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The European modernisation and slogans about prospects are different things. The head of the European delegation at negotiations with Moldova, the chief of department of Europe and the Central Asia main management of trade of Eurocommission the Hatch Pier
The European modernisation and slogans about prospects are different things. The head of the European delegation at negotiations with Moldova, the chief of department of Europe and the Central Asia main management of trade of Eurocommission the Hatch Pierre Devin and Vladimir Voronin have met at party office. At a meeting there were deputies Mark Tkachuk, Jury Muntjan, Grigory Petrenko, Oleg Rejdman, Igor Vremja and economic expert Vissarion Cheshuev. A meeting theme - political and economic consequences of signing by Moldova Agreements on association and creation of a zone of free trade from EU.
Negotiations were spent in a privacy mode, , in restriction of the Moldavian Parliament is the main claim. 

In present conditions, in the conditions of society division to a national sign, instability in a society, this very courageous decision from Bruxelles to offer our country such draught agreement. We will admit the present power, and we know, who represents it, will sign this document. And what will occur in the morning for the second day? - leader has asked the European official, having underlined, that the authorities do not care of consequences for a society of such steps. 
According to Vladimir Voronina Soglashenie about association from EU inherently subordinates parliament of Moldova to the international structures, and first of all the European union. In the document it is supposed, that the right in decision-making remains behind association Council, association Committee, Committee on trade etc. All such structures five and all of them will be accountable to Bruxelles. Subordination of these structures to the Moldavian parliament in the agreement is not provided. 
Leader also has paid attention to some articles of the agreement, in particular on article 408 in which it is accurately specified, that all statutory acts mismatching the legislation of EU should be cancelled without any account of specificity of development of our country. 

The agreement also obliges Moldova within 2-3 years to replace national standards with decisions and recommendations of the European union, - Vladimir Voronin has declared. - We perfectly know all and we remember, that EU needed not one decade on reduction of these standards in a corresponding order. This year Moldova, still nothing having signed, is already obliged to introduce 12 instructions in the field of sanitary and phytosanitary. 

Full elimination of the country from management. 
He also has paid attention of the European high-ranking official to that fact, that the given agreement of EU obliges Moldova to buy already now power resources on stock quotes. According to if to speak about deliveries in our country of natural gas which we buy on contractual prices similar conditions from EU cannot be executed. 
Besides, article 147, and also article 484 of the Agreement about association cancel the powers of parliament defined by Constitution in the field of formation of a customs, tax and budgetary policy. 
Very strange definition, for example, in article 446 which provides acceptance of any measures concerning Moldova, will consider which EU necessary for maintenance of safety in case of occurrence of internal disorders . This article completely contradicts the constitutional principle of a neutrality of Republic of Moldova and powers of parliament on maintenance of the law and order and safety in the country, - leader has declared.
Thus at a meeting with the Hatch Pierre Devin had been noted also obviously discrimination character of the conditions which are put forward by EU, in relation to the Moldavian manufacturers and business as a whole. On the one hand, the agreement on association resolves unobstructed, unlimited import of the goods to Moldova from the European Union countries and simultaneously with it establishes restrictive quotas on deliveries of the Moldavian goods in EU.
For example, already after document signing Moldova undertakes to cancel immediately duties on 810 kinds of the goods from EU while on the Moldavian goods the duty only for 56 kinds is cancelled. 
Thus for Moldova the lowest quotas are established. So, for example, all of us have been amazed, when have seen, that Moldova can sell to the EU countries in a year, according to the agreement, no more than 20 thousand tons of apples. You know, that only Moldova annually exports to Russia of 140-150 thousand tons of apples, - leader has underlined. 
Our Moldavian wine brands in general are ignored by the agreement. 
When Vladimir Voronin has specified to the European official that in the agreement only two names of the Moldavian wine brands and are provided, Pierre Devin has puzzly asked the Hatch: And in their Moldova it is more?
At a meeting not less important question, that the given agreement from EU on the Moldavian market practically free supposes various European structures to management of the Moldavian joint-stock companies, public funds that contradicts the Moldavian legislation has been discussed also. 
Moreover the agreement obliges Moldova to provide unobstructed in territory of our country carrying out of checks, various inspections of EU for protection of financial interests of EU, that is funds. In turn Moldova does not receive such possibilities and privileges in territory of the EU countries. 

