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At party office the chairman of Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin has held press conference. Having made speech, the main communist of Moldova in a current of one and a half hours answered questions of journalists. We represent perf
At party office the chairman of Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin has held press conference. Having made speech, the main communist of Moldova in a current of one and a half hours answered questions of journalists. We represent performance of the party leader.

Dear representatives were mass media, last five years time of losses. Official bodies perish, economy - the bankrupt, the people - is plundered. And all is a coalition names success history. 

Today this coalition, at last, has understood that all citizens of the country for a long time have understood: their power comes to an end. The coalition can show only two achievements, and that rather disputable: the Agreement on association and visa regime liberalisation. And after all on the other hand - ruin, degradation, trust loss to all authorities, an external country government. 

From here and diligence of those who by revolution and falsification have seized power in April, 2009, any ways to discredit, and is better to destroy Party of communists in general. Including, from within. It not first such attempt. Since 1993, there is a continuous attack to party. But the party has stood in the past, will sustain and now. Five years in opposition have learnt us to hold blow. It is assured, that parliamentary elections will prove our correctness. will prove, that is the unique force capable, together with all people, to stop country destruction, mockery at people and to construct modern, democratic Moldova.

Dear sirs,

Different political forces - at us in the country and in the West - always, and especially on the eve of elections, try to paste on a label of radical party, to tighten us in any scenarios on situation destabilization in the country. Astable Moldova is necessary to these players. Never, under no circumstances, , I, we will not accompany these script writers. was not and will not be party of conflicts. 

Throughout my political activity, twice the smog avoids, contrary to all provocations, bloodsheds. Both in 1989, and in 2009 was a lot of wishing to receive political dividends on victims. But it is a way deadlock, it conducts to the state isolation and degradation. 

Why I about it have started talking? Because today the power in Moldova in hands of parties of war. These parties all time are at war: and with each other, both with opposition, and with a society, and even with Church. They bring split in political processes. As the result accrues pressure in a society. The power searches for enemies not only in the country, but also behind its limits. No eurointegration can justify that revelry which replaces today all foreign policy of Moldova. always defended national interests of Moldova both in mutual relations with EU member states, and with our traditional partners in the east. First of all, with Russia. 

The power destabilises a society. Also does it intentionally. The referendum in has shown, how the power concerns the right of people to free will, to national minorities as from fear that it is necessary to be responsible for a five-years period of crimes, since revolution on April, 7th, 2009, terrorises own citizens. Recollect as Jury Ljanke and speaker Igor Korman frightened of any horror stories concerning disorders during Marches on May, 1st and 9. Nevertheless, has proved, that communists are a party of the world. 

Dear journalists, 

Unlike those who today, ostensibly, at the power who the Constitution also scoffs at the legislation, the Party of communists uses exclusively constitutional forms for protest expression. Fraction PKRM nonparticipation in voting by ratification of the Agreement on association is a strongly pronounced aversion of this document, this certificate of treachery of national interests, this capitulation before the West and the USA. 

We have refused to play a role of political mass meeting. We have refused to be present on this holiday of traitors and . We could not even be simply in one hall with those who has sold Moldova and its people in slavery. We could not be present on this is even not Moldavian, and - the Romanian wedding. 

What has changed after Agreement ratification? All the same weak power, all as steals, under the same slogans of the European integration. Contraband streams have decreased? Taxes began to pay? Requisitions of businessmen have stopped? The coalition cannot struggle with itself, cannot refuse the essence - corruption. And without it the European integration is impossible. Its pity pre-election imitation is possible only. 

- unique political force which acts and warns the Moldavian society about negative consequences of this Agreement. Five years we speak about section of Moldova across Dnestr, about degradation of economy, a policy and morals. About colonisation of the country and neutrality loss, about corruption and power decomposition. That Agreement realisation will allow strangers to buy up our earth, and the people of Moldova any more will not be the owner in own country. Our critical position under the Agreement did not vary under no circumstances. 

Our relation to a coalition does not vary also. Throughout last five years, actively resists to an antinational mode which closes objectionable mass-media which opens criminal cases on opposition and on public figures which has transformed into political police. Not in it the present power should be engaged. 

That is why, the Party of communists offers creative alternative. With 2001 for 2009, we built stable, democratic Moldova, it was possible to us a society on creation. Investments into the person were a priority. We opened schools, kindergartens, created agrarian co-operative societies. We installed gas practically in all country, tried to develop the Moldavian village in every possible way. It was possible to us and many other things. 

And on forthcoming parliamentary elections the Party of communists goes with the creative program. We are not going to search for enemies in Moldova and behind its limits. We will relieve the country of gangsters, from . We will necessarily return Moldova in a channel of observance of the Constitution and country laws. 

We will open all schools closed by these power, kindergartens and hospitals. We will lift salaries and pensions to level which will allow to stop that social genocide which was untied by a proimperious coalition. 

Economic modernisation of the country will be a priority for . And it is possible only in the conditions of stability. The example of Ukraine visually shows, that the weakened country oligarchs, first of all, plunder. And the people lose. Moldova should remain always, and even during the most disturbing times, world and stability territory. And in a condition it to make. 

Thanks for attention.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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