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The letter of Prime minister Republic of iMoldova. Today V.Voronin, the third President of Republic Moldova, leader PCRM, has addressed with the letter to the Prime minister V.Filatu. In the letter it is spoken about a pitiable condition in Banca de
The letter of Prime minister Republic of iMoldova. Today V.Voronin, the third President of Republic Moldova, leader PCRM, has addressed with the letter to the Prime minister V.Filatu. In the letter it is spoken about a pitiable condition in Banca de conomii. It is underlined, that there is a purposeful bankruptcy of unique state bank, depreciation of actions and privatisation for pennies. We result Vladimir Voronina's post card.

To Prime minister Republic of iMoldova to Mr. V. Filat.
Dear Mr. the Prime minister!
As you know, on December, 11th, 2012 I, as the deputy of Parliament, have addressed on channels to a number of heads of state bodies with the letter in which has stated the incontestable facts testifying to illegal attempts throughout last one and a half years of artificial reduction of own capital and actives Banca de conomii with a view of depreciation of its actions and privatisation under the "waste" price. the only thing credit , the control over which carries out the Government, it fairly consider as one of the financial institutions, having unique value in stability maintenance monetary - a financial system and according to economic and social safety of the country. For this reason in 2001-2002g PCRM has prevented already then existing attempts to deduce from under the state control this bank, with unpredictable for hundreds thousand its clients and investors consequences.
Unfortunately, a number of state institutions, except the Anti-corruption centre, instead of constructive answers on the substance of the questions put by me in the letter from 11.12.12. Have got off formal replies. The barefaced neglect to our alarm about lacks of management was shown in the answer by Natsbank, workers of the Ministry of Finance have given up in an audience to our experts for additional clearing of some question. The national Commission on the financial markets - proxy body on suppression in a rudimentary condition similar attempts has ignored a question of principle about an artificial collapse of stock quotes on the bank action. 22.11. 2010. There has been begun original artificial "collapse" of the price and all for 10 days it has decreased with 200 pour to 35 pour for the action, ignoring impressing growth of all indicators of efficiency of bank and that circumstance that has thus depreciated also the state property making more of 56 % in the authorised capital of bank.
But my reference to you in the open press is dictated not by this provincial rudeness of state officials, as well as all citizens of Moldova we, opposition party, already we are surprised to nothing.
The matter is that even after the direct prevention of mission of IMF in November 2012. About necessity of elimination till March 2013. Consequences of all illegal and doubtful operations with actives and bank actions, realisation the scenario on artificial depreciation of securities of bank is not stopped.
We consider, that in connection with majority inactivity , capable and proxy to take immediate correcting measures, only the Government still can prevent in the circumstances the next economic crime made by persons to whom interests of the country and the Moldavian people are alien.
For this purpose, in the first, it is necessary it is achieved in an immediate interdiction by decision on the financial markets of all operations on the stock exchange with actions as each of them in created conditions depreciates state property in this bank more than for 250 percent in comparison the price.
In the second to redeem in favour of the state, exposed on January, 14th of this year in open sale at stock exchange of Moldova, share holdings 8,9 % and 2,4 % from authorised capital Banca de Economii, having strengthened thereby extremely important positions of the state in this bank and accordingly in monetary system of the country. Further these actions it will be possible at necessity and favorable with benefit for the state to sell. Time presses, Mr. the Prime minister, on January, 16th of this year a share holding in 3,87 % from the authorised capital as a result of direct purchase and sale (without auction) has been realised at a stock exchange by one of shareholders, on obvious to the price - 13,87 for one action.
In the third to cancel, on the procedure provided by the legislation, as illegal, accepted bypassing the Government, the decision of meeting of shareholders of this bank from April, 30th, 2012 about additional issue and the repayment in favour of the state of actions of the given bank, provided by the Government decision.
The party of communists of Republic Moldova in August - September, 2012 has in due time stated a corresponding estimation to attempts to cancel this decision the decision of the Constitutional court by deputy inquiry, in particular the former member of parliamentary fraction PKRM of S.Syrbu. As a result this inquiry has been withdrawn also simplification of capture has not taken place. Now to you, Mr. the Prime minister, it is necessary to achieve actual realisation of it the decision of the Government,
And the main thing, immediately to eliminate the roughest infringements admitted in May - September, 2012 Natsbank and workers of State office of the government, as a result of their lack of information and , regarding acquisition of directing bodies Banca de Economii, first of all the chairman of Council of the Bank and the President of bank.
I believe, Mr. the Prime minister, that you realise nation-wide importance of the given offers and will take appropriate measures for their operative realisation.
Chairman PCRM, the deputy of Parliament of Republic Moldova, Vladimir Voronin.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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