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There passes 7 Plenum of party of communists. We publish the report of party leader Vladimir Voronin, opposition and problem PCRM Lessons.
There passes 7 Plenum of party of communists. We publish the report of party leader Vladimir Voronin, opposition and problem PCRM Lessons.
Dear companions,
The theme of this plenum is defined more than month back. It sounds so: opposition and problem Lessons. This theme has arisen not casually. On November, 28th it is executed exactly three years from date of the last elections and the boundary of our four-year-old stay in opposition approaches. Besides, on November, 28th, 2013, on a power plan, event which will for ever change the further trajectory of development of Moldova should take place. It is so-called the Vilnius transaction which as all of us understand, has no relation neither to the European modernisation of the country, nor to any free choice of foreign policy development. Differently, today we should bring certain results for last years, equally, as well as to give accurate and clear answers concerning our most nearest purposes. A march to Kishinev, velvet revolution, foreign policy orientation of Moldova and ways of its modernisation - all it in the centre of today's discussion.

Dear companions,

So always it turns out, that the most difficult, heaviest, most impassable site of a way appears on the threshold of a victory. If to turn back in the past, to look back in history of last four years of ours with you of the general struggle so, in general, and was.

Let's sincerely estimate the present feelings and experiences. Agree, that, not looking on last resonant certificates of treachery and other troubles, not looking on closing NITa, not looking at a multimonthly interdiction of our communistic symbolics, put today's for some reason it seems to the most disturbing, the uneasiest. It is considered, that last troubles we somehow have at the very least gone through. And it besides, that we have gone through them nicely, courageously, at times making actions and making of decision which were not subject to any rational accounting, except for calculations especially moral, moral. But our political achievements - in the form of the won symbols, the government sent in resignation, the speaker and the vice-speaker, in shape of a huge rating of our party - not so especially satisfy ourselves. Agree, that it seems to much, that this mode , that struggle against it is similar to battle with windmills.

But the main thing - not it. The main thing, that all party feels today that fatal responsibility which a dark shade has hung over all of us. Or-or! To be or not to be! Now or never! - Here words, which today on lips at all our companions. And we really understand, that all last tests - anything as compared we should make, make for the sake of the country and the people. Such estimation - a consequence of more exact and deep comprehension of all of that happens with Moldova four years ago and all with what the country has approached, now.

And the most important our supervision, the main lesson of opposition can be reduced to a following conclusion: defeat has not appeared usual defeat of party in power (as it occurs in other countries). It has appeared more scale and dramatic defeat: this defeat of the democracy, all system of social guarantees, defeat of economic development, defeat of statehood, the sovereignty, all built balance of foreign policy relations.

The main thing is became defeat of the citizen of Republic Moldova. Not simply person who eats, sleeps, works, and the person possessing special relations with the state, expressed in a set of the mutual rights, freedom and duties. It also has been destroyed! Only for four years! The state has refused the duties, from the responsibility for the people, possessing Moldavian citizenship, has refused direct duty - to protect their interests, their freedom, their social and humanitarian development. The state has told to the Moldavian citizens: be protected, survive, and the main thing - be silent! It - not your state, this even not Moldavian state! It is the second Romanian state, which, naturally, temporarily as there is more present, high-grade Romanian state!

The main characteristic of a mode is a fear and hatred. They are afraid of the people, and hate Moldova. The fear pushes them on acceptance of absurd decisions. Ignoring people, showing to them the force, becoming isolated and closing decision-making process, the power shows as it terribly. These figures do not visit a city and village of Moldova, they barricaded in the offices. The fear becomes their permanent condition. Unique argument of the power concerning the people there were only threats. and threaten protesting. To Majja Sand has demanded to punish children and parents from Novotroitsk for disobedience. And like would sound terribly, but people are not afraid of them. Contempt for the power as a whole and to such characters from doll performances as and in particular is too great.

The power, whose policy does not approve 85 % of citizens, the power which has lost support in the country and loses external, threatens own people. To the people finished before full loss of patience by inadequate, inhumane, antisocial and antireligious "reforms".

Hatred to Moldova this power is comparable only to fear. It is not pleasant to them, that Moldavians that do as put on as work say, they consider, that the culture is not present, and the religion should be changed. But they like to madness everything, that eurobureaucrats do of Bruxelles and Bucharest.

