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In embassy of the European Union there has passed a meeting of the leader of the Moldavian communists with the ambassadors accredited in Kishinev. In the reference to ambassadors of the European Union Vladimir Voronin has told: Dear ladies and gentlemen,
In embassy of the European Union there has passed a meeting of the leader of the Moldavian communists with the ambassadors accredited in Kishinev. In the reference to ambassadors of the European Union Vladimir Voronin has told: Dear ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for that you have responded to my invitation about a meeting.
My introduction will be short. I do not consider necessary today once again to repeat those or other system claims of Party of communists to the operating power which enjoys unconditional support of the European union. We showed these claims repeatedly. But except sympathetic words from representatives of EU we never saw effective actions. You had numerous tools of influence on the Moldavian power and during television channel NIT closing and when the Alliance changed the selective Code and when migratory posts on Dnestr and when at the Moldavian state the Bank and the airport have been stolen were entered. In one of the specified cases of EU in the name of its representations, in our opinion, did not operate according to principles of leadership of the right and the European values.

Means, such is your choice and such is your policy. And therefore and the rating of idea of the European integration promptly falls in Moldova. But it, as they say, already leaving, not an actual theme for Moldova.

I very much would wish to discuss today with you some question of perspective and simultaneously constructive plan. After all there are no doubts that is very fast in Moldova there will be absolutely new board, and this board will essentially carry out other to the policy. Both internal, and external.

The first. We sincerely count that EU camps will be ready to show assistance to the Moldavian authorities in all that concerns organised crime liquidation in Moldova and those forms of transnational criminality in which our country is involved last four years. After all it is obvious, that numerous scandalous рейдерские captures, artificial bankruptcy of banks and the enterprises, creation of the militarised divisions at various oligarchical persons, splash especially grave crimes - first of all require steadfast attention of the authorities. And it is not simple in attention, and in effective and urgent eradication. I wish to hope, that in this sphere we will adjust the most effective cooperation. We together will prove, that consequences of four-year-old criminal board устранимы if to operate resolutely, professionally, with a support on the letter and spirit of the law, on the European values.

The second. Party of communists, as the future party in power, is extremely interested in really to achieve the prompt liberalisation of a visa regime from EU. Yes, we know, that the major condition for this purpose is the establishment of the effective boundary control. But the control to the control рознь. In this sense we will immediately cancel all these migratory posts which have actually established a line of frontier in Moldova and have de jure strengthened country division into two parts. And, pay attention, that similar criminal acts of Kishinev today criticises not only opposition, but also the authorities of Dnestr region.

We will operate with a different way. We will achieve a consensus and a solidary position with Dnestr region concerning expansion of the mandate of mission EUBAM. It is necessary to include In the mandate of this mission, along with monitoring of movement of cargoes, movement of physical persons. It is assured, that we will find support in the given question and our Ukrainian partners and, certainly, corresponding European structures.

The third. We consider, that last four years are rather indicative concerning all that is called as freedom, to be exact несвободой mass-media. All those former fears, concerning freedom of expression in mass-media which we discussed in 2001-2009, have given way to other, more global problem. It is a question of oligarchical capture of overwhelming majority of electronic mass-media, about commercial dependence of public teleradio on advertising budgets which also are besides formed under the control of two-three oligarchs, about full подконтрольности state bodies Audivizuala to interests of the corrupted persons.

Here it is necessary to recognise an obvious thing: the competition of oligarchs has no anything the general with political pluralism and a civil freedom. After our coming to power we are intended most decisively to reconsider those legal forms in which can operate with mass-media, having excluded from them campaigns with offshore registration. We намерены to hold a direct election of a management аудиовизуала, having excluded аффилированность this body to those or other commercial structures. We intend resolutely to strengthen commercial and political immunity of public teleradio. And in all it to us, certainly, support of EU is required and we is sincere on it we count.

The fourth. Hardly somebody from the present will call in question that circumstance, that for last years the most serious blow has been put by a ruling mode on bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor and judicial system. All these structures have appeared in literal sense are subordinated to several physical persons. They possess the lowest rating of trust in the country, after a rating of the working president. And from that Moldova today name «the grasped state».

Resolute, positive changes on this direction - pledge of all other changes to the best. But here there are uneasy questions. As well as how to achieve reforms on this direction? How to relieve judicial system and bodies of public prosecutor's supervision of subordination to underworld and the telephone right?

We will not have not enough competence and to ability to resolve this problem alone, here is necessary both the all-European experience and correct diagnostics of an event. I consider, that available sharp necessity to spend in Moldova serious expert European conference on a theme «Corruption in Moldova and the grasped justice»! Only in such a way, openly, in interested discussions and creative dialogue it is possible to move to an object in view.

And the last. I am convinced, that these directions of partnership in a sense will fill that agenda in relations of Moldova from EU which should be executed without dependence from that in what direction - on the east or on the West, Moldova moves to EU or in the HARDWARE.

Today the majority of the Moldavian society makes the choice in favour of the Customs union. And the Party of communists - including at last congress - was defined in such choice.

But to make the definitive decision the Moldavian people should on a national referendum, instead of be the hostage of ideas secretly accepted and approved for the closed doors. I believe, what exactly such, exclusively democratic approach to the country future is organically entered in original European ideals, in understanding of that Europe is not only the space limited to a zone of the competence of the European commission. But it is the whole continent, with very big amplitude of representations about freedom, about values, about an original European heritage.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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