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The Moldavian communists have made the statement. Today, on November, 7th, in day of 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist revolution. The puppet government so-called Coalitions of the pro-European board, created by criminal oligarchical clans
The Moldavian communists have made the statement. Today, on November, 7th, in day of 96th anniversary of the Great October Socialist revolution. The puppet government so-called Coalitions of the pro-European board, created by criminal oligarchical clans and operating against interests of the Moldavian people, conducts the country to inevitable accident.
The party of communists of Republic Moldova, expressing interests of the majority of the population of the country suffering under oppression of the thieves', criminal power, not once or twice convicted a ruling mode of its crimes. Loud exposures which have followed after imperial hunting in reserve Padurea Domneasca, after falling of the government of V.Filata, resignation of the speaker of parliament M.Lupu and the vice-speaker V.Plahotnjuka, in the course of discussion in parliament of two votes of no confidence to a deadborn child broken up the Alliance for eurointegration - J.Ljanke's to cabinet, - cowardly and impudently rejected by an antinational mode, have created sufficient accusatory base for national court over the criminal grouping which has seized power in Republic Moldova.
Among the crimes of a ruling mode presented in tens and
In hundreds episodes of different severity level, first of all are fixed:
- Conscious and repeated infringement of laws of Republic Moldova, including Constitution and the Selective code , caused power usurpation in the country criminal oligarchical groupings;
- Conscious and systematic liquidation of the Moldavian statehood, destruction of fundamental moral bases of the Moldavian society, negation of the right of the multinational Moldavian people on existence;
- Criminal refusal of a principle of territorial integrity of Republic Moldova, frontier erection across Dnestr, the consent with tearing away of the Left bank of Dnestr from is international recognised territory of Republic Moldova;
- A social and economic genocide against the Republic Moldova population; the termination of real indexation of salaries, pensions, grants and grants; ruinous increase of taxes and tax collections; conscious refusal of economic price control to the basic products, unreasonable increase of tariffs for power resources, roguish manipulations with a rate of national currency, conscious and systematic deprivation of citizens of the fundamental rights to formation and public health services, irreversible destruction of schools and hospitals; destruction of an infrastructure of protection of motherhood and the childhood, stimulation of outflow of the population of the country abroad;
- Impudent plunder of a state ownership, destruction of strategic resource base of the state control over economic processes in the country, plunder state Banca de Economii and the state airport, the uncontrolled extortionate privatisation having for an object sale for nothing of national property and its transfer to hands of oligarchical criminal groupings;
- Corruption erection in a state policy rank, distribution of bodies of the representative, executive and judicial authorities, all law-enforcement system between the criminal oligarchical groupings which have grasped the political control over the state;
- Flat refusal to listen to opinion and people complaints, deprivation of the people of the right to solve on a referendum questions, the major for destinies of the population of the country; suppression of a freedom of speech, intimidation of far-outers, creation by manipulations with an electoral system of conditions for an irremovability, and an incompetence of a ruling mode.
These grave crimes made for some years of board of the existing mode - so-called the Alliance for the European integration and it a variant - Coalitions for the pro-European board - have resulted the Moldavian people and Republic Moldova on  destruction edge!
Today, in the autumn of 2013, our multinational people and our country have appeared as are never close to utter annihilation! Agreements and confidential reports which to sign in Vilnius a puppet government Coalitions for the pro-European board, will inevitably come to the end with a definitive collapse for a national economy, acceleration of social degradation, toughening of a robbery and violence over the population of Moldova from criminal oligarchical groupings.
Actions of a criminal ruling mode will make the next year - year of an uncontrolled robbery, year of a galloping rise in prices and tariffs; year of  destruction agricultural and industrial production; year of utter annihilation of the rests of social sphere; year of transition to a visa regime with Russia and the CIS countries; year of definitive disintegration of the country, year of refusal of left-bank territories and creations of conditions for annexation by Romania a splinter - right-bank Moldova without Dnestr region!
The party of communists , parliamentary fraction PKRM, civil society of the country tried to convince time and again a ruling mode of necessity of urgent voluntary retirement of the incapacitated, corrupted government, immediate dismantle of antidemocratic system of suppression of the rights and freedom, carrying out of fair preschedule parliamentary elections. However the mode over and over again, cynically and rigidly rejected all attempts of healthy forces of a society to correct a disastrous course the country goes which.
In these conditions:
Operating in interests of the majority of the population of Republic Moldova, in interests of protection of the Moldavian people, the constitutional system and the sovereignty of the Moldavian state;
Understanding, that the ruling mode conducts the people and the country to inevitable  destruction;
Having convinced, that the criminal groupings which have grasped the government meaningly reject all attempts of a society to adjust dialogue with the power;
Taking into consideration, that the power cynically continues practice of suppression of the rights and freedom of the Moldavian citizens, aspiring to destruction of any organised resistance to a criminal mode;
The party of communists of Republic Moldova, at support of the civil society, all healthy public forces of the country demands from a ruling mode:
1. Till November, 21st to send in resignation J.Ljanke's incapacitated cabinet - by voluntary addition of powers or through expression of a vote of no confidence in parliament.
2. After government resignation, in the terms established by the law to declare carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections.
3. To agree with carrying out, after preschedule parliamentary elections, a national republican referendum of Republic Moldova occurrence in the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
In case these requirements will not be satisfied, the Party of communists of Republic Moldova, having got of support of a civil society and all healthy public forces, will immediately urge the supporters to gather in Kishinev that peace by, within the limits of realisation of the democratic rights and freedom, in any case to achieve performance of the specified requirements.
Long live Republic Moldova! Long live the Moldavian people!
Central Committee PKRM

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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