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One chance of a life. Each country, without dependence from a standard of living of its citizens, faces a problem of thrown children. And if it would be only «отказники», remaining in maternity homes and hospitals. No. The most terrible, that throw out ba
One chance of a life. Each country, without dependence from a standard of living of its citizens, faces a problem of thrown children. And if it would be only «отказники», remaining in maternity homes and hospitals. No. The most terrible, that throw out babies, as dust. Leave at entrances, parks, on dustbins. Thus "mums" solve the problems, being guided by simple thought: time nobody saw, means it they do not reflect that, as a matter of fact, have sentenced own, in what not were not. The guilty child to death. 
Already several years ago in Europe there was simple, but an effective decision: bebi-boksy. They represent the special chambers which have been built in in walls of hospitals or maternity homes. On street there is a window in which mother can put the child. To doctors of hospital at closing дверки the signal arrives, and they instantly come to the aid of the kid. And mother, having left the baby, thereby officially refuses the child, leaving it on state care. Bebi-boksy settle down in poorly populated places - so that the woman who has dared at this act could not be afraid of condemning sights. Result across Europe: Germany - 25 rescued babies, Czechia - 46, other countries approximately as much. Certainly, almost daily mass-media bring news about tens, hundreds and thousand victims in accidents, military conflicts - and against these figures 46 of the rescued babies can seem a trifle. But, ladies and gentlemen, reflect. It only at first sight. Own life not seems to you a trifle? 
In Moldova so aspiring to Europe, the statistics of children's death rate on a cause of the murder or оставлении in a dangerous situation without rendering assistance (including, оставлении babies) looks depressing image. According to the statistics Ministry for 2011 748 children have appeared victims of crimes, from them 17 persons were lost. 17 persons who could become quite worthy, dear people to create the families, to present to someone happiness and love, any more do not become, will not create and will not present. To anybody and never. 
The reasons pushing unfortunate mothers on such terrible act the different. At someone it is poverty, at someone - shame, at someone - drugs and alcohol. At all - full absence of conscience and feeling of responsibility. But children should not be responsible for sins of parents. It is the law. 
It is possible to argue as much as necessary that occurrence bebi-boksov in our country, let while only in Kishinev, will raise quantity of thrown children, stimulates "cuckoos". And as, sceptics speak, after all the woman will not be afraid of condemnation of associates, means, last deterrent will disappear. Believe, quantity отказников in our country and so it is painfully great. Conscience torments already stop for a long time nobody. And the bebi-boxing gives chance to the baby. How? Here some variants. 
First, near to each bebi-boxing the list of phones and addresses of the charitable organisations which can help the woman who is in a difficult situation hangs. So, despaired mother quite can decide not and try to receive the help. Secondly, the left baby receives at once the status of the orphan, therefore has the maximum chances of adoption and a life in a normal family. Thirdly, in all countries already applying this system, the women leaving children in bebi-boksah, are released from criminal prosecution. 
I will dare to quote the law: 
«Notorious оставление without the aid of the person who are in a condition dangerous to a life and deprived of possibility to take measures to self-preservation because of the early childhood, an old age, illnesses or owing to the feebleness if the guilty knew about danger and had possibility to help the victim or itself has put it in a condition dangerous to a life, it is punished by the penalty at the rate to 200 standard units, or no-charge work in favour of a society for the term from 180 till 240 o'clock, or imprisonment for the term up to 2 years.

The same act which has entailed on imprudence:

Causing of a heavy physical injury or other heavy harm to health;

b) death of suffered,

It is punished by imprisonment for the term up to 4 years ».

Thus, the woman has a stimulus to reach bebi-boxing, instead of to the nearest мусорки.

Certainly, it is possible to tell, that our country more important problems now should excite: notorious integration into Europe, a world policy, a standard of living, at the worst. However, actually all of us we understand, that the state should protect the citizens, especially those who not in forces will take care of itself independently. However, the state while is silent, only the handful of enthusiasts has seriously attended to this problem. At a forum discussion is conducted, necessary actions are discussed, sponsors are searched. But the professional help is necessary, after all on enthusiasm far will not leave. So if you were seriously mentioned by this theme, and you can help at least council, welcome, join!
Nadejda Degtyareva, photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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