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To restoration of the National museum of fine arts invite foreign masters. In summer months tourists aspire to look museum values of the various countries. And invaluable cloths, sculptures, architecture monuments remain remarkable for them for all lif
To restoration of the National museum of fine arts invite foreign masters. In summer months tourists aspire to look museum values of the various countries. And invaluable cloths, sculptures, architecture monuments remain remarkable for them for all life.
And what we see at us on an input in the National museum of the fine arts? Long-term construction, ruin, the many-storeyed woods for a long time chained to a building of an ancient private residence of work ? The ragged facade, the destroyed stucco moulding, of course, do not please, but all the same the museum lives and even in the hottest months of summer shows new exhibitions, dreaming that to the 75 anniversary "will break" to any result. After all it is impossible to receive high-grade pleasure from art if the fine is exposed in a dilapidated building. ― building restoration on and two premises on foreheads lasts years eight, ― the director of museum sadly marks. ― And why all so was tightened? ― for the financial reasons first of all, but not only. And considering that fact, that experience of so uneasy restoration works in our country is absent, we should invite overseas masters. In Moldova there are no specialised firms on historical restoration, there are no tariffs of payment of such work. To us allocate money for repair by portions and it is not constant. Masters do not agree to receive money of times in a year or in half a year. Therefore we continue repair from time to time. ― in work now only an external facade of buildings? ― is not present, we carry out major repairs everywhere. In the beginning have made presentable storehouses because there rare pictures and sculptures in the absence of due conditions of the maintenance simply collapsed. Have revived the Small showroom on the ground floor. ― what concrete prospects? ― judging by what the relation at us to culture, long-term construction still is necessary to us. But if to us will allocate still means the next two years to 2014, to the museum 75 anniversary, we hope to finish works in its central part called monument , in the size in 1,7 thousand sq. metres. If the museum now operates on the scale of 3,2 thousand sq. metres from 6 thousand Possible, and we require the area of 12-15 thousand sq. metres on volume of the funds you can present to yourselves, in what constrained condition there are our exhibits. ― that is besides restoration of old premises it is necessary for you to think of new technological possibilities? ― to us is what to show, but there are no exhibition areas, and we would like to attach one more new building for a museum. But while nobody incurs such risk of new capital investments. ― and the country leaders not in a course how it is accepted to make out museum values in the world? ― we in the country do not have tradition since the childhood to bring up citizens in the spirit of art knowledge. Therefore we regularly hold meetings with students, schoolboys and preschool children. And we already have families and generations of children which have grown on our educational programs. ― now at you the exposition of works George Mardarja has opened. ― It about 40 its works under the general motto Sensations and images ― 19 cloths and 25 graphic works. At an exhibition cycles-series are presented: Time bridges "," Musical pictures "and" colour Sonnets . George - the critic by training, comes from Moldova, but now lives in Hanover. Having emigrated to Germany, he has started to be engaged actively in painting, and now its works are in the state and private collections in Moldova, Romania, Israel, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA. ― it is already known in Germany? ― he there lives years 16-18. We represent now a small amount of its works because right after Moldova it will be exposed in Romania in much volume. In due time was one of the best experts in our country, and we hope, that after too we can show its creativity more extensively. ― and in what feature of its exhibition? ― that it synthesises images with sounding of pieces of music of F.Lista, K.Orfa, I.Bach, freshening perception"silent" for a long time known reception . For this purpose it uses electronic technologies, displaying creative process as competition of musical and colour manipulations. In creation of the vision he leans against style eclecticism from a German expressionism to the French fauvism, supplementing musical rhythms and sounds harmony of colour and structure of a graphic surface. ― on August, 16th the museum has opened also a new exhibition of family . ― Spouses Larissa Astrejn and work in the spirit of known group Sterligova. - one of leading artists both at us, and in St.-Petersburg, and its projects are very interesting and are a success. It the clever artist and the great aesthete, nothing leaving under doubt, that a rarity today. ― Than will please in the near future? ― on August, 25th we will present one more tremendous exhibition ― Italian drawing VI-IX of centuries from our funds. In October of 2012 we will show the exposition of artist Andrey Negure devoted to its 60 anniversary. On October, 15th we wish to open two halls after restoration are extensions in the street Pushkin where there was a West European art earlier. Now, after careful selection, we wish to present there the best samples of national art of the XX-th century. It will be a constant exposition within a year in the same tendency in what now at us the masterpiece of Romanian artist Nikolay Grigoresku is exposed. Cloth Ţă răncuţa cu fuiorul pe cale is estimated in 250 thousand marks, and we are proud of that the owner of a picture has allowed it to expose to us with 2012 for 2013. ― and what will be in a year, in 2013? ― we Will renew a constant exhibition of the West European art already in normal civilised conditions.
Elena Uzun, a photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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