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We go not there, we live badly, to the We go not there, we live badly, to the state we do not trust, we wish also the West and on the East and we want, we want, we want... The Truth of anything for this purpose it is not done. Also it is all about Moldova
We go not there, we live badly, to the state we do not trust, we wish also the West and on the East and we want, we want, we want... The Truth of anything for this purpose it is not done. Also it is all about Moldova. Such moods are inherent today in the Moldavian society to what results of "a public opinion Barometer () testify, spent by the Center of sociological researches and marketing CBS-AXA and presented to Tuesday Institute public the politician.

Every third citizen now lives worse, than earlier
According to interrogation data, 66 % of the population are dissatisfied with an economic situation in republic, 33 % see its same as last year, and 59 % are assured, that it became much worse. Besides, 75 % are not satisfied by a standard of living, including its unworthy, 34 % admit, that their incomes do not suffice even on the most necessary. Thus 41 % of citizens notice, that the money earned by them leaves only on the things most necessary for a life.
In opinion about 72 % of the population, affairs in the country go in an incorrect direction. The overwhelming majority is not satisfied by country leaders activity mainly in social sphere - people are dissatisfied with salaries (92 %), absence of workplaces (91 %), a standard of living (88 %), pensions (87 %), corruption (86 %), an industry condition (84 %) and agriculture (82 %), the permission of the Dnestr conflict (81 %), health services (75 %).
Voronin and Filat trust most of all.
Against heavy social and economic position the state institutes of the power sink in estimation of citizens more and more. So, trust level to the government has gone down from 30 % (data for May. - the "Panorama" comment) to 23 %, to the president - from 28 % to 20 %, to parliament - from 25 % to 19 %.
As to political leaders prime minister Vladimir Filat (19,4 %) and the ex-president of the country Vladimir Voronin (17 %), smaller - the speaker of parliament Marian the Magnifier (8 %), capitals Dorin (7 %) use the greatest trust of citizens, the leader of Liberal party (2,5 %), the chairman of Party of socialists Igor Dodon (1,4 %). At head of the state Nikolay Timofti most, we will softly tell, modest achievements in this plan - to it are trusted by only 1 % of the population. Among political formations by benevolence of citizens can brag Liberally-democratic party Moldova (40 %) and Party of communists (32 %).
The church - 41,7 %, behind it uses still high level of trust of inhabitants of Moldova, strangely enough, follow - 10,3 % and army - 6,5 %.
It is necessary to notice, that almost 30 % of the population do not trust anybody.
Political "tastes" have a little changed.
Meanwhile political preferences of Moldavians practically have not changed. If next Sunday elections in the higher legislature there would pass all same four parties which are presented in it now have taken place.
According to the director of Institute public politician Arcady Barberoshie, for opposition party of communists 24,6 % would vote, that on 3,4 % it is less, than at the previous interrogation in May, 2012. 22 % (+3 %), the Democratic party - 11,2 % (+3,2 %) Liberally-democratic party would type, Liberal party - 9,1 % (-3,9 %), 20,9 % interrogated were not defined yet, and 8,3 % for anybody would not vote. Differently, if to trust research data, lose the positions communists and liberals.
Decrease in rating has explained an exit from party of some its members, loss of means of informing of the population in the name of television channel NIT closed by operating authorities, and also a long absence of communists at parliament sessions.
According to interrogation, 29,1 % of respondents have answered, that for what will not vote for communists, and 15,1 % will not give a voice for liberals.
- It is obvious, that their ideas opposite. Therefore most of all opponents and , - are believed by the head of Institute public the politician.
The director of the European institute of political researches in Moldova has declared, that changes in November in comparison with interrogations of 2011 and May of 2012 are connected with the important political events which have occurred in republic. As to the relation to political parties, these changes seasonal.
- The rating of Party of communists has a little fallen, considering serious support which it had many years, and in case of parties of a ruling Alliance we see the return, but it is connected more likely with a political season, rather than with any important tendencies, - has noted .