That is why all that has begun four years ago and occurs to this day became unprecedented defeat of the major moral bases, the most simple, elementary ethical bases without which any society is scattered on a part. It was found out, that in the XXI-st century, in the European country representatives of the power openly show the corruption possibilities, brag of the riches extracted in certificates of a public robbery of a state ownership and budgetary funds, trampling on immemorial trues about good and harm, about of what it is accepted to hesitate and that it is accepted to hide, at least, from human eyes. The vivid example: there were, that the politicians openly accusing each other in the heaviest sins, can through short time not only shake each other hands, but also generate a coalition for the sake of the European values. Already to it nobody is surprised, but after all it - speaks about much. Liberally-democratic party together with sends in resignation of the first vice-speaker for constant pressure upon Office of Public Prosecutor. Then together with sends in resignation government Filata for corruption. Then together with send in resignation of the speaker of Parliament for regular infringement of the Constitution. And as a result that? As a result all these , expelled each other from the power, unite again with each other and only to keep that power which they named criminal! Is not so moral degradation, this already original celebration of devil forces of Harm!

Today with this conclusion communists agree not only we. With this conclusion the overwhelming majority of citizens of the country agrees.

From here - the main question: why in Moldova there is a similar? The political scientists employed by them and experts Perhaps will answer! To us important to underline, that process of expansion of a zone of disaster of national accident is accelerated every day and hour. Some gangsters expropriate a state ownership! The frontier across Dnestr which, de facto, becomes fast an eastern frontier of Romania is spent! Financial speculators lift up cost of currency and raise the prices literally for all consumer goods. All social infrastructure - from high schools to the first help is systematically destroyed. Norms of relations between the citizen and the power roll down to criminal-camp more and more.

In a secret from all society, at the summit in Vilnius documents which in literal sense destroy all remained potential of the Moldavian economy prepare for signing and will transform Moldova into a zone of external management. Under demagogical appeals of the European integration the mode has fallen to level of the comical criminal junta involved in dark business transactions with extremists from hot points of the world. Such is present Moldova!

The demagogy became ideology, a mode essence. promises to feed Europe with the Moldavian fruit and to give to drink wines. And the Government imposes new taxes and destroys business. Is going to sign the Contract on free trade from EU which will destroy the agriculture rests. discusses in Romania milliard projects on navigability of the Rod, and the Parliament votes for increase in a budgeted deficit to 2 billion , easy reacts to closing of schools and hospitals. For four years the power has not found means on though any increase in pensions and salaries. For a minute left coma , has declared two Romanian states, has offended Russia and veterans of war, and again has returned to the, usual condition of a biomass.

The illegitimate power is in a trance cast by news on their channels where their journalists draw it the thought up reality. There there are no dissatisfied people, in advance recorded applause there sounds. There there are no problems with the public, there all political scientists and commentators support and praise highly Bank and Airport theft. Moreover, demand to make happy the people with privatisation Moldtelekom and the Moldavian Railway. There there are no protests, there only proimperious meetings, and .

This power is incapable to give birth any constructive idea, therefore dreams about the future. This power is incapable to offer a society of any idea, therefore breaks it into small slices by a historical and linguistic principle. This power is incapable to offer the positive agenda, therefore its unique political program - to destroy opposition. And then it will destroy everything, that remains. To whom is such power necessary? To whom is the power capable only necessary serving oligarchs, to cover corruption, to saw the budget? And to steal, steal, steal

To all it is already clear, that the ruling clique created in Moldova a concentration camp uses the best efforts to buy and forge the next elections. Easier to lose elections, democratically and adequately to give way to other political forces - for these governors of death similarly. Violent capture of the government was not for this purpose carried out by them, the central-selective commission, the Constitutional court, Office of Public Prosecutor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, mass media, objects of a state ownership were not for this purpose grasped . In their opinion, everything, that they have grasped till now is for ever! In conditions when the rating democratic and liberal democratic party rolls down to zero anybody does not have doubts concerning schemes which will be applied by them when last and resolute fight will begin them. It is already clear, that only by Code change about elections, returnings to to idea of the mixed electoral system, by severe reprisals against Party of communists and its active workers, the grouping political can keep the mode and in it. And they not only do not hide the intentions. Moreover, they openly mock and laugh at all attempts of rendering of worthy resistance to this so-called "European" policy! They do not trust in ability of opposition, in ability of the majority of the people to change developed state of affairs. They do not doubt, that force of money, blackmail, threats, reprisals repeatedly outweighs forces of resistance. Also allows them to be engaged in direct payoff of deputies of Parliament, advisers of all levels, , active workers of parties. That is - the present political racket That meeting which they have spent on November, 3rd, in their opinion, just and is a symbol of a definitive victory of system payoff of citizens of the country and their aspiration to keep in a bridle of "disobedient slaves, all citizens of the country.

