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Once again about Sheriff the newspaper the Panorama, about this company from Dnestr region writes. This time about offshore history of "Sheriff" and founders of the company Victor Gushan and Илье Казмалы. In general all one after another.
Once again about Sheriff the newspaper the Panorama, about this company from Dnestr region writes. This time about offshore history of "Sheriff" and founders of the company Victor Gushan and Илье Казмалы. In general all one after another.
Victor Gushan and Илья Казмалы, founders of company Sheriff, the main economic agent of Dnestr region, have created in April, 2004 four offshore companies in tax harbour of the British Virgin Islands (БВО).
Secret affairs of two Dnestr magnates are coded in the confidential documents received International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) and analysed within the limits of project OffshoreLeaks. Centre PARTICIP has got access to these documents. Giant Sheriff has been created in 1993 by the former businessmen Victor Gushanom and Ильей Казмалы. Shortly the company became №1 in region. Sheriff holds the largest network of filling stations and shops in Dnestr region, the building company, printing house, advertising agency etc. Besides Sheriff is the co-owner of the company of mobile communication Interdnestrcom, sports club Sheriff, a Tiraspol bread-baking complex, it is wine-konjachnogo factory Kvint etc. According to a material of newspaper Adevărul, in 2010 company Sheriff has received the biggest income of sales in Republic Moldova - more than 4 billion леев, that on 300 million it is more in comparison with 2009. ударомДо this time a little that was known to four one about Dnestr business Гушана and Казмалы. There were guesses, that the former militiamen have interests and in other parts of the world, but proofs were not. Documents OffshoreLeaks show, that in 2004 Гушан and Казмалы have created on the Virgin Islands four offshore companies. Till that time any of them did not own the companies in tax paradise of Caribbean sea. The first offshore company from list Гушана and Казмалы - Vanora Financial Ltd. - it has been based on April, 6th, 2004 and it is registered in Drake Chambers, Road Town Tortola, БВО. Shortly, on April, 20th, 2004, businessmen became shareholders of company Civilpark Limited created in May by 2001 Cypriote Steliosom Ioakimom. After three days owners Sheriff have based two other companies: Mentor Financial Ltd. And Orion Intervest Ltd. The doubtful company-intermediary That has induced Гушана and Казмалы to stir up activity in offshore harbour in April, 2004? Glancing over company Sheriff history, we have learnt, that in 2004 the network of shops in Слободзее and Рыбнице has been expanded, and one year later Sheriff privatised a Tiraspol bread-baking complex and a tank farm in Рыбнице. The company has continued in the same spirit and in 2006 when has bought is wine-konjachnyj factory Kvint in Tiraspol. Coincidence? Offshore firms have been registered by means of company Commonwealth Trust Limited, БВО which creates for clients of firm and trusts abroad. According to OffshoreLeaks, the authorities of the Virgin Islands have found out, that with 2003 for 2008 Commonwealth Trust Limited repeatedly broke the legislation on struggle against money-laundering, not checking and not registering the past and an origin of clients. « This firm had the regular problems connected with money-laundering », - the official of the Commission of the financial services БВО.Данные, received ICIJ has declared last year, show, that Commonwealth Trust Limited repeatedly did not check the person of real clients and their intention. According to experts, such check is extremely necessary for struggle against money-laundering, swindle and other illegal actions in the offshore world. Sheriff - the client of the founders. Centre PARTICIP has found out, that at company Orion Intervest Ltd. There were commercial relations from Open Company Sheriff. On March, 23rd, 2012 Sheriff has been fined by Tiraspol customs for infringement of the customs legislation of Dnestr region. The company has protested the decision in Arbitration court of Tiraspol. In the verdict the court has noticed, that, in addition, Orion Intervest Ltd. Is one of« suppliers of products »companies Sheriff. Hence, Гушан imports products to Dnestr region by means of the offshore company. It is not excluded, that offshore firms are used or used in these purposes by owners Sheriff.Активисты PARTICIP by means of the Moldavian mass-media have submitted inquiry to Customs service of Republic Moldova with the request to give the information on transactions on import-export through customs RM during the period with 2005 for 2013 by means of offshore companies Guzuna and Казмалы. To us have answered, that «the requested information has confidential character and consequently cannot be given».Мы tried to contact also Victor Gushanom to discuss relations between Sheriff and the offshore companies, but it has not answered messages. Илья Казмалы does not supervise over the company since April, 2012 and, possibly, has left Dnestr region. Centre PARTICIP will continue to watch activity of four offshore companies. Казмалы, the director of an offshore the Documents studied within the limits of project OffshoreLeaks, show, that the sphere of interests Ильи Казмалы includes three other offshore companies registered on the Virgin Islands. On May, 2nd, 2007 Казмалы together with Браниславой Грожданович, registered on Cyprus, became directors of offshore companies Minos Marketing Ltd., Morganton Investments Ltd. And Palac Trading Ltd. These three firms have been based in 2005 by company Eurotrade Nominees Ltd. It is curious, that Грожданович and Cypriote Stelios Ioakim who has transferred offshore company Civilpark Limited Gushanu and Казмалы, have been connected with bank Unikor in the Russian Federation. Coincidence?

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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