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Vladimir Voronina's opening address to Press conference in party of communists. Questions of journalists have answered Vladimir Voronin, Oleg Rejdman, Grigory Petrenko and Arthur Reshetnikov.
Vladimir Voronina's opening address to Press conference in party of communists. Questions of journalists have answered Vladimir Voronin, Oleg Rejdman, Grigory Petrenko and Arthur Reshetnikov.

Dear present, you have paid attention, that in day of the statement of the government, past Thursday the Party of communists has practically ignored discussion of the presented program of the government.

We precisely knew, that the document offered for discussion was not object of any discussions even among parties in power, its maintenance interested nobody. More significant themes, namely section of posts and influence spheres interested, as is known. Differently, the main program document of an executive power has been prepared, as "papier-mache", as "stuffed animal" which should replace live thought and sincere aspiration to changes.

And here, the government is appointed. My colleagues now will act with an estimation of this software product of the power. And I would like to stop on three moments of general-political property.

The first. On Thursday there was rather significant event. Business not that from political horizon such characters of Moldavian policy Gimpu have definitively disappeared, the Magnifier and Филат. Also has put at all that now practically all power in the country belongs to the unique force - Democratic party. And this party now in the answer for all.

The basic conclusion in other. The new coalition was openly generated without any hint on though any the general political - ideological and valuable - a platform. To anybody from its architects and in a head the thought that it is necessary to develop somehow economy does not come, social sphere to struggle with corruption, to develop the country - its formation and public health services. No policy within the limits of a new coalition is present more. There is only frank cynical arrangement about the control over monetary streams. In other words, this criminal government in the pure state. Its purpose to rescue and keep all the worst, that we saw last four years: corruption, the organised crime, the control over judicial system and capture of the state institutes.

The second. All it is clear, that the idea of the European integration for the given board is only a camouflage. Symptomatically, that in the chief executive and parliament diplomats are put. That is the people aimed not on dialogue with the people, and it is exclusive on interaction with a foreign policy environment. Their problem - to be convenient interlocutors for the European ambassadors, a comfortable facade behind which all other power will be engaged in the habitual business.

And, it is important to underline, that such Moldavian euroimitation is extremely favourable today to EU. For the unique reason. The European integration has ceased to be process of introduction of reforms, standards and values. Eurointegration for Moldova provides the unique problem - preservation in Moldova an aggressive Antirussian mode and an exception of any preconditions for реинтеграции with Dnestr region. And until it will be so, all these Фюле, Эштон and Шубели will shut eyes to a corruption and antidemocratic essence of the Kishinev mode. To it will applaud and assist.

The third. Till last day, that is to ПКРМ environment carried on negotiations with ЛДПМ and Democratic party. Here there are two from a three переговорщиков which will inform details of this process. The subject of negotiations was one - the prompt exit on early election. And both parties till last moment expressed the consent with necessity to go on elections. And that they have refused at the last minute this decision, speaks about one: all these forces are dependent, they are puppets in hands of original foreign puppeteers which participate in much more scale geopolitical games.

The following conclusion follows from all it: the next board which was generated in Moldova has arisen without any plan on change of affairs in the country to the best, without any account not only public interests, but also interests of voters of those parties which have taken part in voting on May, 30th.

Such frankly criminal board certainly represents grandiose threat for the Moldavian statehood, all people and regional safety as a whole. It is obvious, that since May, 30th Moldova has entered even big instability.

To all it is clear, that this frankly oligarchical mode deprived of any professional and ideological cover, it is very short-lived. And now before all democratic and patriotic forces there is only one problem: to make everything that the agony of a mode has not destroyed the country. After everything, that Moldova has seen on May, 30th, the problem of preschedule parliamentary elections became even more actual, than before.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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