Moldova is today a big field of fight, where in opposition to the power all people, all country. The mode cannot think up anything neither in the politician, nor in economy, in social sphere. But it has perfectly adapted to on remittances, whether it be money of our citizens which work abroad or grants and the credits of the western donors received for qualified treachery of the Native land.

Let's look, that occurs in the latest days in the country. All eurodemagogy serves only to the purpose of open delivery of interests of Moldova, first of all to Romania. Both , and strenuously speak about state language renaming, openly name Moldova the second Romanian state, in a pointed manner co-ordinate the internal policy with Bucharest, change clothes of the Moldavian police for the Romanian uniform, refuse Russian at schools. Worst of predictions come true: the Statehood of Moldova is erased with political and a map.

Dear companions!

Even with us members of a society of the country understand not most consent, what exactly so all and happens. Happens, if the party of communists cannot unite everything, including the "grumbling" majority and to transform it into the majority opened and protest. It is necessary to forget about high ratings which fix today sociological services if we do not lift people and we will not organise them in columns and protest armies. Otherwise - demoralisation and total despondency. So - defeat by statehood loss.

On this most complicated problem now our party also is concentrated, set the task to force the power to preschedule parliamentary elections. Idea which we have already started to embody in practice - in the form of pickets, overlappings of highways, processions on streets of Kishinev, removal of votes of no confidence to the government etc.

Dear companions!

I wish to be understood correctly that is why, now, on this plenum I would like that we have passed to extremely practical things. Things of the general-political plan to us very well-known also are clear. The main problems of struggle of today, in my opinion, lay a little in other plane, more prosaic, and more concrete.

I will remind you, that we already had similar, but rather inconsistent experience of protest actions - autumns of 2011-spring of 2012. And then we had a main question on which we and have not given the open answer. The question was simple: than all our protests will end? How they will end?

Discrepancy of then actions substantially limit also our present activity, readiness of a society openly to support all our actions of direct action.

But we have found answers to these questions. The technology of compulsion of the power to resignation and elections provides the approach a little other, rather than simply organisation of demonstrations and processions. Compulsion to defeat is based on that, first, we could create repeated overweight of forces. On our party should be presented ten thousand supporters and active workers. Secondly, carefully picked up, responsible people, capable to participate in protests in a mode non-stop should be a many thousands kernel of this protest army. That is overweight should be also morally-organizational. Thirdly, we begin the approach to the power not in the form of marches on the area, and in the form of a many thousands march to Kishinev - in shape of the organised automobile columns moving together, on the co-ordinated routes. That is it will be unprecedented national demonstration which will pass across all Moldova - from to . Fourthly, we have clearly designated purpose - the government and the so-called president. They should receive on November, 22nd already from plenipotentiaries of all Moldova the requirement about immediate resignation and impeachment. Their appearance on the area we will demand on November, 23rd.

Differently, Saturday day on November, 23rd we will not simply walk on the Area with shouts Moldova-Moldova!. We will not simply hold meeting with emotional speeches. Our protest scenario will be extremely dynamical and active, the place and a role of the international, diplomatic structures, accuracy of interaction are accurately registered in it with power bodies, provokers, interaction from mass-media. Second such chance - to develop open democratic battle of the power - at us any more will not be.

Dear companions,

Absolutely clearly, that at such statement of a problem by the most important thing for us the guaranteed appearance of all protest forces in the appointed day is. It is a question, as about an appearance with our organizational assistance - from areas, no less than an appearance, on the basis of that many thousands human resource which Kishinev possesses. And here it is necessary to understand some rather basic things accurately. We have meaningly declared the planned date of our protest actions. After all, if the country does not know concrete date when ten thousand persons should be to Kishinev - to us failure of all mobilisation is guaranteed, no less than the subsequent shameful, political defeat. Fairly and the converse, that the preliminary announcement of date will allow the power to spend variety of counter-measures - from intimidation of active workers before counteraction to transport movement. It now, by the way, also occurs, but about it it is necessary to telephone not simply in the Central Committee, and to shout all over the country, as about a malicious crime against democracy.

