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The letter and the appendix to the letter to the Chairman of the European Commission to Mister Zhoze Manuel Barrozu concerning the Agreement on Association Republic Moldova - the European union.
The letter and the appendix to the letter to the Chairman of the European Commission to Mister Zhoze Manuel Barrozu concerning the Agreement on Association Republic Moldova - the European union.

Dear sir the Chairman,

The draught agreement on Association of Republic Moldova with the European Union has divided the Moldavian society.

After an establishment in the power country «the Alliance for the European integration» the number of supporters of the European integration in our country constantly decreases and now makes the little more than 30 percent. Therefore, fraction of Party of communists of Republic Moldova it is especially exacting has concerned the draught agreement on Association.

We know, that process of working out of the project and its preparation to парафированию passed in нетранспарентной to conditions. Parliament as body representative, and also a civil society as a whole from this process have been discharged.

As result, we ascertain, that, despite the purposes declared in a preamble, the Agreement does not promote development of Republic Moldova and its real modernisation.

The party of communists and its fraction in Parliament mark a number of absolutely unacceptable positions of this Agreement.

First, association in one document of the political and economic their friend without the friend does impossible realisation.

Secondly, the political part of the Agreement providing obligations РМ to follow in a channel politicians of EU in areas of safety and defence, contradicts Constitution РМ defining our country, as the state neutral.

Thirdly, mechanisms of protection of interests of one of the parties, in territory another are limited by nothing and do not consider the sovereign rights of Moldova.

Fourthly, management of process of realisation of the Agreement does not provide Parliament RM participation. On the contrary, assumes the organisation наднациональных bodies such, as Association Council, Association Committee, etc. which decisions carry a binding character. It contradicts principles of the sovereignty of our country.

Fifthly, the Agreement on universal, profound free trade gives unilateral benefits to the EU countries and represents threat for weak Moldavian economy, both in short-term, and in intermediate term prospect.

Sixthly, the draught agreement does not add prospects реинтеграции the country. On the contrary, brings in this process, and without that uneasy, additional difficulties.

Seventhly, in such, apparently, the universal project the important and basic problems of social character are not considered not so.

Estimating the draught agreement, we also recognise that, according to the European Union, joining of Republic Moldova to EU in the form of the full member in the foreseeable future is not looked through. During same time we consider vital modernisation of the country on the basis of the European standards and values in their primary maintenance. We also count on support from EU in perfection of all political practice on basic principles of democracy and a civil freedom, independent justice and деполитизированных law and order and freedom of speech bodies.

We agree so that in Moldova truly European level широкодоступного formations, both university, and professional has been extended. It is important to us to reach the European standards in public health services and social protection, in all volume that provides high level of human development.

In such euromodernization we see the core and the main maintenance of process of eurointegration. The offered draught agreement does not solve these questions. We insist that other document promoting achievement of the declared purposes is necessary.

Proceeding from stated, we consider hasty Agreement signing in the presented kind. And to participate in its ratification in Parliament fraction PKRM not намерена.

Confirming to told the list of positions of the draught agreement unacceptable, in our opinion, is applied on this letter about Association.


The chairman

Parties of communists

Republics Moldova Vladimir ВОРОНИН

On June, 12th, 2014


To the basic text of the letter which have been handed over to Mr. Zhoze Manuel Barrozu

On June, 12th, 2014 in Kishinev.

1. The agreement unites questions of political and economic interaction.

a. In Section by II reference points of political dialogue of the Parties of the Agreement are defined a coordination in the field of foreign policy and politicians of safety and defence. Item 7, for example, orders participation of Moldova in military operations under the guidance of EU. This circumstance contradicts the norms of Constitution РМ defining the neutral status of the Moldavian state.

b. A number of the problems connected with political settlement of the Dnestr conflict is stated in Item 8 which demands detailed completion together with representatives of this region.

c. (Item 3) providing possibilities for acceptance by one of the Parties of the Agreement of any measures «Item 446 is unacceptable for maintenance of own safety in case of the considerable internal disorders influencing maintenance of the law and order, during war, or for performance of the obligations taken on for the purpose of world maintenance». These requirements in such formulation contradict the sovereignty of Republic Moldova and do not promote its process реинтеграции.

2. As a whole, association in one document of problems of trading and political cooperation does not serve advantage to any, another.

3. The agreement in Item 408 and more than in 40 episodes categorically orders to Moldova which is not a member of EU and not having any political obligations to the Union, to change or cancel operating statutory acts which mismatch the legislation and EU experts. Thus, the legislation of Moldova appears unusable, and EU statutory acts preferable, that testifies to neglect to realities and their ignoring. It mismatches principles of cooperation equal in rights.

4. Articles 433-437 ignore a management constitutional order social and economic development of Moldova. According to these articles are established, наднациональные controls association process: Council, Committee, Committee in special structure on trade and 5 Subcommittees of the Association which decisions are obligatory in territory of Republic of Moldova. Thus, de facto, introduction of external management by our country is provided.

