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Article New disorder Chubashenko as it seems to me applies for remaining in history. Histories of our time. After all time will once come and we will study our past to understand that us waits in the future. From its permission I place this article in a
Article New disorder Chubashenko as it seems to me applies for remaining in history. Histories of our time. After all time will once come and we will study our past to understand that us waits in the future. From its permission I place this article in archive Moldova of a photo gallery.

Quarter of the century back Moldova has dropped out of the collapsed Soviet system. Today she unsuccessfully tries to adjoin the European system which too has started to collapse.

To exist and develop independently Moldova it has appeared not in forces. As a result it has got stuck at historical deadlock.

The faster politicians will comprehend this a situation, the better. But a problem that our politicians are not capable to think. The Moldavian political thought is absent as that. It is not present. There are Moldavian political instincts and constant desire of all to deceive.

What the general between financial crisis on Cyprus and political crisis in Moldova? Both that, and another - one more failure of the European Union.

News which come from Europe, make impression, that there all has gone racing. The luster, which else shone recently EU, has grown dull. Though Europe remains to one of the most comfortable for a life of places on the earth, everywhere, even in the most developed countries, transition to an economy class is felt. Problems are visible an unaided sight even if simply to pass across Europe by the car. And the television picture transfers these problems in the concentrated kind and at times as in history with the blocked bank system of Cyprus or with 50 percent unemployment among youth in Greece and Spain, looks apocalypticly.

The processes occurring in EU, kill illusions about eurointegration of Moldova. The desire of Moldavians to be integrated into EU has irrational character. They want there because think, that there it it will be good. But when this irrational aspiration was generated, Europe was another. When in EU have accepted Romania and Bulgaria, it seemed to much, that there can accept everything, and time so why sometime in members of EU could not accept and Moldova. Crisis has crossed out similar dreams. This summer EU will be entered by Croatia, and then years on 10 the moratorium on acceptance of new members, thus will be entered that in turn on the introduction into EU there are six more Balkan states, Turkey and Iceland. Moldova even close do not admit to that turn, and it is necessary to be absolutely inadequate to continue to bear delirium about that, as our country can accept in EU.

Democracy - not value.

Nobody cancelled the nature of capitalism. In second half 20th centuries, in many respects under the influence of the competing ideological project - Soviet Union, and world communistic movement, - capitalism in Europe became more humane, evolved towards the social state. To the Soviet democracy the democratic socialism has been opposed, to the countries of national democracy - the countries of liberal democracy. These projects competed, and it went on advantage to people. But with crash of the USSR, and after it and the left movement in Europe, the alternative has disappeared, possibility to compare and choose between two systems, and together with it has disappeared both necessity to constrain capitalist and imperialistic instincts. While resources sufficed on everything, it was not so considerably. Crisis has made this process obvious. As well as hundred years ago, strong have started to eat the weak. It would be possible to tell, that eat even the members of EU, but neither country of Eastern Europe, nor Baltic republics USSR, even Greece with Spain and there were no the for the European grandees, whose imperial instincts which restrained, but have not died, today again prove in all beauty. If Germany and Holland wipe feet about Romania what to speak about Moldova about which Romania wipes feet even? All it becomes with a synthetic politically correct smile on lips, but from it the wipe of feet does not cease to be less diligent.

Later 20 years after disorder of the USSR falls also that order which was established in Europe after the Second World War. That will be further, not clearly. We cannot imagine not only where we will appear in 10 years, but we at all do not know, that can happen in half a year. The unique proof sensation consists that the era both Soviet, and the European development and well-being has ended, and it becomes in the foreseeable future better not.

In the majority of the new independent states, including in Moldova, there was not a replacement of the Soviet usages with the western models, and deep falling under the relation both to those, and to another therefore the economy has collapsed, the political class degraded, and the people vegetate in poverty.

Experience of last 25 years has shown, that liberal democracy as which understand multi-party system, free elections and a free press, on the post-Soviet territory in general and in Moldova in particular does not work.

All elections admitted democratic Moldova, fair, free, but from it quality of the state and the power not only has not improved, but, on the contrary, very strongly degraded for all these years. Original parties at us are not present, rather independent press - too.