Signing somehow badly smells.
Mark Tkachuk, deputy within the limits of a meeting has underlined, that our position is critical on all spectrum of questions: from political and economic to safety issues. 
Thus in the criticism of the text of the agreement the opposition in the name of does not start with any Antieuropean the politician. As he said, even if the proposal on the introduction into the Customs union in 2012 or if there was no at all a Customs union would not be made to Moldova, the position would remain so critical. 
The agreement on association from EU among other things should help to overcome chronic illnesses of Moldova - corruption and poverty. At the same time this agreement subscribes the power which has worsened indicators of corruption according to international organisation Transparency International on 17 points with 2012 for 2013, - he has declared. 
Other example - according to sociological service "" Moldova is in the lead on corruption level on all post-Soviet territory. 
The constitutional court sends the government in resignation on charge in corruption, and then this government practically with its full complement, except for the prime minister, comes back. Thus, the European union signs the agreement with the most important things in the country. What the Moldavian society in this case should think, tell? - Mark Tkachuk has asked.
He has noticed, that to in Vilnius all Moldavian society did not know the Agreement on association, that in this agreement. And not only that part of voters which voted for the parties in power is more than half of that society which is represented by party of communists, but also. According to Mark Tkachuk Bylo an ideal course if for example the European commission has invited to negotiations on the maintenance of the agreement and deputies from opposition. After all , being at the power, in 2002 under the decree of president Vladimir Voronina declared a way of the European integration. 
The executive power in the name of any and which as it is found out, represent interests of the corruption government turns out, that, carry on negotiations with the European union, and people's choices do not know anything about it. Therefore, everything, that is told in the agreement on the European principles and values, the rights etc. have no price for the Moldavian society. It is a deceit, - the deputy has underlined. 

Wrongfulness .

Oleg Rejdman, deputy , the former adviser of the president for economic questions, has in turn analysed the list of so-called 32 myths about the agreement which have been placed on EU site and which realities, say, mismatch, and of them frighten the Moldavian society. 
For example, in a myth at number 3 it is spoken about reduction of workplaces after signing of the agreement on association. According to that is a myth it would be possible to agree, if was not so obviously, that in short-term and intermediate term prospect competitiveness of the Moldavian economy and our manufacturers in the big danger. 
Here it is spoken and about model of social protection which, say, in EU is very good. But you know, that in EU there is no uniform model of the social help. And here for example the system , introduced in Moldova, has been recognised the best in the Eastern Europe. And now it collapses the present government, - the former adviser of the president for economic questions has informed. 
It also has scarified statements that after signing of the agreement our citizens will have guarantees in reception of high pensions etc. But the example of Poland raises the doubts where the pension system has simply failed. 
In a myth 4 it is spoken about regional stability. And so today understanding of regional stability a miscellaneous in EU and in the east. And we it see every day from news. At Washington the understanding, at Bruxelles the, at Moscow the. We would not wish to sacrifice our neutral status any of positions, - Oleg Rejdman has declared. 

And as regards investments.
As to economic short-term and intermediate term prospects, according to , they for Moldova rather gloomy. 
Without performance of requirements of EU, about any facilitated access of the Moldavian goods on the European market cannot be and speeches. To fulfil these requirements it is necessary to make essential investments, and for this purpose our enterprises should have possibility to earn. To earn is means to sell, and on EU market our manufacturers cannot get or because of low quotas, or because of set of other restrictions. preparations of the text of the agreement, the nonagreement of its purposes, limits and problems with a society, compels us to qualify it as treacherous, - Oleg Rejdman has summed up.
Jury Muntjan, deputy , has declared, that already after the agreement text in Vilnius the Minister of Economics recognised, that this agreement demands plan working out after protection and increase the Moldavian manufacturers. It has asked a question to the European official - if it so what for to sign such agreement, in such kind if it kills the Moldavian economy. 
, the economist has paid attention to that fact, that till now remains not clear who will pay introduction of 340 regulations and instructions from which more than 200 Moldova undertakes to execute within 3-4 years.

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