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Farmer, suffered from an interdiction of Russia for import of the Moldavian fruit, it is necessary to hand over production for processing, then to collect confirming these are documents. Only at performance of the given conditions they have the right to c
Farmer, suffered from an interdiction of Russia for import of the Moldavian fruit, it is necessary to hand over production for processing, then to collect confirming these are documents. Only at performance of the given conditions they have the right to count on indemnification from the state.
The government, at last, has confirmed the decision about distribution of the help to gardeners. Only here it has appeared, that the way to the help of the government lays through local authorities. 

The state budget should be altered
According to the document confirmed by the government, as a whole on indemnifications it will be allocated by 146 million леев. By the way, last week in regulations of distribution of the help to manufacturers of fruit the sum of 194 million леев has been designated. After a week of meditations members of ministry have made decision to reduce volume of means for granting of the help to landowners. In any case the state budget should be altered, on what is received while the preliminary consent of the higher legislature. 
Government session on Wednesday, on September, 3rd on which the decision on granting of indemnifications to landowners was accepted, passed generally with the switched off microphones. Probably, members of ministry that journalists have penetrated into an essence of the mechanism of distribution of the help to farmers did not want. We will notice, that the regulations have been brought in the agenda as an additional question, therefore it was impossible to familiarise with its maintenance and on a site of an executive office of the power where it is usually possible to study all projects. 
As the Minister of Agriculture and the food-processing industry Vasil Bumakov has noted during session (then when microphones have already included. - the "Panorama" comment), indemnification on the plums sold for processing will make 1,2 лея for kg and 1,5 лея - for kg of apples.
Production volume for which the state promises the help, makes all 100 thousand tons, of which 40 thousand tons of plums and 60 thousand tons of apples. Indemnifications will be given for sold консервщикам till September, 30th apples and for sent on processing till September, 15th of plum. Confirming it is documents manufacturers should present till October, 15th to managements of agriculture of regional administrations. Then representatives of local authorities are obliged to send packages of documents in Agency on interventions and payments to which should carry out all compensatory payments to landowners. On the given kind of the help from the state can count physical and the legal bodies who are engaged in legal business in the field of agriculture, given the necessary list of the documents confirming sale of fruit to the processing enterprises.
Local «царькам» on worry
Meanwhile, the regulations maintenance, which statement so long tightened, has caused ambiguous reaction among farmers and experts in the given area. 
The chairman of republican union Uniagroprotect Alexander Slusar who quotes agency "Инфотаг", notices, that the government has ignored some offers of the professional profile organisations. As he said, the project of regulations co-ordinated with all associations сельхозпроизводителей, provided, that from the practical point of view in a documents acceptance the Agency on interventions and payments in agriculture which is in structure of the base ministry should be engaged. We will remind, the regulations confirmed by the government provide, that the documents confirming volumes of production grown up and handed over for processing, will accept local authorities. Thereupon experts are afraid, that representatives of local regional administrations will want to make selection by political criteria because of what documents of some farmers by which indemnification actually is put, simply will not reach to Kishinev.
 - We consider, that on the eve of parliamentary elections such decision will even more strengthen friction between heads of local authorities and сельхозпроизводителями which and were not before normal, - has told Слусарь.
Thus he named correct the decision that indemnifications will not pay to manufacturers of tomatoes and cucumbers. In its opinion, these vegetables well are on sale in a fresh kind, and in Russian Federations they were exported in small volumes.
From a lordly shoulder will come not to all
The variant of regulations co-ordinated with landowners, provided 194 million леев on indemnifications, instead of 146 million леев, besides new edition of the document gives a field for political "maneuvers" of local officials. As a result, some farmers can remain without indemnification that will provoke new protest actions.
The head of association Moldova Fruct Vitaly Gorinchoj which words are resulted by agency "Инфотаг", believes, that indemnifications will be received not by all farmers.
- We offered, that the help of the state was received not only those farmers who hand over fruits for processing, but also by those who sells them in a fresh kind. However our initiative is not taken into consideration. Last variant of regulations have not co-ordinated with our association, - has underlined Горинчой.
However the chief executive of National federation of farmers Vasil Myrzenko is assured, that those who sells production in a fresh kind, whether it be of Moldova or abroad, cover expenses. As he said, сельхозпроизводители, of course, are not satisfied by actions of the authorities, but at the same time have no moral right to condemn the government which has found money for indemnification of losses.
In the meantime already wine-growers stand in line, - they too have no place to put production. The government waits busy season, after all in the budget of means for indemnifications of losses to landowners are not provided, though and it was clear for a long time as Russia will react to signing of the Agreement by Moldova about association from EU. But prime minister Jury Ljanke does not despond and demands from heads Минсельхозпищепрома and Ministry of Economics to inform business on advantages of free trade with the European union more actively, the agreement about which has ahead of schedule come into force since September, 1st. 

 146 million леев - is so much means the government will allocate for indemnifications to landowners.

Opinions on a theme: 
The Prime minister of Moldova Jury Ljanke: «It is necessary to analyse degree of conformity of a domestic production to the sanitary and fytosanitory requirements which are put forward by EU. It is necessary to go on an advancing, to find means and to put them in manufacture that the Moldavian goods were competitive, businessmen and manufacturers to the full could take advantage of EU possibilities». 
The European commissioner on expansion and a policy of neighbourhood Штефан Фюле: Agreements on Association RM from EU will advance Moldavian production and on the European Union markets. The agreement, including creation of the Zone of free trade is not only removal of trading and uncommercial barriers on a way of Moldavian production to EU. This document is directed and on that the Moldavian manufacturers became more competitive. If we speak about сельхозпроизводителях they will have an opportunity to raise quality of production, to improve storage conditions. They also will get access to financial resources consistently and strongly to enter on the European markets ».
Three quarters of Russians (78 %) approve the decision of the Russian Federation on an interdiction of import of the Moldavian apples, the Ukrainian vegetables, milk and of some other products. The given researches testify to it «the Introduction of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova into Association from EU: consequences for these countries and for Russia», the research of public opinion carried out by the All-Russia centre. 

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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