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I will dare to reprint Svjatoslava Masur's article, the co-ordinator of social movement "Federal Moldova" which is called "the Moldavian language - a genetic code of the Moldavian people".
I will dare to reprint Svjatoslava Masur's article, the co-ordinator of social movement "Federal Moldova" which is called "the Moldavian language - a genetic code of the Moldavian people". 
"The Moldavian language is the main spiritual component of the Moldavian people allowing it to learn sense and greatness of ancestors".
All know, that in Ancient Egypt the Supreme power belonged to priests. They were keepers of sacral knowledge. The knowledge allowing them to operate потусторонними by forces of the nature. The same power was and at priests of Mesopotamia, Impudent persons, Babylon, at priests of Tibet, at the higher spiritual hierarches of Orthodox church of Byzantium etc. Why these people who especially were not allocated against political strike, concentrated at all times in the hands the highest force, наитончайшие knowledge and possibilities? Yes therefore only, that these people, these castes, communities and structures could leave on levels of spiritual, secret knowledge invisible to an eye which were transferred and pass from father to son, through the sacred writing and artefacts, by means of the ciphered knowledge, symbols and subjects. This knowledge was used and used at all times till now for the decision of the main tasks and the problems occurring on a planet.

Let's recollect practice of great civilisations.
Never the head of the state made of the decision without council with the secret instructor or the expert. This practice exists and today. It has got presently a special urgency because the mankind was included into a new stage of the development. It left on level of ancient priests, on level of Divine, spiritual fire and consequently today work on development of the person of the future and prevention of loss of its historical memory are very actual.
About what I wish to tell can not be clear all, but I am assured, that very soon lessons of spiritual development of the person will be taught at schools from the first class. Now level of spiritual fire, is not that other, as the advanced front of the third world war, its main semantic (but hidden) the reason.
Let's recollect the Second World War and the secret organisation of the Third Reich «Аненэрбе», their expeditions to caucasus, Tibet, to Africa and Asia, the Near East. Unless, not the same, today we observe in actions of a modern West European civilisation?
In the open press there were articles in which experts directly say that many actions of Washington, London and Bruxelles are caused not only capture of world resources, but mainly attempt of capture of artefacts and books - the key world spiritual centres and that is still stored in museums and store rooms that it was possible to keep from the rests of the destroyed great people and civilisations.
When the people of great civilisations struggled for preservation of freedom and independence first of all they tried to keep the cultural wealth - books, the native language, subjects of material culture.
They cut down a basis of the religious knowledge and achievements in a granite, built huge cult constructions which were difficult for destroying. And, that is especially important - created secret storehouses for books and artefacts.
After all if the people still did not have this saved up experience, this knowledge and books then it lost the deep memory, semantic historical code and is final, he fell a victim of more powerful and artful enemy, the one who could keep the spiritually-moral or semantic basis.
Thereupon the native language on which the person - the citizen of the country speaks, that is the tool with which help the person from generation to generation transferred the ciphered sacral knowledge from the person to the person is especially important. Other way of transfer of knowledge at mankind does not exist.
To decipher language of the lost civilisations to experts it is necessary to go deep into a cultural-moral layer of the given civilisation, to recreate way of this civilisation on set of indirect factors, to understand sense and aspirations of the people and only after that will come nearer to a sense solution: for what the given people existed, and what it bore to mankind?
Let's recollect, with what work it was possible to decipher letters майя. And as it was heavy to solve symbolical language of Egyptians and if not a subject archeological find on which transfer would be given, probably, the mankind for ever has lost possibility to understand the Egyptian culture.
Front line of the Third world war
Practice of destruction of deep memory of the people is not new. Even in the same Ancient Egypt the new Pharaoh to immortalise itself in time tried to destroy all mentions of the previous governor. Inscriptions and other proofs коммуницирования were destroyed.
Besides, all rituals which are spent on levels of spiritual actions too demand especial accuracy and cleanliness, therefore people language is constantly perfected, according to a task in view.
It is especially important to realise that fact what exactly by means of the native language the people learn the higher principles of spiritual understanding by means of studying, associations and decodings which are born to the people by its priests or clerics.
Not casually, that the people always tried to receive this knowledge on the native language, clear, cultural and most precisely transferring sense of things. As to transfer sense of things invisible by an eye and knowledge, laws and symbols very difficult even in language close to the given people as language transfers only the description of this knowledge and subjects not going deep in their practical side which probably to learn only by means of personal experience and experiences.
For what I it tell all?
The matter is that war of strength of mind and forces of the harm, occurring at level of thin understanding of meaning of the life, spiritual experience and deep memory it just a front line of the Third world war.
Experience of fascist Germany and attempt of reformatting of the world under their ideology shows to us how today at global level a certain structure of a new global Reich struggles with the basic part of mankind.
To realise all sense and scope of struggle it is necessary to notice, that all today's conflicts, both in the Near East, and in Africa come to an end with plunder of historical museums of these people and civilisations and destruction of temples and cult constructions.
