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Vladimir Voronin has answered questions, but before press conference has addressed to journalists with an opening address: All of you know, that the last some days to Moldova have fallen in literal sense the whole squall of statements of representatives o
Vladimir Voronin has answered questions, but before press conference has addressed to journalists with an opening address:
All of you know, that the last some days to Moldova have fallen in literal sense the whole squall of statements of representatives of the European union, the Council of Europe and Romania. In all these statements concern in the Republic Moldova future, its European prospects, a condition of its democratic institutes is expressed. If not to get a grasp of texts of these declarations it would be possible to agree with their categorical intonation easily.

Really, the bases for concern expression by all by that is created in Moldova last four years, more than enough. Let's recollect only, what irreplaceable a victim were brought by a ruling mode on an altar of the European integration! Some attempts of refusal of the operating Constitution, change of the law on presidential elections during presidential elections, anticonstitutional election of the head of the state, capture of one of ruling groupings of all judicial system, introduction of an open interdiction for a freedom of speech and liquidation of an oppositional television channel, an interdiction of the Soviet and communistic symbolics, demonstrative suppression of the rights of national minorities, capture of National meeting Gagauzii, lightning change of an electoral system to please to corruption possibilities of one of political parties, actual capture by this party of the Constitutional court and an open manipulation its decisions, refusal in the right to will more than 240 thousand citizens of Moldova, owners of the Soviet passports.

But, alas, no. All these actions of a ruling Alliance, certainly, partly were criticised, exposed to some doubt, but at all did not become the reason of explosive and "noble" indignation of the European institutes. For example, on May, 2nd the Higher appellate court recognised as lawful will lock on television channel NIT announcement. But in statements of the European officials is not present words on data, certainly, to the Antieuropean and antidemocratic decision. It, appears, a trifle for authoritative officials of Bruxelles and Strasbourg. Equally, as well as pressure growth in a safety zone of the Dnestr conflict, the politician of branch of Dnestr region from other Moldova, spent under the control of the European advisers.

What in that case so has revolted the European sponsors Moldavian success histories? What so has frightened and Jean-Claude Minona? In what they have noticed threat of the European modernisation of Moldova?

Threat, appears, consists exclusively that two political parties with absolutely opposite ideological and political aspirations, have decided to restore democratic game rules in Moldova: to restore operating about twenty years in Moldova an electoral system, to pull out the Constitutional court from corruption schemes and to force it to serve the right, instead of dollar, to create conditions for the present democratic will in which chances of payoff of voters from oligarchs will be brought to naught. Also it is everything, it appears, crosses out the European future of Moldova.

Well, we recognise: never before before neither the higher structures of EU, nor representatives of the Council of Europe did not operate so openly and cynically. Never before they did statements which in literal sense provoke not only public indignation, but also cause wide Antieuropean moods in Moldova. Never before before so high European officials did not appear in a role fussy and hysterical lawyers of a devil. Now some things are even more clear to us. And I will list them.

The first. So prompt information intervention of EU and the Council of Europe means, that the European integration for Moldova was perceived and perceived in Bruxelles and Strasbourg not from positions of strengthening of leadership of the right and expansion of democratic freedom and guarantees, and is exclusive as the geopolitical project.

Its essence is simple: any ways to counteract partnership of Moldova with Russia, not to give uniform chance of strengthening of integration communications of Moldova of the post-Soviet territory. Moreover, today it is already clear, that preservation of Moldova in the European orbit sees in Bruxelles not as the independent state, and in shape of the corrupted political enclave separated from Dnestr region and the subordinate of Romania.

For this reason any alternative on this way: somehow the possible victory of present parliamentary opposition - Parties of communists - is perceived as threat such the European integration. Equally, as well as any form of the state and democratic degradation of the country, capture of its judicial and political system by obvious criminal grouping is perceived, as the blessing on a way to the specified purpose. And let six of six judges of the Constitutional court are citizens of Romania, let press parliamentary opposition and a civil freedom, let crush the Constitution of Moldova - all it is entered in the specified geopolitical project.

The second. We notice, that hysterical statements of Strasbourg and Bruxelles are today the most serious blow on the European modernisation of Moldova. It is a slap in the face for all citizens of the country who still sincerely believed that decisions at such level cannot be accepted under the pressure of so primitive motives as personal corruption and xenophobia of times of "cold war. During that resolute moment when the majority of citizens in the country counted on interested support of the West in struggle against the Moldavian mafia, the West has supported a mafia. The European union has chosen not values, and the money, not interested permission of internal political dispute, and conflict escalation.

The third. Today us the opinion of the European heads least interests. Authority of these heads on Europe not so many above, than in Moldova. Us the opinion of citizens of our country first of all interests. And this opinion today on the party of all those decisions which have been accepted last Friday. First of all because these decisions give hope to Moldova on early election, on elections free and democratic, on country decriminalization, on the worthy democratic future.

At the same time we will continue an explanation of the position both in the West, and in the east. We are not going to submit to instructive statements of those who made these statements, having crossed through morals, conscience and so-called European values. Values which, by the way, are the family not only for carriers of the European passports, and all those who considers itself as continuers and successors of a great Victory over fascism.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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