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Two years about repair of the building of Parliament of Moldova destroyed by vandals were silent. Now, like as promise to restore till the end of a year. Thugs do not have a pardon, they understood, that did. Now a building restore, but this symbol of sta
Two years about repair of the building of Parliament of Moldova destroyed by vandals were silent. Now, like as promise to restore till the end of a year. Thugs do not have a pardon, they understood, that did. Now a building restore, but this symbol of statehood already more does not carry out the role.
The thugs who have rushed into a building during mass disorders in Kishinev in April, 2009, have crushed all interior. Windows, doors have suffered, furnish of premises, is destroyed furniture, office equipment. Vandals even tried to crush lifts.

The general damage has made hundred millions леев. The preliminary sum which will go on repair of two suffered buildings ― parliament and президентуры ― 350 million леев was called also. Later it has increased to 500 million is not excluded, that following the results of reconstruction of both constructions the sum spent for repair, it will appear still above. But in how many it would not manage, finally, the most part of expenses for repair of offices for servants of the people will be paid by the Moldavian tax bearer.

Restoration of the damaged building of parliament has begun spring of 2009. Then the tender for work was won by firm Consfirmgrup. An estimation of repair work have made at once after pogroms. On April, 8-9th, 2009 in a building the commission of experts consisting of 25 persons worked.

In conversation with the journalist of "Panorama" director Consfirmgrup Alexander Gutsu recollects, that all building companies applying for conducting of works, passed check.

― We it have passed and then, in the spring of 2009, have started to work, ― Alexander Gutsu tells, seeing off us on parliament corridors.

Repair for which with spring of 2009 have allocated 90 million леев, lasted one and a half year and has been suspended in the absence of financial assets.

To master millions

― We should master 178 million леев. Term ― till the end of current year. We here two weeks while we conduct a preliminary spadework. Here look, after cessation of work has passed about one and a half years. For this time the ends of wires in networks of a low voltage which we have mounted were oxidised and have spent about 20 months ago. Now brigades of electricians clean wires. For works of such kind ― to restore that has lost functionality and working capacity for an idle time ― we and these two weeks have spent, ― director Consfirmgrup speaks.

Except the main building company on object firms-subcontractors work. For example, what will mount furniture in a parliament boardroom. All furniture in a hall will be harmless, from a tree, and a soft covering of armchairs ― white colour.

Mainstream of repair-regenerative works ― block G in which settle down a boardroom, a bureau of parliamentary fractions and advisers of deputies.

― To the beginning of December we should restore the third and fourth floors completely. On the third floor there is a boardroom. It have mounted in 1995 before here has begun the work parliament of independent Republic Moldova, ― Alexander Gutsu specifies.

«As in preview trailers …»

During excursion on a building the journalist of "Panorama" was convinced that amount of works very big. On object 300 workers are directed. As terms draw in, the schedule of works will be two-shift. The first change takes up work from 8 o'clock in the morning. And the second leaves work at 11 o'clock in the evening.

― At such dense and intensive schedule, I hope, we will cope with that volume which have planned, ― speaks Гуцу. Really, to be in time it is necessary in time as people's choices plan to occupy working premises already in the end of current year. While deputies hold the sessions in the Republic Palace, and offices for the constant commissions are placed in a building of the Ministry of Agriculture.

― Horses on a crossing do not change, therefore after financing renewal генподрядчиком there was our firm. We have begun repair in 2009, we and continue it, ― director Consfirmgrup explains.

The head of building have warned, that in any day foreign delegations that is why, admits Гуцу can visit a building, workers look «as characters of preview trailers ― in pure, dark blue special clothes and new helmets».

On special clothes the name of firms ― генподрядчика and subcontractors. For the personnel per capita cabins are equipped some and even will open a special dining room.

With the world on a thread ― to Moldova parliament

While regenerative works are conducted, the foreign states render the feasible help in reconstruction of one of the main office buildings of Moldova.
The first the Chinese National Republic has responded. The ambassador of this country in Moldova Тонг Мингтао as it was informed earlier, meeting with Марианом the Magnifier, has transferred to the speaker in gift from the government of the Peoples Republic of China office office equipment to the sum $78 thousand (a 1 million order леев) ― computers and scanners.  

The risk to go on leave at own expense

Present building of parliament have constructed in 1984 for republican committee of Communist Party MSSR. Its building has already begun with troubles. When the base was ready, for which have spent 1 million Soviet roubles (in the prices of those years of an order $1,5 million), the party management of republic has decided, that the building site is chosen unsuccessfully ― too close to the city trunk main, Lenin's prospectus, present prospectus Штефана of foreheads Маре.

The ready base fell asleep the earth, and 20-25 metres further from an initial site have started to erect a new building on distance approximately.

Parliamentary the building became in 1996. Before deputies worked indoors opposite ― where is now located президентура РМ. By the way, the building of presidential administration decided to restore only after will repair offices for deputies.

Restoration of a building of parliament has been decided to combine with complex reconstruction as for 25 years which have passed from the moment of input of the case in operation, requirements to such type of office buildings have considerably changed and have become complicated.

― In 2009 we had time to repair partially a number of premises, to change windows, to spend and repair communications ― electric, ventilating, the water drain and water supply and also to erect an extension behind a building, ― Alexander Gutsu specifies.
The reason of a stop of building is very simple. Have ended with 90 million леев, allocated for the first stage of building, and the state did not have more means for continuation of repair-regenerative works.

Money searched more year. Crisis, a budgeted deficit... About where and as have found money, Minister of Finance Vyacheslav Negrutsa recently has told: the government has let out on 200 million леев securities with period of validity of 5 years. In mass-media the message has flown, that while it was possible to place in banks of securities only on 17 million леев. However, that servants of the people already have fast moved to new offices, repair decided to renew earlier, than will find all necessary on reconstruction of a building the sum. That is, though works also have begun, nobody guarantees, that because of a lack of money of workers will not send in holiday, unlike deputies, at own expense.
Oleg Tatsenko, Valery Korchmarja's photo.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

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