Let's recollect barbarous plunder of store rooms of Iraq, destruction of orthodox temples in Kosovo (UNESCO being, by the way, under protection).
Let's recollect perfidious plunder of the Cairo historical museum as the main mosques of the Near East blew up.
Struggle against Orthodoxy, procession on the world of laws of the nonconventional orientation, all it and many other things, is not that other, as global struggle of a certain organisation of priests for world supremacy.
Experience of Moldova
Let's far not go. We will address to history of our state - Moldova.
The beginning of its formation after disorder of the USSR was marked by attempt of change of a historical code of Moldova, transfer of the Moldavian language into a roman type, substitution of historical symbolics of Moldova on Romanian and so on.
And here, today, enemies of the Moldavian statehood to us have already sounded new, one of самы destructive for centuries-old Moldova the initiative aimed on уничтожени of the Moldavian language the name and its renaming into "Romanian". It completely will deprive of Moldavians of their historical memory!
I will remind, that the Moldavian language has been created by the Moldavian people as synthesis of latino-slavic language capable to transfer spiritual knowledge of the orthodox world by the religious knowledge which has come to Moldova from Byzantium.
It is known, that roots Moldavian are not that other, as transformation and realisation in territory of our state of secret knowledge of a great Byzantian civilisation.
Today our people are subject to obstruction, code conversion.
The people who are at the new global organisation of priests systematically destroy a great civilisation of successors of the Byzantian empire.
To Someone will seem, that these people bear to all of us freedom and democracy, development and progress. But it their demagogical statements true intentions hiding them.
The given people in the power in Moldova were resulted by people in black raincoats. They have supplied them with money and instructions. Notice, that all who is today at the power - men of means, millionaires and billionaires. They with ease apply laws destroying our Moldavian culture and statehood. They close our schools.
For what?
To stop a link of times and generations.
They enter training programs which do not assume the former tool of transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the pupil, from the instructor to the future student.
They destroy our historical books on Cyrillics and our historical symbolics.
They assert, that the Moldavian language on which founders of our state - not high-grade and not true, by the way, talked.
About what it speaks? Probably that if people language is a well of knowledge of the given people defective language logically can be only at the defective people, hence, if the people Moldavian defective, mean, it is necessary either for liquidating, or to transfer in hands of the "high-grade" people.
Unless it is not obvious, what it is religion of the Third Reich, religion of a new world order?
And people specially picked up for these roles, such as speak about it: Гимпу, Киртоакэ, the Magnifier, Филат, Лянкэ, Гуцу, etc., being выкормышами this most world fascist mode.
That do not speak, and this structure very well is able to be engaged in selection, however, at them very good experience borrowed at Adolf Hitler and marshal Antonesku.
"If the people do not have past, means, it will not have also a future”
It would be desirable to repeat one simple true. The world develops is forward from the past through the present in the future.
If the people do not have past, means, it will not have also a future.
If the people assign to traitors the religion, culture, the native language, the symbolics, the temples and the artefacts, mean, he loses the soul, the memory.
Such people are similar to a mad, callous animal and, of course, with such people it is possible to do everything, everything: and in a cage to put and mercilessly to maintain and simply to deprive of a life.
Such people do not have future so before to say goodbye to the name of the native language, it is necessary to think very well: and what with me will be tomorrow?
Whom will I appear and what I will transfer to children?
The Moldavian language is the main spiritual component of the Moldavian people allowing it to learn sense and greatness of ancestors.
"The Romanian language”, as well as "Romania" - the created formation is artificial. In it destructive codes of Ancient Rome, empire-murderer, an empire of evil, lust and a sin are put in pawn.
Today Moldavians hearts wish to deprive, of soul and memories. And the Romanian priests operated from Washington try to make it.
P.S. Moldova represents today the grasped state functioning under external management. Therefore as it was in the Third Reich, in Ukraine, in Belarus, in Russia, and in others, earlier or still the grasped states representative and an executive power in Moldova execute local полицаи, chosen and prepared by Americans (Anglo-Saxons) from among homebrew traitors of the Native land these people hating the people create today lawlessness in territory of Moldova.

They close schools, mock at old men.

They scoff at history of our people, enter the antinational laws destroying the Moldavian statehood and the Moldavian culture.

Now these mutants undertook a basis of our people, for its genetic code, for its main symbol - native Moldavian language. Bearing in itself the name of the nation, its essence and mission.

I will remind all (both to Jury Ljanke and Anna Gutsu, and the Constitutional court of Moldova and the president of the country), that destiny of traitors of the Native land not завидна. All полицаи, serving to the Third Reich, have finished the life in prisons, and someone and on the gallows. In Moldova still nobody cancelled the law for Native land treachery. Therefore it is better to think at first about tomorrow and not to make today new crimes - crimes against the Native land, against the the people, against the ancestors and the future generations.

The Republic Moldova criminal code. Article 337. Change to the Native land, that is the act deliberately made by the citizen of Republic Moldova to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial inviolability or state security and defensibility of Republic Moldova by transition to the party of the enemy, espionage, delivery of the state secret to the foreign state, the foreign organisation or their representatives, and is equal rendering assistance to the foreign state in carrying out of hostile activity against Republic Moldova, - is punished by imprisonment for the term from 16 till 25 years or life imprisonment.

Svjatoslav Masur.

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