For the majority of normal people democracy, multi-party system, elections, a freedom of speech is not value. The family, the property, the capital, work, religion, the earth, the native land are values. And possibility to go on elections and to vote every year for strangers whom Mafiosis and the smugglers deceiving and robing the people suddenly appear, is not value. To look, how under the pretext of multi-party system to us dozen SRL with one shareholder in the name of the leader, - too not value. To observe, how on eight television channels belonging to two-three oligarchs, two dozen representatives of "a civil society which anybody, except itself, do not represent, all day long take people for a ride about elections and parties, - and it not value. All it not the people power. It is conscious the population which is carried out that people set less questions concerning deliberate destruction of the state.

Strait jacket from Bruxelles

Negotiations on formation -3 and the new government - a good example of fictitious character of democracy in Moldova and degeneration of its political class.

To the normal person not to understand, how Vlad Filat can, after that he has told about Vlad Plahotnjuka to carry on with it any negotiations, and then together to vote for government AEI-3 and for possible returning of "puppeteer" in parliament presidium. Then it is necessary to reinstate and general public prosecutor Valeriu Zubko because, from the point of view of that spoke earlier, it any more has no value. Why it is impossible to reinstate and "doll" if you have restored "puppeteer"?

The package agreement on creation -3 should provide and closing of all criminal cases on supporters . Thereby will show to all who yet has not understood it, that these affairs have been opened purely on political grounds for compulsion to new arrangement. It is a pity only, that this transaction will not allow to revive and Sorin Pachu about which destiny all leaders have already forgotten.

If all it occurs - will be generated -3, he will confirm the new government, will return to parliament presidium, will close criminal cases on representatives , ― it will mean, that as the politician in general anybody. A full zero. Such conclusion should make the majority of normal people. But to leaders which, by their own frank recognition, represents from inveterate swindlers to spit on opinion of normal people. These swindlers reformat the brigade and will continue to hang up to people on ears noodles about the European integration.

Bruxelles, it is possible not to doubt, will greet continuation of course on eurointegration. It, certainly, ridiculously, but is absolutely explainable.

To eurobureaucrats all these characters from are absolutely unimportant. , , a magnifier, - what difference who there gurgles in Kishinev? That any speculators naming with the Proeuropean politicians, in hundred kilometres from border from EU have dared to threaten the project East partnership which possible failure really disturbs euroofficials matters only. It was necessary to hospital attendants from Bruxelles urgently to put on to these sleepwalkers from strait jackets, to stick a shock dose and to return in the Proeuropean stall. And that have got a false idea, you understand, that can do something. Six have run out from the chamber number in a court yard and began to fight with each other, finding out, who from them more abrupt Napoleon. It was necessary to hospital attendants-commissioners to deduce them from this .

Leaders have by turns reprimanded to Bruxelles and : you who, in general, such that in resignation to leave, elections any to declare? You that have got a false idea of yourselves? Were inflated, as peacocks, Kishinev, and to us here for you be answerable, explain to the puppeteers as it behind any East partner dolls have not watched. Words, of course, were not such, and quite even politically correct, but the message was such. It is not important, that euroofficials speak, it is important, that they think. And about swindlers from they think very badly.

In the European press there has passed a series of materials that EU money, allocated to Moldova, leaves in a black corruption hole. Not in the Moldavian horse the European forage. To Angela Merkel who suffices own problems of the European Union, hardly it is pleasant on the eve of to explain elections to the voters-tax bearers why they should support not only Greeks, Spaniards and Cypriotes, but also any Moldavians, which this money stupidly plunder, and to be Europeanized and democratised in any way do not want. Nicht sense from these Kishinev thieves. Therefore also the ambassador of EU in Kishinev, the German on a nationality, so fusses to reanimate . Understands , that in case of definitive death of its this coalition on a head will not stroke neither in Bruxelles, nor in Berlin.

Moldova, and only that it has not turned suddenly on the East is necessary to Bruxelles not. Thus, that in EU there are internal colonies, such as Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, there should be also colonies and on EU borders, such as Moldova.

There is a movement aside region. It will not be called so. It will be called as the Customs union, it will be called as the Euroasian union and all in such sort. We will not be mistaken in this respect. We know, in what the purpose consists, and we try to develop effective ways of how to slow down it or to prevent it, ― has frankly declared former US State Secretary Hillari Clinton before the resignation.

