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Natalia Georgiu, the children's surgeon and the owner of all conceivable ranks in the field of children's medicine - the legendary person. Today to it 100 years (she was born on November, 29th, 1914 in village Wood then Bendery district) would be executed
Natalia Georgiu, the children's surgeon and the owner of all conceivable ranks in the field of children's medicine - the legendary person. Today to it 100 years (she was born on November, 29th, 1914 in village Wood then Bendery district) would be executed. On the occasion of an anniversary in capital lycée of a name of Natalia Georgiu honoured guests, relatives of the outstanding physician, parents, pupils have gathered...  Was here and third President Vladimir Voronin. In far 2004 it initiated installation of a bust of Natalia Georgiu in a court yard of the Center of health protection of mother.

Pupils of capital lycée of a name of Natalia Georgiu have noted the 100 anniversary from the date of a birth of the known children's surgeon which name carries their educational institution
Speak, the person is live until memory of it is live. Pupils of the Russian theoretical lycée located in capital sector , for all life will remember a name of small woman Natalia Georgiu, the children's surgeon, the senior lecturer, the professor, the honoured worker of sciences, a member-correspondent of academy of the medical sciences which name has been appropriated to their lycée. On November, 29th in a lycée assembly hall guests of honour - the third president of the country, the chairman of Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin, teachers have gathered, pupils and their parents to take part in celebrating of 100-year-old anniversary from the date of Natalia Georgiu's birth.
That knew and remembered
The holiday has opened children's chorus "Dewdrop" which has executed a lycée hymn. An opening address took the director of lycée Irina Bogachuk who has told about Natalia Konstantinovna Georgiu was what person. 
It entered into a three of leading children's surgeons of the former USSR. The scientist with a world name, the highest professional in the business, in 1957 it has organised the children's surgical branch first in republic on which base the chair and the Republican centre of children's surgery nowadays carrying her name are created. Thousand lives have been rescued by it in operational halls of the centre, - has declared . 
The doctor, the children's surgeon, created own direction in the medicine, rescued thousand the lives, the woman first in our republic, awarded ranks of the academician, and unique among our compatriots the corresponding member of Academy of medical sciences of the USSR. It was the chairman Republican and a member of board of the All-Union society of surgeons, a member of the International association of surgeons and entered into a three of leading children's surgeons of the former USSR. For the work it has been awarded by an award of the Labour Red Banner.
In Kishinev there is a street which also carries Natalia Georgiu's name. In 2006 the high school 14 has received the lycée status, and the pedagogical collective led by director Reginoj of Apostles has made the unanimous decision, that the lycée will carry by all means a name of the outstanding children's surgeon. To Natalia Georgiu's 95 anniversary by means of municipal advisers from at an input in lycée on a wall its bas-relief at which always as a sign of respect and memory fresh flowers lay has been established. 
Force of classical medicine
It is very difficult to speak in last time about the teacher. Our teacher, Natalia Konstantinovna Georgiu, lives among us, it is live thanks to that has created school. Vladimir Nikolaevich is over-modest, and it is necessary to notice, that he has helped us to create a monument, to name street, to create a stamp and many other things in honour of Natalia Georgiu. Natalia Konstantinovna has learnt us to respect the teacher. We were young, we understood nothing in medicine. When we have seen for the first time our teacher, before us the small woman in simple clothes which then were the pro-rector on scientific and study of Medical university has appeared. Natalia Konstantinovna differed great force of classical medicine. It was the great leader. It learnt us always to be near to the teachers. It always till late night helped us with preparation of scientific works. She established to us the high laths much of us till now have not reached this lath, - has told the director of Children's clinic of Natalia Georgiu, managing chair of children's surgery, schoolgirl Natalia Georgiu, academician Eve Gudumak 
To eat than be proud!
Each country is capable to give birth outstanding persons. These outstanding persons are formed only in that society which it allows to show the qualities, the abilities. Each country is obliged to be proud, celebrate, remember such people, as Natalia Georgiu, about people who have brought the unreasonable contribution to country development. Thanks to that they become known, the country for the whole world becomes known also. I am assured, that in Moldova always were and always there will be people who will glorify our country, - Vladimir Voronin has declared.
Musical, poetic, prosaic, dancing numbers have been presented by pupils from the first to the twelfth class. The special attention has been chained to talented to the Sleepyhead, great-granddaughter Natalia Konstantinovny. 
By the developed tradition lyceum students of all country receive test books on October, 19th, in day of opening of Tsarskoselsky lycée in which great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied. But in lycée of a name of Natalia Georgiu the tradition. Here ninth-graders pass dedication in lyceum students and give a solemn oath in birthday of the great children's surgeon. 
On persons of pupils of Russian theoretical lycée pride that they study in an educational institution bearing a name of the great person, glorified Moldova, a name small, but the strong woman rescuing lives of children, Natalia Konstantinovny Georgiu's name is without effort read.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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