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The Moldavian communists have refused to vote for ratification of the Agreement on association with the European union. Before leaving Parliament from a tribune the Chairman, Vladimir Voronin has acted. Here its performance:
The Moldavian communists have refused to vote for ratification of the Agreement on association with the European union. Before leaving Parliament from a tribune the Chairman, Vladimir Voronin has acted. Here its performance:

I heard, that for the first time «Moldova-1» broadcasts on the air our session. Therefore, I, first of all, address to our citizens.

I will begin with specification for the mister Giletsky: in all documents it is specified, that writing has appeared for the first time in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago. If do not trust - ask mister Gimpu. In the first texts stated on a stone, it has been written, that Сахарняну - сексот (the confidential employee of special services)

And now we will pass to details. From ancient times to the XX-th century. In 1938, certain Чемберлен, having returned to London from Munich where he has signed the known Agreement, has declared: «I have brought to you the world». After that the most bloody war in history of mankind which has led to death not less than 50 million persons has begun.

Something similar occurs and now. Today's treachery has begun still on April, 7th, 2009, with the revolution organised and realised by those who initiated war in Georgia, having divided this country who financed and to this day finances the Maidan.

It is necessary to make last step, and the coalition will achieve the object, for the sake of which has been created, supported and financed by the European union, since that tragical on April, 7th. Being hostages of Bruxelles, our authorities have refused everything, have betrayed interests of the country. After ratification of the Agreement on association we will have only one winner - Bruxelles and millions lost - the Republic Moldova people.

You, from a coalition, should recognise, that this Agreement has been developed односторонне by clerks of the European union, and it recognised the co-ordinator of working group on working out of this document Hatch Devin. About it it was discussed and with Жозе Мануэлем Баррозу. Can be for this reason, the Agreement text has been hidden from a society and from opposition. If you have read this document, you would see, that it is alien to Moldova, it is not adapted in any way for our realities.

Several days ago, known to you Штефан Фюле in interview has expressed a regret in connection with the introduction of Bulgaria and Romania into EU. The mister the prime minister, a word "Bulgaria" to you of what does not remind?

The constitution of Moldova provides acceptance of such strategic documents only after carrying out of a national referendum. But this Agreement has not been discussed in Parliament, has not been considered in the Government, has not been presented a civil society. And it is not casual. The coalition accepts the document by means of which Moldova loses the sovereignty both political, and economic, and social. The Parliament role is brought to naught. The Republic Moldova parliament is excluded from process of realisation of positions of this Agreement. On the contrary, the document provides creation наднациональных structures: such as association Council, Committee of association and many other things which decisions carry a binding character. Proceeding from it, than our country differs from a classical medieval colony?

Dear fellow citizens!

Realisation of positions of this Agreement will destroy the rests of the Moldavian economy, local manufacturers, will allow strangers to buy up our earth, chernozem. After ratification of the Agreement on association the people of Moldova any more will not be the owner in own country.

Who has authorised the government which supports only about 20 % of citizens, the government recognised as the Constitutional court corruption, to sign the Agreement which will provoke тягчайшие consequences for the Moldavian society, the Agreement which can definitively break off our country on two parts?

Interethnic tolerance in Moldova always stood in the foreground. The coalition has seriously struck on this base of the Moldavian society. The agreement has divided a society, has provoked heat among citizens. This document ignores the important problem specific to our country - territorial integrity.

The agreement will have serious consequences for safety of the country. Moldova will lose the constitutional status of the neutral state as in a political part of the Agreement the duty is provided to operate according to politicians of EU in the field of safety and defence.

Dear fellow citizens!

We, communists, and our supporters not against country modernisation. Moreover, we promoted it within eight years. For ПКРМ always were and there are the most important national interests of Moldova both in mutual relations with EU member states, and with our traditional partners from the CIS. But this Agreement does not give chances for modernisation because it is impossible to modernise a corpse to whom our economy will turn. The agreement leaves Moldova without the future. The country which will not make anything where the cleaner and the watchman will be unique workplaces, will have one prospect - degradation.

Today we, deputies, have one more chance to avoid a role of accomplices of the certificate of national treachery.

The party of communists not once underlined, that the Agreement should not be signed. This document is born in haste, signed in haste and now, in the same haste, it is offered to ratify it.

And we, and a society very well understand, this haste whence undertook. For fear! A coalition, and also its Bruxelles and transatlantic owners understand, that parliamentary elections from November, 30th will put an end in this antinational board.

Today especial day in history of Moldova. Today we honour memory Штефана of foreheads Маре. As the poet has told:

«Cînd a fost s ă moar ă Ştefan

Mult ă jale-a fost în ţar ă... ».

Imagine, if into this hall has come Штефан foreheads Маре, what you, a coalition, did?

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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