Moldavians to eurobureaucrats are indifferent, but those would not like, that at Russia something has turned out in this region. Not for this purpose they participated in disorder of Soviet Union now to reconcile to any new integration project in the east. Just in case - today such project is not present, and tomorrow it can appear - the West tries not to admit even possibility of turn of Moldova in other party. Therefore it is necessary to keep , not to admit early election, and to the next elections to try to make process irreversible, through the puppet political power, through a zone of free trade which will destroy the rests of national Moldavian manufacture and will even more fence off the right coast of Dnestr from left, through simplification to Moldavians of departure to Europe. Finally, it is a question of destruction of Moldova as state and Moldavians as people. Substantially this purpose is already reached, it is necessary to pass a non-return point, and for this purpose it is necessary to keep .

: 2001vs 2013

Early election is unique chance of a revenge. If such mobilisation selective project in which expectation the party has again rallied, is not, to next elections will continue to be strewed further.

It is not visible to create yet as can prevent leaders were -2 -3 if , the Plahotnjuk/magnifier and will agree about new repartition of the power. And pressure of the West so strongly, that them, most likely, will force to agree. Anywhere they from this submarine will not get to.

Methods of parliamentary struggle of the purposes will not reach. The chairman of party Vladimir Voronin threatens the authorities with national revolution but how can make revolution if it does not have revolutionary weight? For revolution it is necessary to have at least pair of thousand the morons, ready to repeat on November, 7th, 1917 or on April, 7th, 2009.

In Moldova there is no revolutionary situation. Here there is absolutely stupid and inutile power. That it does, is awful and is unpromising. But it does not mean, that tomorrow people leave on street to dethrone this power. The sufficient potential that it to dump, in a society is not present. tries to reanimate the Civil congress which should become revolution motive power, but not the fact, that it will turn out.

And here here it would be very interesting, and for most also vital, to try to understand, why in 2001 it has received the constitutional majority in parliament and that it is necessary to make in 2013 to take at least the simple majority.

Today, as well as 12 years ago, the population tests strong hatred to liberals and democrats and reforms spent by them. But there are two important circumstances which radically distinguish a present situation from that that was in 2001.

The first: unlike 2001 when for many people was pure and innocent opposition, today the party operates, having behind the back credit history of eight-year board, and this history, more likely, gives them a minus, than plus though they and consider, that all very much the other way.

And the second: unlike 2001 when very clearly stated to voters, for what it acts, today the party cannot that she wants.

Only one ! A little. It is necessary to offer people and any positive image of the future. In 2001 such image has drawn is there was an image of the Soviet past. The promise to restore the Soviet usages a red thread passed through pre-election platform in 2001. People voted for it, but them has deceived. Throughout eight years the party carried out anti-Soviet and liberal to the policy inclusion in the charter of point that supports the European integration became which culmination. This point operates and until now.
In my opinion, at it will not turn out to repeat success of 2001, first of all, just because it became too liberally-democratic and supports eurointegration. The main claim which shows to leaders , consists just that those operate and not in an European way. It is an unpromising line for party. From the point of view of euroofficials, in any case does eurointegration better, and for these purposes it is not necessary. And from the point of view of the voter in the Moldova, has turned to precisely same party, as well as parties AEI, and she simply wishes to remove them from a feeding trough from which her have removed in 2009.

looks not as alternative , and as the representative same with a political kind.

If will be and further itself so to conduct, it does not have chances to overcome on its European field. Game rules on this field are established not , and not that she by these rules won. And judges who judge this match, in any case will include defeat.

If wishes to make the present jerk to a victory, she should refuse eurointegration. But it hardly on the such is capable. Also has put at all in a momentary conjuncture, and that the communism is the same child of Europe, as well as liberal democracy. At and one mum. Or the grandmother. Simply it has appeared on a drying up branch of this family tree, and - on for the present turning green. But all the same they of one blood.

Soviet power PKRM to restore any more does not want, and to make eurointegration - cannot. The party says, that prepares revolution. But what for? We will admit, what they will dethrone a hated antinational mode - and what further?

Clearly, that the next two-three years, and, maybe, and it is more, no stability in Moldova will exist. If early election nevertheless is appointed, they do not become the last. In couple of years it is necessary to hold one more election. If it will be created -3 and this coalition will hold on to the next elections all the same this time will be restless. Pre-election campaign, as a matter of fact, has already begun. Nobody wishes to be got involved in new fight, and it is necessary.

All have got tired. The alliance cannot make anything. Communists too. And it has bothered Europeans.

Situation really .

Dmitry Chubashenko, the director of "Panorama"

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

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