At the same time, I wish to pay your attention that we are not going to arrange revolution and to plant here any especial . We operate openly and in full conformity with the law. The preliminary announcement of date of the March to Kishinev has allowed us to reveal not so much before opponents, how many to create the most powerful motive for mobilisation of all active supporters of our party. I will remind, that in shape of those voters today about one million. It is required to us, where smaller quantity of people. But in any case, even for mobilisation of 20000 persons from areas and the same number of supporters from Kishinev it is necessary to do huge work, the work which is carried out in a mode of pre-election campaign. We have in details discussed this problem with secretaries of district committees, having defined the minimum quota of an appearance to Kishinev in 4 percent from number voted for on last parliamentary elections. I wish to be assured that is a feasible problem for regional committees, equally, as well as ability to bypass any obstacles connected with blocking of rent of motor transport.

Already now all regional committees PKRM should form that protest fist which will arrive to Kishinev in the appointed day. Once again I repeat are there should be young men and people of middle age, is accurate on achievement of the positive result, capable to show resoluteness, composure and political sobriety. Thus, once again I wish to underline: it is not necessary to limit itself to "recruitment" in numbers of members protesting exclusively. So we with a mobilisation problem will not consult! There are a lot of sincere, active and enough competent citizens among our supporters. And it is already known, that protest moods outside of it is considerable above, than in our party. Lists of these people should replenish and be transferred in Central Committee PKRM. We should see middle age of our civil active worker, their number, their contact phones, possess possibility independently to communicate remove. Besides, we should have a possibility to collect them beforehand in each area, to lead with them corresponding explanatory discussion, instead of to get acquainted already on the area, only after the arrival to Kishinev. We are ready to search and find resources to deliver such protesting in Kishinev, instead of visitors of the markets and supermarkets. Thus it is necessary to have in view of, that on all execution of the given problem we still have few days.

For the remained week the Staff of the protest actions organised by decision on September, 24th, will definitively finish working out of our plan - from details of the march on the Moldavian capital, finishing study of legal issues and measures of foreign policy interaction. Very much and it is a lot of work. After all at everything, including present, on lips the same question: and what will be, if again anything it will turn out? After all same - enormous , new recession in moods and so on. All these circumstances are clear! But in our party circle I would like to tell the following. Is not present and cannot be any firm guarantees of success when it is a question of peace and democratic ways of pressure upon the power! Is not present and cannot be any firm guarantees of success when the power consists of the people deprived of conscience and honour. But, nevertheless, we - opposition, and opposition behind which there is an overwhelming majority of citizens that is why we have no right to passivity, to refusal of resistance. I say about it so because the unique ending of all conversations that it is not necessary to protest, is the conclusion about inevitability and a defeat inevitability.

Dear companions,

There is one more problem which directly follows from this sad experience which we have got in oppositional struggle. I have in view of - our ability today to bring program and constructive offers. Our protest agenda is clear. It consists of three letters - JOS. But very much and it is not enough of it, even for velvet revolution. The present, open, demonstrative, public consolidation around will occur, when we is opened, we will clearly and simply declare the purposes in the field of social, economic, humanitarian, foreign policy development of the country. What do we offer? What changes? In what terms? On these questions we have given clear and unambiguous answers on October, 19th. And these answers should sound today in your appeals to leave on the area.

I will repeat once again these our program installations, I will repeat word for word! Not only for all present members of the Central Committee, but also for all our many thousands party audience, for all society.

The first. Urgent integration into the Customs union. It will give to Moldova a fresh drink of air. Namely: reduction of prices on energy carriers, so also decrease in the cost price of all our production. Further: an exit on guaranteed and for a long time the mastered commodity markets of the Moldavian goods. Economy in the budget about semibillion dollars a year - for payment of the imported gas, corresponding decrease in all municipal payments and tariffs, creation of conditions for expansion and development of local manufacture. It only some of known effects of such integration. I will remind once again: the Customs union in its practical execution till 2010 did not exist. Now is a reality. And who and as though did not criticise those or other aspects of functioning of the Customs union, it is clear, that for Moldova such way of integration is meant first of all immediate by resuscitation of all economy, its conclusion from a condition of clinical death.

