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Inna ShChupak's performance at conference 75 years from the date of the Munich arrangement" has shaken. So to write textbooks are a crime, and first of all, from the mister I. porridge. Frank lie, but in general judge. Here the report.
Inna ShChupak's performance at conference 75 years from the date of the Munich arrangement" has shaken. So to write textbooks are a crime, and first of all, from the mister I. porridge. Frank lie, but in general judge. Here the report.

Dear colleagues! Since 2011, the World without nazism and public organisation Moldova without nazism is published by analytical materials under the maintenance of the Moldavian textbooks on history. As all of you perfectly remember, in 2009, at schools again have entered History the Romanian. The basic message of new textbooks - mode was moderated and tolerant in relation to opposition.

From 2009 for 2012 new textbooks on Histories the Romanian for different classes have been published some. And all of them have been intended for schoolboys. And here, in September of this year, there was a textbook on Histories the Romanian in Russian, for 12 classes (authors - I.Kashu, I.Sharov, V.Pyslarjuk, F.Solomon, P.Cherbushke). The order of the Minister of Education on the edition of the given concrete textbook has been signed on August, 1st, 2013.

I suggest to analyse fluently as Russian-speaking lyceum students of Moldova prepare for final examinations in the bachelor.

The first, that pays attention, - a cover. The Moldavian flag with a hole in the middle instead of the arms. And above - beautiful such photo of the arms of incorporated Romanian kingdom. The symbolical beginning, isn't that so?

In introduction authors specify, that historical events in the given textbook are considered in three aspects: general, Romanian and local. The Moldavian aspect is absent.

On the first pages of the textbook authors enter new concept - a nationality "Moldavians-Romanians". Probably, it is "know-how" it is thought up specially for the first stage Russian-speaking schoolboys.

Well and further - all under the standard scheme.

All textbook is penetrated by spirit of equalising of nazism and communism. Here, for example, specify, that in intermilitary Romania there were two parties of extremist sense. The first of them - Iron Guards. The second party-extremist - the Romanian Communist party. The reason of extremism of communists, appears, following - members considered, that Romania is the multinational state, and on this logic, Bessarabia should be returned the USSR, Dobrudja - Bulgaria, and Transylvania - Hungary. The given position contradicted the right of the people to self-determination as the majority of the population of these provinces was made by Romanians. One more proof of extremist character of the Romanian communists is that they have supported Tatarbunarsky revolt of 1924.

And what Bessarabia as a part of royal Romania during the intermilitary period? According to authors, were organically integrated into a life of the Romanian state, were loyal to it and the majority of ethnic minority. And here at the Soviet power as authors write, in a society there were many cases of a social, economic and national inequality.

Anywhere in the textbook you will not meet the slightest mention of the Munich arrangement. While about pact Molotova-Ribbentropa authors write some times.

Here is how authors describe four changes of a mode in Bessarabia throughout the Second World War. So, arrival of Red army has caused on June, 28th, 1940 confusion and alarm among local population. Returning of the Romanian administration in June, 1941 has been apprehended as clearing by the ethnic majority, no less than some minority. Return of Councils by spring of 1944 has caused again fears that deportations and other mass reprisals can follow.

Authors consider, that by July, 26th, 1941 Bessarabia has been completely released from Red Army.

Authors remind schoolboys, that the Romanian army took part in the largest battles on East front. Fight under is separately described. Authors specify, that Romanians bravely battled under , but they did not have not enough modern arms, that also the high-ranking German officers subsequently recognised.

The biggest number of victims following the results of the Second World War was necessary on a share of Soviet Union - 25 million that speaks authors, among other things, and Stalin's contempt for a human life. 

One paragraph of the textbook is devoted the Holocaust in Romania. The material is submitted in such a manner that schoolboys learn the following figure. 55 thousand Jews from Bessarabia have been killed by the Romanian army, gendarmes and German soldiers of special divisions Einsatzgruppe. Whether there were any others of a victim during mode , is not specified.

And further the whole chapter devoted, certainly, a theme of political reprisals in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic and communistic Romania follows. The separate line in this chapter presents reference , the known anti-semite who is presented in the textbook by the deserved anti-Soviet dissident.

In the textbook names of some Moldavians-Romanians who have been subjected to repression by the Soviet power are mentioned. Among them - George David. However, unfortunately, it is not said, that the given citizen has been sent in a psychiatric clinic by the Soviet judge Timofte who nowadays names itself the president of Moldova.

Authors recognise, that in 1956 XX congress of the CPSU has condemned . However, nevertheless, authors specify, that the communism cannot be reformed, as it is based on one-party dictatorship, censorship, the control of all news media, domination over economy, an interdiction for a private property, market economy, and, undoubtedly, on political reprisals.

Authors of the textbook are disturbed by a self-determination dilemma in . And they share the anxiety with pupils. They with melancholy recollect results of population census of 1930 according to which in Bessarabia of inhabitants of 56,2 % Romanians made.

They assert, that the policy of introduction of the Moldavian identity has been based on physical intimidation, by means of hunger (1946-47 ), by means of deportations of the formed and successful citizens, by means of dispatch, arrests and the conclusions in prisons of dissidents.

What to speak, if about events of 4-year-old prescription, about April, 7th, 2009, in the textbook write the following. Young men have been surrounded by the armed employees of police and government security service. The police has opened fire, amazing young men on feet and other parts of a body - bludgeons and automatic machines. Young men bled profusely.

Whether conceptually Romanian textbook on history differs? At least, one essential difference is. In Romania the discipline is called simply "History". In republic of Moldova schoolboys study History the Romanian. Leaves, we the big Romanians, than Romanians.

Some the vivid examples from the Romanian textbook on history for 12 classes (authors - Z.Petre, K.Kapitse, E.Stenesku, etc.). Here that write about the most known medieval Moldavian foreheads . Fight at where he has won Turks, is described as one of the most important victories the Romanian in the Middle Ages. Here did not think foreheads , that its victories will be enlisted in the Romanian coin box. In the same textbook, in section Romanian diplomacy on the first place authors have put the same foreheads . That is interesting, in number of the most known Romanian diplomats of all times and the people is included and Dmitry Kantemir. Here this Moldavian governor, and the Russian statesman did not think, that its biography so will overwind.

These and other examples unequivocally speak about the following. The Moldavian authorities, on money of the Romanian government, continue to forge history. Now on turn - Russian-speaking young citizens. Time for change of a situation at all of us has less. And to change all it is necessary already today.

The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

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