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I can not pass by and for the archive I wish to leave article placed on enews. Article is called "Nouveau riches from democracy". Oazu Nantoi has told: "Moldavians are capable to unite against someone, but are not capable to unite for the sake of somethin
I can not pass by and for the archive I wish to leave article placed on enews. Article is called "Nouveau riches from democracy". Oazu Nantoi has told: "Moldavians are capable to unite against someone, but are not capable to unite for the sake of something".

Repin picture Barge hauliers on Volga remember? And so, approximately so made an effort to look our elects, undertaken to drag the fragile barge of the Moldavian statehood in a paradise creek of the European Union after elections on November, 28th, 2010. All kept within the simple scheme - "bad" communists have lost the power, and "good" not-communists it have received.

All anything, but very different were these "barge hauliers". We will begin with "philatelists" from Liberally Democratic party. Its leader, Vladimir Filat has begun political career in 90th years, consisting in the ranks of Democratic party. Already after elections on March, 6th, 2005 some observers have noticed, that Vlad Filat has started to work on the, personal political image, obviously being weighed upon that image of the party leader - Dmitry Djakova a tombstone laid on all Democratic party. As consequence, autumn of 2007 has left from and, at own risk, has started to "untwist" project .

The situation promoted it - after defeat on local elections of 2007 itself has started to untwist a flywheel of total war against all and all. Accordingly, in strict conformity with Newton's laws, in a society there was a wave of counteraction which has managed to saddle Vlad Filat with the command. Certainly, any political project for the realisation demands money, and considerable. Vlad Filat does not make impression of the poor person. However, in the range of 2001-2009 it was not at the power. That means, that this money at it has appeared in opposition with the power () - in it and its basic difference from Vlad Plahotnjuka consists. Besides, it is similar that in Moldova enough businessmen, full up were typed by "liberalism". That means, that money for "promotion" have been found in the conflict to the power.

While Vlad Plahotnjuk became those whom we know just because has managed to transform Vladimir Voronina - the power for that moment, into the tool of the personal enrichment and an establishment of the personal control over the state structures. Including, and over our very independent judicial power.

Besides it, command looked solidly enough in comparison with other parties. Near to Vlad Filatom have appeared to Alexander Tenase, and other, bright enough and independent persons, adjusted for the sizes of the Moldavian political bog. Moreover, in there was Jury Ljanke who, according to the "Moldavian" concepts, should come in , to Dmitry Djakovu. For, , son Anatoly Stati in which campaign Jury Ljanke worked, was married to daughter Dmitry Djakova. Nevertheless, has preferred to come in . Itself gradually affirmed on a political arena as the open and rigid opposition with , on a wave of growing protest moods in a society.

With the situation has appeared absolutely another. After leaving Vlad Filata, Dmitry Djakov wished to prove to itself, to Vlad Filatu and even voters, that it too can. However, it has ended with a catastrophic failure on elections on April, 5th 2009. Then it has headed a Magnifier, declared the leaving from on June, 10th, 2009. Here at all did not smell. For itself the Magnifier, on the instructions of , obediently played a role of the speaker throughout four years (2005-2009), duping on ears to the western ambassadors fascinated its manners, points and , for lack of any maintenance. And, as not to Vladimir Voroninu it is better to whom to know about its essence when he has characterised it as: Doi meti de bulbuci - that means Two metres of soap bubbles . And before repeated early election on November, 28th, 2010 masks also have been at all dumped - in service record there was Vlad Plahotnjuk and all its authorised representatives. Most likely, Vlad Plahotnjuk has decided, that, after all , "roof" any more will not protect it, and that it is necessary to create the"political"roof.

To it it is necessary to add, that in Republic Moldova already there were precedents when businessmen, having managed to earn money, came to conclusion, that they can do and to the politician (the same methods!). Probably, as Vlad Plahotnjuk began to test a political itch, as has induced it to leave a shade. Certainly, the Magnifier remained the first in the list. But, - only as a bait for voters.

With all both is easier, and it is more difficult. - such what it is, has really managed to revive this political project, has managed to "untwist" and, the main thing, has managed to saddle that pro-Romanian segment of the Moldavian society which has turned away, by then, from Jury Roshki. At the same time has resulted in a number of persons, not consonants to be its uncomplaining trainees.

Before to pass by mournful end , it would be advisable to name the names some realities from the Moldavian political life. First, the Moldavian political parties anything, except the names are not similar to the European partners. Flight of predators - here the most realistic model of the Moldavian political parties. In a leader of the party - the leader, it - the alpha male and, at the same time and "purse" of party which dominates in all - from formation of the service record of party and before acceptance of "fatal" decisions. All election campaigns of all political parties are paid by "a black cash. Therefore and the bill of financing of political parties - nobody wants the minimum control and in this "delicate" business.

For last years there were parties which are able professionally the "" segment of a society - western with their professional cynicism, it is a lot of money, it is even more cynicism in direct dialogue with voters and, - the result is provided. However, for all years of existence of the Moldavian statehood, I did not see still any party capable not only to promise the world, but also which at least approximately imagined, as follows these promises to carry out.