This way - a way of revival of our cities, the regional centres capable in due course again to take the place in that web of co-operative communications which are offered by economy of the Customs union. This way - unique possibility to take advantage in the labour potential in the agrarian sphere which production is still claimed in the markets of our traditional economic partners.

And for whom Moldova was eat, in my opinion, should agree with such approach today not only traditional supporters of east vector of development of Moldova, but also and will be first of all the European country. All paradox of our position in that also consists what become the European country Moldova can only having selected a way to the Customs union. Not a way to the international isolation, and, on the contrary, in stable and clear system of relations including with the European union which will remain the major partner of Moldova in all questions of modernisation and perfection of our legal system.

The second. Offensive social policy. We already know, that this policy substantially is a question of political will of those who is at the power, and not just and not so much economic possibilities. If to people not to pay salaries and pensions if to reduce their access to formation and medicine it and is the present economic madness and mental inferiority of the power. But, if we wish to overcome not only social, but also an economic crisis we should increase solvent demand sharply. Translating on normal, human language is means - to raise pensions, to raise salaries and grants. It still means to categories the guarantees cancelled by the present power. There will be no economic growth if pensioners of all levels, state employees,  military, workers of law-enforcement system and other state structures do not receive that they by right have deserved the work. There will be no development if the average salary does not exceed this unfortunate living wage in three-four times. There will be no social stability if there will be no annual indexation of pensions, a minimum for 20 percent. There will be no long-term development if we do not pass to free, budgetary, state formation in higher educational institutions. Such statement of a question - not a whim, and the essence of that pragmatists of a survival in the XXI-st century without which there is no national future and progress.

I wish you to assure, that such approach does not have today opponents among original economic experts. Except for what wipe trousers in IMF and World Bank which by and large to spit on the purpose of social development in any Moldova. And those servants in the name of comic representatives of the operating power who see our country as the big ware market on which all is on sale and bought.

The third. Last four years have put before us one more problem. I speak about a problem on corruption and organised crime destruction. And, if by the last experience we know, that gangsters and to put things in order in streets is a question of only political will the corruption problem looks today where more seriously. To win it angrily, changed with itself all system of the government, it is possible only in a complex, using power structures and resolutely having changed operating judicial system. Courts from branches and divisions of oligarchical clans should turn to body of their immediate destruction and liquidation. Direct election of judges, the right of their response, the direct control of a society over them - the unique guarantor of that the social order for honesty, objectivity and impartiality will be executed.

Here three problems which we openly declare in quality in the most urgent, immediate prospects. We should prove again and we are capable to prove, that we - party of tomorrow, party of social hope.

It is convinced, that for a similar self-estimation we have all bases. Such combination with promotion of new, constructive offers will be met with understanding the widest social strata. The positive program supported with the promise immediately to stop mockery at the country and a society, demonstration of political will to mode resignation is what waited by all Moldova.

Differently, not time to dramatize a situation, not time - to constrain the possibilities, the political impulse and the forces. Our opponents, our ill-fated opponents have approached to the finish, by the end of the disgraceful political biography, to a razor-edge. With each new step the mode plunges all more deeply into a bog. All is closer the distance end, more and more contempt of the people for it. Any more all members of political groups of the Alliance trust in the future of the clans. The only thing, that for the present holds them in is the business, access to the European grants and credits and a post with which they occupy. All these members , are ready to leave the mode ship at any moment. After all it is not casual their meeting on November, 3rd passed under music from a film "Titanic".

The further movement and development simply cannot be any more. And the problem consists only in that in this precipice, in a non-existence they have not carried away behind themselves both the Moldavian people, and Moldova.

It we should not allow them. We are assured, that we will manage it to make. To it we were learnt by four-year-old experience of opposition. To it we were learnt by experience of defeats and experience of victories. This experience us also will lead to obvious and full-scale triumph. The main thing, on last hundred-metre race to remain at height of the high mission! And for what not to concede! Roads are not present back! For us Moldova!

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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