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Many words are told about points Google Glass, but disputes do not cease. There are opponents pro's and con's. But the new technology causes active resistance the minuses. This device of the future, revolts with the technology calmness and chafes minds. H
Many words are told about points Google Glass, but disputes do not cease. There are opponents pro's and con's. But the new technology causes active resistance the minuses. This device of the future, revolts with the technology calmness and chafes minds. However judge.

Google Glass can impair a little health.
The basic minus of super-points that as well as at work with any computer, the user can test a headache and problems with sight, as, despite all adaptability to manufacture, it should be mown towards the screen, being focused on the image. For this reason company Google has imposed restriction on age, Google Glass it is not recommended to use to children is more younger 13 years. "The potential decision of this problem - creation of conditional Google-lenses which can place virtual badges on the same focal length for an eye on what there is a real object", marks the edition.
Points can indirectly become threat to health and in situations when from the person absolute concentration of attention is required, for example at car driving. It is logical, that the company wishes to decline all responsibility for potential failures, however to solve a problem the same as with cellular telephones it will not turn out. To define, whether the person looked looks in them or at road, it is practically impossible. Even if motorists can to start be fined завождение in Google Glass pedestrians are all the same given to themselves.

Copyrights and struggle against plagiarism in points from Google.

Powerful argument against Google Glass is protection of copyrights. Weights of people with high-quality recorders on heads threaten businessmen of the most different branches. Probably, that at visiting of cultural events, and also offices and laboratories points will be equal to usual recorders and, most likely, will be forbidden with a view of prevention of not authorised copying of intellectual property. Points Google Glass will make the control over observance of copyrights by even more labour-consuming. Distribution of points, predictably, will increase expenses for control devices and protection, and also will essentially lower profit on sale of the content.

Strangely enough, not only legal owners have received an occasion to anxiety. If the technology of recognition of subjects will be included into wide application fakes "under brands" will be instantly defined. Besides, it will be impossible to mislead the buyer concerning structure and quality of these or those goods. "Programs with recognition of fakes will be very fair from the ethical point of view, but the industry of fakes having considerable turns, can find the arguments masking unwillingness" to be exposed ", explains agency.

On wonderful points owners of bars, restaurants, cinemas and a casino have taken up arms.

Besides questions of public health services and commercial peripetias, use of magic points ambiguously from the point of view of psychology and ethics. "Google Glass on a head of the observer influences a life not only the separate person, but also all society as a whole. Present" show Трумана ", where director everyone simultaneously, the hero and the spectator. More than any intimacy, any dark stains and corners, forgetfulness and an ambiguity. Only a full transparency and cataloguing - all is strictly recorded, fixed, considered and estimated by society", marks the edition.

For this reason news about introduction of the given technology has provoked excitements among owners of the American restaurants, clubs and other public places. Дэйв Мэйнерт, the owner of bar The5 Point in Seattle, has forbidden the first use of the new device in the institution. So there was the first "a zone, free from Google Glass".

Besides intrusion into private life, from owners of points of an additional reality expect also other abusings. So, the management of some cinemas worries, that by means of the device illegal record of films can be kept. The idea of points from Google and to owners of a casino is not pleasant. So, in entertaining complex Caesars Palace in Las Vegas have forbidden to use this device, referring that with their help it will be possible to swindle successfully.

Google Glass can equate to espionage dodges.

In their territory of some countries device Google Glass can and appear at all out of the law, it is connected with interdictions operating there for use of the latent devices of video observation.

In March, 2013 points have equated to a class of the espionage devices forbidden to the reference in territory of Ukraine. It is necessary to note, what hardly later local authorities have changed the mind and have informed, that the definitive decision will be accepted, when points will arrive in wide sale. Experts foretell, that the history with an interdiction of points can repeat and in Russia, referring on article about "illegal circulation of the special means intended for private reception of the information". It means punishment in the form of the penalty from two thousand roubles or imprisonment for the term up to four years.
And now we will talk about "pluses" or, at least they those seem. 
Points of added reality Google Glass which can already appear on sale in 2013 or in the beginning of 2014, become gradually a subject of more and more steadfast attention of a different sort of experts. Opinions disperse, especially concerning the possibility of the latent video shooting of an event provided in the device around and loadings of the removed material in the Internet by means of e-mail, "cloudy" services and social networks, informs ХАКЕР.ру referring to the American business paper The Street specialising on Internet economy and social media.
Formally and now many electronic devices can be carried to a class носимых computers, however the future as experts believe, for гаджетами which will fasten directly to a body of the person and to possess not only the developed communication possibilities, but also means of fixing of a reality.

First of all, it is noticed, that though smart phones, for example, too allow to begin videorecording at any moment, but at all that effect when record is conducted constantly in a background mode, after all points Google Glass as their founders promise, will help people "to study the world and immediately to share seen".

Someone considers, that the society during one moment becomes better. Other experts say, that the society will not take out so fast change of conditions of existence. Therefore points Google Glass and any similar devices of the "latent" videorecording will be forbidden at legislative level.

It is enough to bring point on "the preliminary consent" in laws in force, and Google Glass at once will appear out of the law, as well as all other "лайфблоггинг". At the same time, it is possible to forbid and video registrars on cars which deliver for a long time already many troubles to the Russian law enforcement bodies.

Assumptions all it only, but very soon we learn precisely what will be consequences of occurrence of essentially new technology.

In Russia, by the way, and so it is possible to get to prison for hidden or "camouflaged under a household subject" a videocamera so not the fact, that сооснователь Google Sergey Brin whom recently saw in the New York underground during device testing, could do the same in Moscow where he was born in 1973. At least, the Russian authorities in this occasion still expressed, but had time to be noted Ukrainian.