5. In Agreement Item 143 adaptation of the Moldavian commodity producers to conditions of a zone of free and universal trade with the EU countries is provided gradual, in a current of 10 years. Considering a condition of economy and mutual trade from EU and from the CIS there is a great risk, that in the first years of action of the Agreement on Association will be lost an order of 500 million dollars of annual export of the country or about 7 % of gross national product. These losses will deprive the Moldavian economy of means for financing, first of all, process of introduction more than 340 Instructions, Decisions of EU and Technical Regulations necessary for rapprochement of the legislation and internal an expert of Moldova with European as in the Agreement does not contain instructions on sources of completion of these losses and process financing адоптации. Thus, in short terms there is problematic a existence of the Moldavian commodity producers, more than 60 percent from which are exporters.

6. Completely ignores sovereign rights РМ, a role of representative bodies in the name of Parliament of the country of position of Article 465 of the project about certain «a time mode of application» before ratification.

7. The limit of time provided by the draught agreement on introduction in Moldova of Regulations and European Union Instructions, including more than 200 in a current 2-3лет, and 12 in a current of 2014 is unreal and unacceptable.

8. The agreement establishes is insignificant small quotas for export of the Moldavian goods to EU (Appendix XV-a, XV-c), but does not contain any restriction on import of the goods to Moldova from the European Union countries. Such position cannot be recognised by mutually advantageous and equal in rights.

9. Appendix XXX-D obliges Moldova to protect in the territory of 1518 geographical designations of wines, 11 designations of strong alcoholic drinks and 4 designations of the flavoured wines made in EU. But in the European Union countries 2 names of Moldavian wines will be protected only.

10. The project does not provide cooperation in the decision vital for Moldova of problems of increase of competitiveness of agrosector, approach of the sizes of its subsidising to Central European level from 180 to 430 euros on 1 hectares, thus, that in Moldova this indicator does not exceed 18 euros on 1 hectares.

11. Growth last 4 years of rates of depopulation demands drastic measures on increase of employment of the population by development of industrial sector. But the draught agreement on cooperation in this direction devotes, deprived of concreteness, Item 63 specifying in necessity of modernisation and re-structurings only of some branches.

12. Numerous negligences in the text and formulations, contradictions and нестыковки between articles and project points leave open space for interpretation and will not promote mutual understanding improvement at agreement realisation.

13. Project articles 413-417 assert, that Moldova can воспользоватся the financial help from the European sources, but Item 2 of the Report on the frame agreement which is the appendix to the considered document enters impracticable conditions for this purpose. The financial help to Moldova makes a reservation necessity to bring it certain payments in EU budget that contradicts common sense and the legislation as it is impossible to bring membership dues, not being a member of the organisation or the union.

14. The project provides dissymetric measures in favour of EU, connected with the capital market. It conducts to serious increase in export of the capital from the country and as increases risks of citizens of-investors of pension and insurance funds.

15. The set of questions is connected with unreasonably rigid requirements of Item 346 of the project concerning an establishment of tariffs for gas.

16. Section 3 of the Agreement devoted to procedures of settlement of disputes, investigation of cases мошеничества, executions of arbitral awards actually ignores national judicial system and orders to solve similar questions within the limits of the external system consisting of the expert, auditor and arbitration commissions and bodies, appointed Council, Committees and Association Subcommittees.

17. Positions of Articles 314, 315 draught agreements bear in themselves threat of support of health of the population:

Population access to medicines-is reduced

- Additional financial loading on budgets of citizens, the state and fund of medical insurance is entered

- Cause disappearance of the whole spectrum of medicines from the Moldavian pharmaceutical turn.

18. The agreement does not provide any concrete measures on rapprochement of medical maintenance, including on the basis of insurance, РМ and EU.

19. The draught agreement does not provide concrete measures and acceptable time limits of a mutual recognition of professional qualification on a labour market.

20. The draught agreement does not assume measures from EU on rapprochement of systems of social protection (including social insurance) and support of citizens of Republic Moldova, in particular its migrants, on a multilateral basis on the basis of the European Regulations 883, limiting this process only mutual relations.

The Agreement text contains a number of the positions reflected in some multilateral international documents of type of conventions.

On introduction of many of them Moldova has incurred obligations in connection with participation or joining to them. Accordingly, their introduction in РМ does not depend on signing or not Agreement signing.

However, in the edition offered by the draught agreement on Association, consequences of execution of obligations and following to the offered norms will be in most cases negative.

In short terms (2 years) will occur:

- Essential reduction of workplaces; the accelerated depopulation because of loss by citizens of sources of existence;.

- Deficiency of the state budget and, as consequence, an external debt of the government will sharply increase,

- The population standard of life will decrease.

The stated does not give the basis to consider cooperation with EU within the limits of the offered project as mutually advantageous and useful to Republic Moldova in short-term and intermediate term prospect, and should not be in such kind and with such maintenance is signed and ratified.

Vladimir Voronin, José Manuel Durão Barroso
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