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"The republic Moldova - the grasped state" - so is called conference which is spent by public organisation "the Transform - Moldova". Known analysts, experts, deputies take part in discussions and reports. To participants of conference the party leader of
"The republic Moldova - the grasped state" - so is called conference which is spent by public organisation "the Transform - Moldova". Known analysts, experts, deputies take part in discussions and reports. To participants of conference the party leader of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin has addressed. He has told:

Inspecting a hall, we see, that organizers of this conference have worked and have invited far not only only one representatives parliamentary and внепарламентской oppositions. Leaders of ruling fractions, and also experts and political scientists from among active supporters of a policy spent in last three year have been invited all management of Parliament. At once I wish to tell, that is perfect in vain they have ignored this action. And not only because here, in absolutely academic conditions they could show unknown persons of the wide public any perhaps arguments in favour of the board. But also because they have passed in own way unique chance: to hear to criticism to the same Party of communists which as I understand, will sound today in any case. It is no secret, that rather numerous critics of the present power believe, that the phenomenon of "the Grasped state» has been prepared in board PKRM. Pier, in bowels sew the authorities were generated and all those characters with which names today communicates рейдерский capture of the Moldavian statehood have blossomed. But it, as they say, their choice! But, predicted enough.

But I believe, that what rigid, and, perhaps, and not and this criticism would not be fair, we are obliged it to listen wholly. Not to sweep aside possible charges, and to penetrate into their validity. Not to accept the offended pose and to list own merits, and to carry on dialogue. Only so, we are politicians, together with a civil society we can develop measures on restoration in the country of leadership of the right and democratic freedom. I openly say, that fault that the small group of villains has managed to make state capture, to deprive the sovereignty people, to cross through the Constitution, to usurp the government, to legalise in the country ideology of neo-fascist type - lays and on us, on Party of communists. It - not посыпание heads ashes. It - sincere aspiration to overcome developed situation to find not easier forms of effective resistance рейдерскому to a mode, but also to win in struggle against it.

In what this fault consists?

I believe, that it consists that we too trustfully followed, including to recommendations of our colleagues of political scientists, representatives of a civil society. Remember, how it is frequent they us criticised for our traditional недоговороспособность, unwillingness to build the unions and coalitions with other parties? We and have believed in this the defect. And at once after preschedule November elections of 2010 have spent invaluable time for forming of an is left-centrist coalition with Democratic party. Though already then, in November, 2010 it was clear, that Democratic party - not so left, not centrist. Since September, 2009 it and its leaders have already been noted каиновой by the press of embraces and kisses Михая Гимпу. More than a year they spent joint, co-ordinated правоэкстремистскую a policy. And instead of lifting all people against the stolen elections, against the selling CEC we were started up in negotiating process with the predicted ending. And even the authority and Sergey Naryshkin's personal participation then have not changed the programmed instinct of so-called democrats to a deceit, lie and readiness to build only anticommunistic coalitions.

I do not exclude, that attempt was an error and to adjust interaction, at least on a technological level with ЛДПМ in October, 2011. It has appeared, that further some personnel changes, ЛДПМ not in a condition to go. Decriminalization of Moldova it has appeared too abstract purpose for leaders ЛДПМ. Let alone that they, apparently, were extremely скованны in acceptance of independent political decisions.

Our bad operative reaction to everything that occurred on March, 16th when the so-called Alliance elected the illegal President was an error also. That day we had enough tools to stop this crime. But we thought of the political reputation - solid, authoritative political force, than about that global accident which will comprehend the country the next months more. Besides till the latest moment we for some reason have been piously convinced that elections will be broken that the Alliance will not find treacherous voices.

I any more do not say that all this antistate storm, it is a tornado of total gangsterism crush followed still on April, 7th, 2009. Rigidly and uncompromisingly!

To these conclusions we come today, so to say «back mind», seeing personally, that happens with the country last three years and clearly understanding, that all it occurs including in view of some excessive tolerance, democratism and political чистоплюйства our party. Certainly, we should enjoy today this bitter bowl of self-criticism to the bottom. Observing thus as some political scientists, constantly push us in embraces that of one other groupings which they usurped the power speak what communists are guilty that have brought up such as the Magnifier, Додон, Мишин. I am not going to deny the obvious. But in this sense I have quite concrete counterargument. If it is valid so paternal this argument is not used by such anticommunistic forces how Демпартия, ЛДПМ and Liberal party? Why emissaries of EU and the USA do not reproach the present power what in it there are elements of personal continuity with a damned communistic mode?

I will answer - why! Only because it not so. For eight years of board PKRM has brought up and has grown not only two ten villains and traitors, but also has achieved quite clear and concrete results for which we should not be ashamed. And that is why the present antidemocratic mode causes an applause in Europe and the USA, paternal it is a favourite entertainment in the Bruxelles offices - here a question which it is necessary to answer. Why at these offices do not see self-denying and present democratic struggle of 30 000 Moldavian communists? Here questions which demand today the immediate answer. Why in today's Moldova it is possible to humiliate with impunity the rights and freedom of the person? Why it is possible to close independent mass-media and in every possible way to ignore oppositional parliamentary party? Why it is possible to clap коррупционерам and криминалам in the power and to prolong their violence over the people credits and grants? Why it is possible to prepare openly section of Moldova across Dnestr and to transform the right coast into nazi laboratory of times Антонеску? - Here, in my opinion, the themes waiting for the fair and not tactical researchers.

As to Party of communists I believe, that that experience through which we have passed last years speaks only about one: it is impossible to show tolerance to obvious criminals even if these criminals рядятся in the most refined democratic clothes and fawn in loyalty upon Bruxelles, Bucharest and Washington. The present democratism just also consists in ability to protect democracy, to create for it conditions of the highest irreversibility, instead of to go on arrangement to usurpers of the power, being covered with useless words about compromises. Is a conclusion from three-year our opposition. A conclusion which should be materialised in the form of practical decisions. And let us accuse today, that the rigid and radical statements, we only rally a ruling Alliance. Rally the Alliance not our radicalism, and nonprofessionalism and avidity of its leaders. And we the problem, first of all, see in сплачивании the people and a society which waits not simply for clearing, and clarifications of Moldova from these aggressors and fair, open tribunal over those who has grasped it and illegally kept for the last few years. And such tribunal will be! This conference - also is, in my opinion, the beginning of preparation such «the Moldavian Nuremberg». By the way, if to argue in such categories today courageous enough and brave people who do not cave in neither before fees here have gathered, nor before threats of the usurpers who have seized power in infringement of the Constitution.

I wish today's conference of successes, hot discussions. That and questions for discussion if to judge under the program, it was typed not a little. As the main problem is very truly formulated: «Republic Moldova - the grasped state». Already the main motto of all our joint actions follows from such name. It is expressed in a word: CLEARING! It is wanted by all citizens: both right, and left, and centrists. Today the idea of clearing is and there is a soil for rallying and the statement of new light prospect for Moldova.

Thanks for attention.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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