; and in 1940 together with director Esfirju of Fur coats removed a picture the Earth , unfortunately, and not finished.
Together with a film crew on own car the Yew with the author of scenario Vishnevsky and Fur coats for two summer months has travelled all over all Bessarabia. To Belgorod-Dnestrovske the Yew has got acquainted with the future wife - from which they have lived for the rest of the life. To the great master-operator was about what to talk to the student and what to recollect last years.
became the frequent visitor in the house at the professor. Especially to its visits rejoiced - it worked as the translator in one of publishing houses of Moscow and communicated with the student of the spouse on the native language.
Dialogue with the Yew proceeded and after sudden death of the professor in 1961. At that time and I, and many my colleagues on - E.Lotjanu, V.Gazhiu, V.Churja, P.Balan have visited on apartment where the mistress remained , gone through the husband for long years.
Having returned on studio after the institute termination in 1961, and continuing to remove plots for a newsreel, Ion already in another way could construct a shot, instantly find a favourable point of shooting. He especially loved the top points, whence it was possible to survey wide space of a shot. In the same newsreel 60 the unique shot has remained: with the movie camera has climbed up dome of a hall (then it was still city bank) and in with statue (now it is not present) removes a panorama of Kishinev.
Unfortunately, the statistics of the finished shooting metric area of a film was never conducted. It was especially difficult, that is frequent over the same newsreel, as a sketch or a documentary film two-three worked at once, and sometimes and more operators. But for some reason it seems to me, that most of all metres of the finished shooting film on the account at Ion . Even without that which it used for the cameras (them at it was two: one charged by a coloured film, and another - black-and-white).
He did not aspire, as its other colleagues, to remove full-length game pictures. Red glades became an exception only. Over this picture in which two future stars Svetlana Toma and debuted, worked together with Vlad Churej, the colleague on .
Why remained the adherent of documentary cinema in general and newsreels in particular in many respects remains a riddle and until now. It was original a lonely wolf, not suffering director's dictatorship even from owners of the loudest names. And directors, knowing its independent character, not very much aspired to take in the films, even despite its uncommon talent.
Many operators of the Moldavian studio aspired to master and a trade of the director. It has not bad turned out, for example, at Vitaly Kalashnikov and Vadim Derbenyov. similar plans at all did not build. Though to it specificity of work on a newsreel where it was necessary to be to itself both the director, and a script writer, and the manager of film group of two-three persons pushed.
The first documentary sketch which it with group of operators removed in 1961 after termination , was At sources of great friendship, telling about century communications of the Moldavian and Russian people. It was original showdown on a field serious . But ion liked such works, as the Big family which in 1963 was removed on our film studio by the director and the poet, the graduate of High courses of script writers and directors in Moscow George Vode more.
Removed tapes are distinguished especially by depth of penetration into a material. As, for example, the Daughter of Volga and Dnestr, devoted to the brave woman - pilot Maria Kulkinoj who was at war and lost in the sky over Moldova during fight against fascism. Or a film sketch about Paul Tkachenko "Pedestal".
The special diploma of jury of the International film festival in Pardubice () had been noted a film Gardens go in tomorrow which it removed in 1973. It has received a bronze medal on the All-Union film festival of agricultural films in Moscow.
However, awards of Ion not so favoured - because of obstinate character. However, for the labour activity on a field of motion picture arts an award an honour Sign he nevertheless has deserved. As well as that to it have left a movie camera which it removed the chronicle more than twenty years of work at studio for memory.
Victor Andon.

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