Local mass-media have already found out "points with the videocamera built in a frame" in the list forbidden to import and use of the subjects, made by Security service of Ukraine. Press-service SBU, the truth, has refused to answer letters of inquiry of journalists касаемо, whether in the country will be forbidden Google Glass.

But Brin, addressing to conferences TED-2013 this week, already declared, that smart phones interfere with social contacts between people, and has compared them to "useless pieces of glass", having underlined, that after use of new technology he feels disgust for smart phones. An exit from this situation he, certainly, sees in points of the added reality.

To fix and distinguish.

Last year corporation Google has received the patent for function of recognition of daily subjects for a photo and video. Affirms, that with its help the searcher can scan any image and identify all objects in a shot - as проиндексированные on the Internet, and not проиндексированные earlier.

People have a knack, having looked at any object - from a cat to a lamp or river coast - to distinguish and "catalogue" it. It is far not so easily in case of computers - but the situation, maybe, will change shortly, thanking Google and to the patent for technology of "automatic recognition of objects of the big scales".

The patent describes technologies with which help it will be possible to scan video - for example, thousand hours of video loaded on YouTube every day - and then to choose objects and communications between them, helping searchers to allocate and classify them. For recognition it is offered to use the "catalogue" containing the description of 50 thousand of objects. For example, you will remove a videoclip in London, load it into the Internet, not informing any additional data, and Google itself will mark your video with tags Big Ben and London.

By means of YouTube, Google application Goggles distinguishing signboards in real time, points-computers Google Glass and the Android-devices used worldwide, the Internet giant soon to watch everything, that occurs on a planet - and to a descent to understand, what exactly he "sees".

Hardly earlier also it became known, that Google in 2008 has made an application on the patent describing system of listening and recognition of background noise in phone of the user. For example, when sounds of trains are audible and the site of the user is known, it is possible to show it the schedule of flights and to suggest to buy tickets online. If against man's voices and female laughter it is possible to offer advertising of a taxi or something from sphere of entertainments are audible. If the user is at stadium Google can define, what commands play, having requested stadium GPS-co-ordinates. Basically, it is possible even to define, what channel is included at the user on the TV on a background sound - too very much the helpful information for delivery of contextual advertising.

Though at first sight similar technologies look descended from pages of the novel of George Oruella "1984", the potential Big Brother promises to use them exclusively in interests of users of the services, for delivery of useful helps and the information necessary during the concrete moment.

Legal experts already sound alarm. In their opinion all is one more example of how users lose the control over personal data. If the information on your site is instantly added to photos and video, extraneous can not only not only instantly learn, where you are, but also to connect your person with other information, for example, where you happen, that do, whether there are at you pets etc. Thus to possibility clearly to express the consent to gathering of such data, and, accordingly, to forbid Google watch you you hardly can.

Magic points Терминатора.

Ларри Пейдж and Sergey Brin have created search system Google and have based the company with the same name in 1998. Sergey Brin is the head of technological division Google and, in particular, supervises over work of confidential laboratory Google X in which working out of points-computers began.

In Google X about which existence even many employees of corporation until recently did not know, according to mass-media, besides носимых computers, as the lift such amusing things are developed for delivery of cargoes in space, a refrigerator under control of Android, the next vocal assistant for mobile devices, cars without the driver and even a soup plate with an exit in the Internet.

For the first time Google presented points of added reality Glass (they "magic points Google", they "points Терминатора", they носимый the computer of new type) in April, 2012, and the booking from developers on a prototype has begun in June.

Apparently, Google Glass those problems for which the smart phone is now used will sometime carry out: sending of vocal messages, a photo-and a video shooting, Internet surfing, navigation, sending of files to friends - plus to fix an event around. The display of the device which is carrying out function of a conclusion of the information, is hardly above level of the right eye of the user. In Google Glass are going to build in a microphone, динамик, the chamber, a projector and touch gauges. To operate clever points it will be possible by means of a voice or through a touch to the small panel which are on the right handle of points. While the device can be used simply as носимую a videocamera.

Reality plus.

Rather new term "the added reality" (аugmented reality, AR) designate any possible variants of introduction of imaginary objects in real space. It can be addition of virtual objects to video in a mode of real time, imposing of the auxiliary information on a photo and cards and even on any objects of surrounding space. The term, presumably, has been offered one of employees of corporation Boeing in 1990.

Realisation of the given idea became possible just now, with the advent of new, more powerful, processors of the mobile devices having a wide set of graphic three-dimensional functions and possibilities.

The technologies of the added reality adhered to services of a geolocation are already known. Sense of technology: on the real image - a card or a satellite photo - the additional virtual information is imposed.

Other direction of development of the added reality together with a geolocation - the various guidebooks, representing appendices-guides for smart phones and планшетников and intended both for tourists, and for participants of the most different actions.

Typical example here - earlier working out Google, service Layar and the appendix with the same name for the mobile devices, sometimes also called by "a browser of the added reality". At first it gave to users of smart phones the information, being based exclusively on the basis of data of satellite navigation, then the appendix has learnt to "see" round itself, i.e. to distinguish colour images in a mode of real time. The truth while Layar Vision it is capable to distinguish only the images put on a flat surface, for example, posters, биллборды, flyers, covers of books and magazines, pictures. Recognition and embedding of volume images - has put more the long-term future.

One more variant of introduction of the added reality - концепт Aeon Project, representing an interactive control system of a vehicle, providing a projection to a windshield cars, hologrammes and a collapsible wheel. The interactive drawing, which management is carried out by "touch" to groundless subjects, appears directly before a windshield.

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