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Press conference of the Chairman of party of communists of republic Moldova of Vladimir Voronina. Before to answer questions of journalists 3rd president of Moldova has acted with an opening address.
Press conference of the Chairman of party of communists of republic Moldova of Vladimir Voronina. Before to answer questions of journalists 3rd president of Moldova has acted with an opening address. 
Dear representatives of mass media, 

I welcome you at this press conference. After the short introduction I am ready to answer your questions.

The first. All of you see, that the general-political situation in the country after so-called election of the President is not become stabler, political and обшесоциальный crisis anywhere did not disappear. On the contrary, tragical day became on March, 16th an original trigger hook after which the country has shuddered from a new coil of mad reprisals - both political, and social. Everything, that we observe today - the visible certificate of that a crisis source was not the problem of election of the president, and inability of the power to operate the country. But, if yesterday this inability was justified by absence of the head of the state today at the power the new excuse - to it stirs opposition.

Look, what decisions and ideas have been presented by the power to the Moldavian society last month? I will name some projects of the Alliance: to liquidate address indemnifications to the population, to raise twice the salary to all officials and deputies, to privatise parliamentary garage, to get limousines for the first persons of the state, to declare on April, 7th - day of freedom, to legalise a march of legionaries and gay parades. Tell, the President whom the Alliance searched for three years was for this purpose necessary?

Certainly, such policy is better to spend without any opposition, only leaning on payoff of deputies and population intimidation. For this reason usurping the power have gone on the next chain of crimes - restriction of a freedom of speech, an interdiction of oppositional television channel NIT, reprisals against historical Moldavian symbolics and all those who tries to revive it, electoral system change, таки in the image that it was possible to guarantee access to the power to exclusively narrow group of oligarchs.

I do not know, on what they count! Really they really believe, what such here the politician can be spent with impunity? Really they hope what here, in Moldova, in the centre of Europe they will manage to revive criminal model of board of 90th years? Really they assume, what their European словоблудие and the comical anticommunism becomes for them softening circumstance?

You know, that I only have returned from Strasbourg. There I have spent variety of meetings with the first persons of the Council of Europe. Not correct in details will retell our dialogues, but one I can tell precisely: estimations, that we do to a mode, the Moldavian opposition, and that I have heard from the authoritative European organisation, are practically identical. You have already paid attention to rigid international reaction concerning closing of television channel NIT. Be confident are only the beginning. I do not doubt, that so categorical this reaction will be and on a problem of regular infringement of democratic freedom in our country, and concerning merging of the government and криминала, and on other questions.

Differently, however today's actions of a mode were hysterical and aggressive, its leaders are waited by unenviable destiny - the international condemnation and full internal political defeat. Return readout has begun. And anybody while, including you, journalists, analysts and experts, does not see ways thanks to which this power will appear capable to avoid shameful defeat. Though many from listed also continue them to serve and bleach.

The second. Concerning a freedom of speech and channel NIT interdiction. Those who counted that with similar unprecedented экзекуцией the international public somehow will reconcile - have miscalculated. Moreover, today our international partners fairly specify that the history with television channel NIT opens much more deep problems, rather than a question of functioning of a freedom of speech in Republic Moldova. Here and a question of obvious subordination to a mode ostensibly independent Coordination council on TV and broadcasting. Here and a question demonstrative подконтрольности judicial system. And readiness to finish with the channel broadcasting mainly in Russian. Let alone that NIT has been closed not that praised opposition, and it is exclusive because criticised the power. Differently, this most evident illustration of that system failure in a country government, and establishments of the mafia corrupted mode which we observe last three years. For this reason for our party representing interests more of half of voters of Moldova, the situation with broadcasting company NIT is a boundary which will not be handed over or left by us. Any dialogues with the power, in any occasions at us will not be until more than 1 million televiewers will not get again access to the alternative information that really occurs in the country. Thus, and we - opposition, and the power - very well know, that television channel NIT announcement will be very soon restored. That is why we call for common sense already today that is artificial not to aggravate a situation and in vain not to waste time.

The third. All of you became recently witnesses of one more shameful history. This history can enter into the collection of records of political cowardice. A method of usual falsification the power in the name of correcting ЛДПМ has decided to challenge a priority of Party of communists on carrying out on the Area of Great national meeting of the action on May, 1st. Not looking that the demand for carrying out of this action has been submitted by us still on March, 16th and any other demands while to us have told in примарии, simply did not exist, Филат together with примаром Киртоакэ at any cost wish to break carrying out of the Second Civil Congress. They yet have not solved, what exactly they will spend on the Area - meeting Филата with the friends or will transfer to its very independent trade unions which will eulogise the government compliments for a "happy" life of the Moldavian workers. At once I wish to tell: without dependence from those or other panic scenarios of these figures, we will necessarily spend on May, 1st the Second Civil Congress. If on the Area there will be Филат, that, I do not doubt, that at delegates of the Civil Congress interesting questions there will be to it not few. If the Area is at trade unions and in this case we will have a general agenda as all participants of the Civil Congress - members of trade union.

On May, 1st, from Academy of sciences movement of columns of the Social march will begin. In a march will take part including delegates of the Second civil Congress from all country. At once I wish to tell, that it is better not to repeat errors which were admitted by the power on March, 16th. It is not necessary to brake buses, to beat security guards of transport agencies, to remove numbers and to scatter on a way iron thorns. Each antilawful "feat" of a mode of a similar sort will give rise to corresponding symmetric reaction of a civil society - from carrying out of actions of protests in the regional centres before overlapping of all roads.

We understand, of that so usurpers of the power in panic are afraid. But I here would wish to calm they be we not «party on April, 7th, 2009». We do not confirm the ideas and we do not want the power by pogroms, arsons and provocations. That is why let will cool down and will sustain from the beginning up to the end hated day for them on May, 1st, day of the international solidarity of people of work, day of all of those to whom road democracy and social justice.

And we invite representatives of mass-media this day to be near to the people and fairly to shine everything, that will occur in the Moldavian capital.

And now I am ready to answer your questions.

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