There has passed a fever of elections and a situation has sharply changed while these three flights began to divide a desired pie of the power. Silly Europeans, at the same time with not getting tired to trust in politicians Moldavians (in sense of citizenship), in vain expected, that ceremonious negotiations between the pro-European gentlemen on a basis principles and values will begin, that they will meticulously discuss the board Program, justice reform, tax subtleties, return to a local autonomy, struggle against corruption and even - a plan of action on association of meanwhile not taken place country. However, all was reduced to that alpha males among themselves and, finally, if to trust its exposers, not only has kept all "schemes" on the illegal enrichment, created still at , but also has bought also pair of the state structures which have become a board and a sword in its playful handles.

Rejdersky captures of "tasty" pieces of another's business, capture under the control any offshore companies of the increasing number of TV of channels, the lightning and severe sentences, taken out to opponents very independent Moldavian courts became the basic maintenance of "the European way. Certainly, and other alpha males did not remain deprived. However, scope and aggression with which Vlad Plahotnjuk bossed, were perceived by other Vlad - , already as direct threat to the political future. In particular, after capture all after elections in National Meeting in September, 2012. The society, as a whole, began to get tired of this never-ending train of squabbles inside while ordinary citizens at all did not feel made happy with this power. In addition, degrading Moldavian realities were not entered in any way in invented by the European bureaucrats success history.

I wish to make one, at first sight paradoxical, the remark - this train of mutual recriminations and scandals has also positive effect. After all, if the case on hunting would happen in days of - the total control over all and all from one "flight", anybody and has not learnt anything. And so, this mutual has allowed us to learn in what mansion we live , they go for a drive on what "wheelbarrows". It appears, that at our very independent and poor as church rats, judges, as a rule, someone from the nearest relatives appears the successful businessman. These "businessmen" - in combination - wives, children or parents, also build "abrupt" private residences in prestigious quarters, in which out of charity contain these fair judges, which salaries will not suffice to contain a dog for protection of these private residences. So, the society has learnt a lot of interesting and even juicy about the elects. Meanwhile, there is opened a question that it will occur to all further.

Observers and ill-wishers repeatedly accused of indecision, that it "raises" on , and then "reverses". However, if to lay aside leisure gamble that blackmails with any "compromising evidence", from it 31 mandate had really appeared in the face of internal opposition from and , in a situation, when with the 34 remained voices in Parliament only and knew what to shout about usurpation of the power and necessity of preschedule parliamentary elections.

The compelled resignation of the General Public prosecutor has started such flywheel mutual inside , that its participants have rejected all conventions connected with principles and values, and a lawful state as a whole. Really, anything others except as political blackmail cannot explain, everything, that has occurred between March, 5th, day of resignation of the Government, and on April, 22nd when has made very doubtful decision according to which Vlad Filat cannot fulfil a duty of the Prime minister, being sent in resignation on charge in corruption. The most ridiculous, that for this decision fraction DPM which had 5th has voted, it is necessary to understand - not corrupted ministers in the same Government.

Moreover, among voting there was also deputy Valery Guma, in Romania for 4th years for that corruption.

To this decision , and went on absolutely inadmissible concessions in a lawful state in relation to in illusory hope to see again as the Prime minister. Decision from April, 22nd has translated political opposition Plahotnjuk-Filat on essentially other level-Filat has apprehended it as deadly threat in the address that justified any actions on the protection. Political arithmetics has not left to it any other variants - only in an alliance with it was possible to type necessary quantity of voices to win back back everything, that has been conceded and to try to tyre out the last in a corner.

Passed by the Moldavian Parliament on 3rd of May laws and decisions do not maintain any criticism - united by desire to "presoak" , and have spat upon everything, that associates with a lawful state. With one only specification - , it is that person who has intended to take all state under the personal control. And here I do not want it.

It is already obvious, that the Vilnius Summit of EU will not bring anything fatal for the exhausted Moldova. It is already obvious, that we, citizens of Republic Moldova, are not capable , using mechanisms of political democracy - if to agree that the Parliament is a mirror in this mirror we see ourselves - deeply sick society. I, personally count on absolutely another, - it would be desirable to believe, that following the results of all these shameful scandals though someone from our elects will sit down on plank beds. To me to spit, who exactly. But, that all that occurs, had any completeness, someone from nowadays power , let even as a whipping boy, should sit down on plank beds! Will suffice! Precedent without which shameful degradation in statehood will proceed endlessly and sense is necessary.

Somewhere tens years ago, me have asked: And what is necessary that the country has united? My answer has sounded so: that we have on the right coast should not be a shame To us!

Alas, meanwhile it is a shame to me. Even if Dnestr, nobody recognised , looks even more poorly, rather than our, recognised. But, it would be desirable to believe, that opened on the right coast will benefit - will unmask sickening hypocrisy our provincial brothel, and at all political "girls" on a forehead the concrete price will be written. Well, and its majesty the citizen of Moldova, will start to think (sober) head, instead of a bum, preferring on elections of one of them. You look, and new "girls" will appear. You look, and the profit in an institution will appear. Naive expectations, certainly. And what in exchange?

Oazu Nantoi, the Citizen of Republic Moldova, and only.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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