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Today, in day of death of Vladimir Lenin the Moldavian communists have held meeting and have assigned flowers to Vladimir Ilicha's monument. Many warm words and the analysis of activity of this philosopher, the thinker, the leader have been told. In many
Today, in day of death of Vladimir Lenin the Moldavian communists have held meeting and have assigned flowers to Vladimir Ilicha's monument. Many warm words and the analysis of activity of this philosopher, the thinker, the leader have been told. In many respects the disputable and inconsistent figure of this person, nevertheless forces even its opponents to recognise the importance of this person for time and the future.

Theses to Mark Tkachuk's performance on meeting.

Today, in day of 90-year-old date from the date of Vladimir Ilicha Lenin's death, it is entrusted to me to act with theses about Lenin.
It is extremely high responsibility - to answer once again on an infinite chain of questions: why Lenin till now with us? Why the greatest political party in Moldova in the XXI-st century continues to exist, combat, unite people, not refusing, and, on the contrary, showing continuity with that political practice which is connected with Lenin's name? Why worldwide communists do not sacrifice a Lenin heritage to others, as though to more respectable, less disputable, less debatable forerunners? Why in the whole assembly of the outstanding names generated by social and ideological fights of the twentieth century, we obstinately take away to Lenin a special place and the special role, non-comparable to the historical importance of other theorists and the political heroes acting under a red banner of the protest?

Strangely enough, answers to these questions are the most easier for receiving at our opponents. For the known stamp - Lenin is live! - more all is fair in the relation to Lenin of those who fiercely hates it till now. For those who spends time and extreme efforts to once again to bury Lenin. To bury! Whether in embraces monumental its passionate and infinitely self-critical thought, whether by familiar everything, that is connected with Lenin and all Soviet experience. So, why they hate it?

The answer, probably, is not so combined. After all all that has won the main Lenin project, over the Soviet power, and could not receive the status of the nice, light, fair and free present. Well, that present which usually comes in the stead of the damned, dark past. Horrors of red terror and civil war any more do not frighten our contemporaries. And at all because, that already passed the whole century. And first of all because we other, not less terrible picture.

Disintegration of the USSR has shown, that uncountable human a victim can be brought not for the sake of freedom and justice celebration, not for the sake of ideals but only because, that there are no ideals. And to victims of these new feudal slaughters without sense and the purpose all are not present and there is no end. And in shape of international conflicts and wars, and in that creeping genocide which became already integral attribute of the society, allowed to consider market. It is enough to mention that today on all post-Soviet territory in the conclusion, in prisons and camps is people much more, than in the most peak months of red terror. In present the United States which population makes 5 percent of all population of the earth, contains about 25 % of all prisoners of a planet, about 7 million persons. But the dramatic nature of it not absolutely correct comparison that the present, infinite criminal harvest will not come to the end this time with a happy ending, a society is not becomes more fair, more humane, people do not become , and the industry . It is not necessary to open today any confidential archives to understand, that the won anti-Soviet power is on advantage the power ruinous, , not only nothing created for 22 years of the domination, but, on the contrary, only parasitizing on ruins of the Soviet project. Differently the Lenin socialism has lost not to forces of reason, and forces of madness and obscurantism. And these forces - the won harm - very well realise all fragility and vulnerability of the time success. They also will fear exclusively one: that again the majority - whether force of the weapon, whether by nonviolent resistance - will declare the readiness again to build, build future, light and fair. That the majority will recollect, how it turned out before, it turned out, when suddenly the thousand-year history of infinite slavery and humiliation has been stopped, when sons and grandsons of serfs have won, have won for the first time human history when they have proved that spaceships can start, create the best in the world formation, medicine, army and a science. And all it has been connected with Lenin's name, the person who has managed to convince capricious history that are capable of feats not only separate martyrs and heroes, and mankind.

Tell, whether such heroes are necessary to today's governors? All this various , , all this political , withering over gold? No, they will do everything to etch the memory of that time when at the majority it turned out to be the majority.

There are no doubts that Lenin never becomes the hero of those, dissipates the life in a greedy pursuit of the property who serves the stomach and trusts exclusively in the personal rescue who is indifferent to sufferings of the majority. For such it will remain the bloody dictator, the German spy and the heartless adventurer. But for those who does not wish to serve as a forage for this insignificant club of the elite, for them Lenin's experience and experience of the Soviet project becomes more and more claimed, more and more modern.

Well and, certainly, Lenin hate that it has set absolutely unattainable for the majority of contemporaries an intellectual lath of the responsible politician. And here a century this lath, this standard remain not overcome and unsurpassed. And it not spells and pagan oaths tombs of ancestors, not invocations to cleanliness of race, blood and the nation, not attempts to drop to this or that former greatness, and the strict scientific analysis, a support on education, on reason, on dialectics and Marxist outlook. The politician is a person investigating, the person not only reading, but also a writing, clearing away way to the future is far not only bayonets and butts, and first of all desire and ability to understand the world surrounding it, its device, its secret springs of development. Lenin - the revolutionary-underground worker was such politician, such it was and as the architect, the manager of the most scale modernisation in mankind history. He dared to doubt openly, it denied itself(himself), it dethroned dogmas not only the opponents, but also the colleagues, it as the original thinker, was not afraid to remain in minority that is why he won behind a victory.

Any other feelings, except jealousy, this person does not cause among so-called political leaders. Neither centuries of the twentieth, nor centuries of twenty first.

But it has got a recognition among equal to, first of all in the science world, in the world of the big literature. Here only some of estimations which have been awarded Lenin. The British poet and writer Jack Lindsej: For me Lenin - first of all the greatest intelligence of a century. Its books, its works have completed process of re-education of many millions people on the earth. Ren Kasen, the Nobel winner, the French lawyer, one of declarations of human rights: Lenin served not only the country. Lenin marks itself the XX-th century. The British philosopher and the mathematician, Nobel prize winner Bertran Russell: It is possible to believe, that our century will become history a century of Lenin and Einstein who managed to make the synthesis work, to one in the field of a science, to another - in operation. Albert Einstein: one is doubtless: the people similar to it, are keepers and conscience of mankind. John Bernal, the English physicist, the head the World council of the world":" If Lenin was not one of the greatest world political leaders its intellectual talents would be recognised thanking its contribution to political economy and philosophy . And, at last, the most recent recognition which has come from great American sociologist Immanuila Vallerstajna: Lenin at times was mistaken, it appeared the rights more often, but irresolute it was never Here to you my forecast. Somewhere by 2050 Lenin can quite become the basic national hero of Russia .

We should remember this recognition. Especially when uncountable political dwarfs declare the next campaigns against communism, against Lenin, against successors of its business.

Over and over again they will bury it and it is joyful to mark the next successful attempt at its heritage. And all it occurred and will occur only because, that Lenin is really live, that it remains a nightmare for all those evil spirits, for which most terrible thought the thought on the future is.

Outstripped time, it comes to new century as the most true and worthy our contemporary, our colleague. And today we are communists - once again openly we recognise it and together with it again we go to that still unequal political duel which will necessarily lead to a victory. To a victory of education, justice and development.

Thanks for attention.

Tkachuk, Lenin. A monument
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Vladimir Voronin, Lenin. A monument, Kishinev
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Lenin. A monument, Kishinev
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Lenin. A monument, Kishinev
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Lenin. A monument, Kishinev
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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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