The deputy from Arthur Reshetnikov has scarified results as soon as they have been promulgated.
Court sociologists have presented next" a masterpiece ". Pseudo-poll and a rating of parties. Now I will not be about figures. Not that more than 70 % are dissatisfied with the power and country development that the majority for the Customs Union, and for sociologists have drawn only 25 %. Ridiculously so to be scorched. Would like to advise to present these to" clowns "the figures somewhere on the areas or in streets in , , Beltsy and in ..., - has written in one of social networks . It has expressed a regret concerning that this year have already handed over award for sociology. But and next year will be out of competition, - the communist considers.
According to , 48,5 % interrogated necessarily would go on elections, and 7,1 % are assured, that would not accept participation in voting.
Leader PCRM Vladimir Voronin could become in third time the president.
Overwhelming majority of citizens of republic (90,5 %) wish to select the head of the state independently and only 7,3 % consider correct to entrust this business to deputies of parliament. It is interesting, that if in the nearest days off have taken place presidential elections 19,1 % interrogated would give the voices for Vladimir Voronina. For operating prime minister Vladimir Filata 16,6 %, and for the speaker of parliament Mariana the Magnifier - only 9,9 % would vote.
The constitution - to change, the state language name - to keep
If to trust data of the Barometer of public opinion, half of our citizens support change of the Organic law of the country. Thus 37,5 % of respondents consider, that the new Constitution is not necessary to republic, the others either have not solved, or could not answer.
It is necessary to notice, that 67 % interrogated stand up for its change by means of a referendum, and 20,3 % - through voting by deputies in parliament. According to the majority of citizens, Moldova should keep the neutral status which is fixed in the Constitution. 72,9 % pro act, and 17,4 % believe, that it is necessary for republic to refuse a neutrality. Besides, if in following days off there has passed a referendum under the introduction of Moldova into NATO more than half of citizens would vote against.
As the majority of inhabitants of Moldova against change of the name of a state language follows from results . For that in the Constitution language was called as "Moldavian", 65 % of citizens, that "Romanian" - 22,7 % act. It is interesting, that 7,6 % of respondents want, that the Romanian language has been specified in brackets near to Moldavian, thus 2 % of the population stand up for that in the Constitution in general there was no state language name.
Between the European Union and the Customs union.
As to a foreign policy direction the country population was divided on liking. So, 55 % of respondents give to preference to the introduction of Moldova into the European Union "advertised" by the authorities, and 56 % - to the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
On a question That, in your opinion, will be main plus of possible joining to the European Union? Citizens have answered first of all - absence of borders and visas (23,3 %). Meanwhile 21 % of respondents hope for free workplaces in ― EU, 17 % - on increase of a standard of living, 12,3 % - on economic development, almost 10 % - on higher pensions and salaries and 5 % - on culture and formation development.
At the same time adherents of the Euroasian foreign policy direction believe, that after the introduction into the Customs Union fuel (27,3 % interrogated) will fall in price. Other pluses of joining of Moldova to the HARDWARE respondents named: quantity of workplaces (15,2 %), export increase (9 %), economic development (8,6 %), commodity market expansion (7,8 %), absence of borders (7,7 %), increase of a standard of living (7,2 %), material aid (6,5 %), the low prices for the goods (4,3 %).
We live poorly, but with the Internet
The standard of well-being of citizens falls, the prices constantly grow, and for salaries and pensions it is difficult to pay off even for utilities... But approximately half of inhabitants of Moldova has an access from the personal computers in the World global web. By results of sociological research, 88 % interrogated have a connection to the house Internet, 16,8 % use it through a mobile phone, and 15 % use the mobile Internet. Thus 12,8 % are connected to a virtual network on work, 8,7 % - in educational institution, 8,2 % - in zones WiFi.

Let's notice, that interrogation was spent from October, 30th till November, 12th among 1237 inhabitants of the country. Its error makes 2,8 %.
Galina Vasileva

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