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The chairman the PASS Jean Claude Minon and its double standards. It about visiting by the euroofficial of a high rank of Republic Moldova, about a sight from Europe, about the relation to Moldavians as to children unreasonable.
The chairman the PASS Jean Claude Minon and its double standards. It about visiting by the euroofficial of a high rank of Republic Moldova, about a sight from Europe, about the relation to Moldavians as to children unreasonable.

Communicating with "natives" (members of parliament from ), European "inhabitant of heaven" has drawn a conclusion, that in the world there are not enough states in which all is so safely and remarkably as in Moldova

Performance in parliament next high-ranking from Europe the chairman Z.K.Minona's PASS has shown, that the European officials and inhabitants of Moldova differently imagine, that such progress, success and development. According to Z.Minona citizens of the country are deeply wrong, when consider, that Moldova develops in an incorrect direction, that election of "president" did not stabilise a political situation, that instead of reforms there is their imitation. Z.K.Minon in parliament confirmed the return: "president" is selected in conformity with Constitution requirements, the alliance has reached successes in business of "democratic reforms", it is necessary to change procedure of election of the head of the state etc. In French gracefully it has bypassed the thorny questions, concerning infringements of procedure of election of "president", failures , full absence of any appreciable changes in business of reforming of courts and Office of Public Prosecutor. " Any country is not faultless in respect of democracy functioning "- he, thereby having given out to an alliance has declared one more indulgence on continuation of the liberal experiment with Moldova.

Then Z.Minon has a little talked about position in Europe, having assured everything, that "complexities of EU carry a temporality, and they will be overcome". However, the chairman the PASS has supported with nothing the optimism. In this connection and remains not clear how Europe will solve the financial problems? She counts on whose financial support - the USA, Russia or China?

Half of speech of Z.Minon has devoted to position in Dnestr region. It is a lot of and long spoke about a civil society, human rights, a separative mode and a destructive role of Russia. It has reminded that Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has addressed to Russia with the requirement to deduce the Limited group of the Russian armies of a conflict zone.

At the same time the chairman the PASS did not have any kind word to the Russian peacemakers which merit is that fact, that within 20 years on Dnestr the world remains. This achievement is especially important and appreciable against scale wars which "for the sake of the world and democracy" throughout last decades conducted the USA and the European states in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Considering that circumstance, that as a result of external intervention the peace life in the majority of these states has appeared destroyed and civil wars carry away every day tens and hundreds lives, Z.Minona's concern in position in Dnestr region is born in itself by a certain shade of hypocrisy.

By the way the European visitor has mentioned closing of broadcasting company NIT and an interdiction of communistic symbolics. Z.Minon has expressed satisfaction, that these affairs are considered in courts and by that "all democratic procedures" are observed.

Z.Minon has not mentioned with a word about opposition prosecution, education system destruction, infringement of the rights of national minorities and other not less important problems. The conclusion smoothly followed from smooth speech of the chairman the PASS that is not enough in the world of the states in which all is so safely and remarkably as in Moldova. Deputies from (especially from Liberal party) hardly have not shed a few tears from affection and with servile aspiration in a voice thanked the visitor for high "an estimation and support".

The kind picture of dialogue of European "inhabitant of heaven" with "natives", was broken by the questions set by representatives of fraction PKRM: in what successes and achievements of the reforms spent particularly consist? Whether It is known to the chairman the PASS about sharp growth of a crime rate and corruption last three years? How to be with numerous infringements of the laws supposed by an alliance? Whether in a course it, what, for example, more recently ruling majority has passed the law depriving to 300 thousand of citizens of the country of the right to vote under the Soviet passports?

It was strange to hear instead of the concrete answer from the head the PASS banal excuses: "I cannot interfere with internal affairs of your country and give any estimations". Though several minutes before in the performance just Z.Minon's such estimations gave, including on especially internal affairs of the state.

Has especially impressed "practical advice" from the adherent of European freedom and values concerning closing NIT and an interdiction of communistic symbolics: "If the opposition is dissatisfied with something, it can always bring an action". The valuable recommendation. Expensive costs. Well-known, that any business can be rolled up in court indefinitely. The power has not bad mastered this method concerning trial on business of broadcasting company NIT, appointing hearings of times in three months. I do not know, the European officials realise it or not, but their support indulges planting in Moldova to selective democracy, double standards and completely discredits the European values and as a whole the European Union. There are at an alliance no achievements, except for that its propagandists invent.

Nevertheless, sooner or later an enlightenment at the European bureaucrats will come. Probably when the number of supporters of integration of Moldova from EU will make insignificant minority. It was necessary to see, how fidgeted in Z.Minon's armchair and at once began to boil, when speech came about the Customs Union. For them is a bone in a throat as problems in EU all accrue also the end it it is not visible.

I regret only for one: because of limitation of time, answered questions Z.Minonu that, if not has not had time to remind a sickle and a hammer on a red banner of the Victory which has been set up over Berlin in May, 1945, France as early as long years if not decades would be under a fascist boot. 

Zurab , a photo Valery Korchmar.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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