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Inquisition in operation, but all of us know, that all comes back also all comes back. And experience shows, that comes back much more. To all of them, I speak about Moldova, will be rendered, and Marian Pokaznois will be rendered doubly, meanness it
Inquisition in operation, but all of us know, that all comes back also all comes back. And experience shows, that comes back much more. To all of them, I speak about Moldova, will be rendered, and Marian Pokaznois will be rendered doubly, meanness it and is meanness. Never and it was possible to make to nobody mucks with impunity. This young man for the present does not know nature laws, badly studied. But, as speak, ignorance of laws does not relieve from responsibility... 
Today -NIT has made the statement I publish it that in history it remains that through many years to look in eyes to this boy, to the boy in a lap - Marian Pocaznoi.


We consider, that the today's formal press conference spent by chairman Ostentatious, pursued the aim to mislead, both mass-media and all Moldavian society, and representatives of the international structures accredited in Moldova. In this connection we consider necessary to refute contentions Ostentatious, made during today's press conference.

As we declared and earlier, representatives could not give a definite answer on a question, on what basis broadcasting company NIT has been deprived the licence for an announcement. Today it has been once again proved, that the report on television channel monitoring on which basis has made the decision, mismatches the validity. So Ostentatious could not specify, in what reportings which have gone on the air in monitoring, broadcasting company NIT called for violent disobedience. Thereupon we DEMAND, that "independent" has given a definite answer on a question: when journalists of broadcasting company NIT called the Moldavian people for violence. Also we demand, that the answer to a question has been given also, since what time this structure has incurred mission to interpret the Constitution as in the report that we insisted on overthrow of the constitutional mode is underlined. Representatives should know, that this question is not in their competence and powers.

Also we demand, that has presented us the Law in which that audiovisual structures are obliged to praise is underlined, instead of to criticise the power as we consider, that arguments of representatives of Council that we were engaged exclusively in power criticism, do not enter into any frameworks, neither moral, nor legal. On the contrary, we inform , that the most important mission of mass-media consists in disclosing and illumination of the negative moments in a society that the power have paid to this attention and have undertaken all necessary for their decision.

We also are revolted by the today's statement Ostentatious in which it, explaining the decision of Council on licence withdrawal, operates certain with "numerous complaints from the televiewers ostensibly dissatisfied with a policy of television channel. Thereupon we wish to notice, that the television channel management has not been informed on presence of similar "complaints". At the same time we declare, that throughout last years not to time officially, at informal level, did not declare presence of similar complaints. On the contrary, we notice, that we repeatedly represented in complaints with signatures of the people, the indignant themes the fact, that in their settlements cable operators autocratically exclude NIT from the packages that contradicts the decision of the same that all national speakers should be without fail included in all cable networks. The first letters thereupon have been addressed in this structure in August, 2010. Till the present moment we have not received any answer from in the given occasion.

We are revolted by a shameless deceit Ostentatious which has declared that all sanctions NIT have not been cancelled by court. We remind chairman that all sanctions have been protested, only one of them has been lost, in three cases the decision has been taken out in favour of NIT definitively, the others are on consideration in judicial instances.

Manipulation with public opinion is also the statement Ostentatious that is absolute all monitorings of public organisations for a broadcasting company were negative. The mister Ostentatious has forgotten that monitorings of a civil society in 2010 have been spent also and in 2011 which were not are taken in attention by under control as their conclusions did not coincide with opinion of bosses of members .

Are revolted also by the statement Ostentatious that has done the utmost for television channel preservation as that fact is obvious that the body, called to protect mass-media, throughout last three years the repressive decisions has done the utmost for destruction of objectionable television channel.

Thereupon we will address in all international structures on protection of mass-media with an appeal to pay attention to absence of freedom of mass-media in Moldova and on a position of management .

Broadcasting company NIT

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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